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Wuxi implements 12 measures to boost business amid Spring Festival celebrations
updated on:2024-02-10 15:30

Wuxi City announced 12 measures on February 4 to support enterprise development and improve public well-being amid the celebration of the Spring Festival, China’s Luna New Year.

These measures aim to help enterprises maintain stable operations, stabilize employment, and stimulate the consumer economy during the holiday season, thus promoting the city's economic recovery and growth.

Among the measures, Wuxi will increase loan support for enterprises and major industrial projects, and encourage foreign trade enterprises to participate in key domestic and international exhibitions.

Targeted initiatives are in place to help enterprises maintain employee stability and attract talent, such as continuing to provide professional services during the Spring Festival holiday.

In addition, measures will be taken to focus on the holiday economy, such as issuing vouchers for spending in retail, catering, automotive, home appliances and other areas. Wuxi is also making 27,000 parking spaces free of charge, providing free bus and subway rides, and lowering or waiving admission fees for tourists.

Furthermore, to support frontline workers, especially those who stay in the city during the holiday instead of visiting hometowns in other regions, the city will continue to organize support activities, such as offering gifts and holding New Year's Eve dinners together.