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Nantong releases 10 measures to ensure economic growth in Q1
updated on:2024-02-11 08:32

Nantong City in Jiangsu Province announced ten measures on February 5 to ensure economic performance in the first quarter of the year.

To support enterprises, the city will reward industrial enterprises above designated size that achieve sales growth of over 20% in the first quarter.

To expand the service industry and improve development quality, Nantong will reward software and IT service enterprises above designated size that achieve revenue growth of over 20% in the first two months of the year.

A similar reward is also available to enterprises above designated size in the leasing and business service, S&T service, culture, sports and entertainment, and household service sectors, which achieve revenue growth of over 10% in the first two months of the year.

Nantong will reward enterprises in the wholesale, retail, accommodation and catering sectors that have achieved a high net increase in sales in the first quarter. It will strengthen efforts to ensure the supply of important daily necessities during the holiday, ensuring that the prices remain stable.

Nantong will distribute 100,000 free tickets for scenic spots in the city, and organize cultural activities to create a comfortable and festive atmosphere for tourists and residents.

From February 9 to 17, Nantong will provide free bus and metro rides. The city encourages public cultural venues, such as art galleries, museums and libraries, to remain open during the holiday, and also guides public stadiums to open for free or at lower charges.

The city has released a catalog of key domestic and overseas international exhibitions for 2024, and will organize local enterprises to participate in these events.

In addition, Nantong has allocated 5 million yuan to support those in need during the biggest traditional festival, sending 14,000 gift boxes, particularly to frontline workers.