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Jiangsu Provincial Government Offices Carry out Voluntary Tree Planting Activities
updated on:2023-03-19 14:43

On the eve of the 45th Arbor Day, Jiangsu Provincial Government Offices Administration organized part of provincial government offices to carry out voluntary tree planting activities with the theme of “fulfilling the obligation of tree planting and building a beautiful Jiangsu together”.

A total of over 900 officials from 30 provincial authorities joined the voluntary tree planting activity in Lishui Development Zone, Nanjing. The officials were divided into different teams to work in an orderly manner. After a whole morning of hard work, they completed the planting task of 3,000 seedlings covering about 30 mu (2 hectares) of land. On the same day, the officials also made donations to the China Green Foundation through online payment, and all the money will be used for land afforestation.

According to incomplete statistics, since the first Arbor Day on March 12, 1979, over the years, provincial authorities have encouraged 220,000 persons or times for the greening of over 16,000 mu (1066.6 hectares) of barren hills, wasteland, embankments, and river beaches, and planted nearly 1.5 million trees. In addition, 17 greening projects have been completed, including Nanjing Pearl Spring Scenic Area, the green belt outside the Zhonghua Gate, Yuhuatai Scenic Area, and the greening project of airport expressway in Jiangning District. Through the voluntary tree planting activities, the officials took the lead in being the practitioners and promoters of eco-civilization development, which further enhanced the sense of responsibility and mission of protecting the ecological environment among people.

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