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General Office of Jiangsu Provincial Government
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       Major Functions  

       (1) To be in charge of the organizing work of provincial government’s meetings; to coordinate provincial government leaders to put the decisions made during the meetings into practice.

  (2) To coordinate provincial government leaders to draft or verify the files and faxes issued by provincial government and the general office of provincial government; to be in charge of drafting some speeches and other files for provincial government leaders.

  (3) To handle files and faxes sent by CPC Central Committee, the State Council and other provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities); to study the problems raised by municipal governments and departments of provincial government, and bring about disposal suggestions for provincial government leaders’ approval.

  (4) According to the requirements of provincial government leaders, to coordinate the work of relevant departments of provincial government.

  (5) To coordinate provincial government leaders to deal with the emergencies and fateful accidents needing direct treatment by provincial government.

  (6) To supervise and inspect departments of provincial government and municipal governments for the implementation situation of files, indications, conference divisions of the State Council and provincial government and comments made by provincial government leaders, and report the supervision and inspection results to provincial government leaders.

  (7) To take charge of the transaction of relevant bills and proposals delivered by the People’s Congress of China, the People’s Political Consultative Conference of China, Jiangsu Provincial People’s Congress and Jiangsu Provincial People’s Political Consultative Conference to provincial government.

  (8) To take charge of informing the General Office of the State Council important political affairs information; to take investigation and research, collect and sort information, reflect situation to provincial government leaders accurately and timely, and put forward proposals.

  (9) To take charge of shift of provincial government, report important information to provincial government leaders on time and coordinate provincial government to handle the key problems raised by departments and municipal governments.

  (10) To make and issue employer stamps of all municipal and county people’s governments and commissions, offices, departments and bureaus of provincial government.

  (11) To be in charge of the administrative affairs work, security affairs work and department personnel and political thought work of the General Office; to be in charge of the relevant work of the provincial government offices outside Jiangsu; to serve for provincial government leaders.

  (12) To deal with other matters assigned by provincial government leaders.


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