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Planes and Vehicles Chartered to Welcome Migrant Workers Back to Jiangsu
updated on:2023-02-05 08:14

Many localities in Jiangsu had responded to corporate labor needs before the Chinese New Year holiday ended. Planes and vehicles were chartered to welcome workers from outside Jiangsu back to ensure a smooth start in production for the new year.

To meet labor needs of various enterprises, departments of human resources and social security at the district and the municipal level in Nanjing acted in advance with policy measures such as job-retaining allowances, employment service allowances and allowances for chartered vehicles to facilitate business reopening. Meanwhile, hundreds of coordinated labor service bases across China were playing an active role in holding match-making events for labor service, special recruitment and live- streaming recruitment.

At the moment, there are 19,000 migrant workers from Yunnan Province working in Wuxi, among which 3,100 are from Qujing. As early as before the Chinese New Year, Wuxi Department of Human Resources and Social Security had contacted its counterpart in Yunnan and had acquired some information of Wuxi-based migrant workers. Having learnt about those workers urgent need of going back to work in Wuxi, the Department sent officials to Qujing on the morning of January 26 to coordinate and arrange chartered planes to help those workers back to work in Wuxi.    

On the afternoon of January 27, Wuxi Department of Human Resources and Social Security and companies with labor needs held a welcome ceremony for over 200 migrant workers from Henan, Shanxi and Heilongjiang, the first batch of returned workers after the Chinese New Year holiday.

During the holiday, 183 key companies in Zhenjiang with over 10,000 job opportunities attended the 11 recruitment events both on-spot and online. When the holiday ends, departments of human resources and social security at the county and municipal level will bring more than 200 companies with labor needs to over 20 recruitment events held in Shaanxi and Yunnan. In addition, those authorities will go to Shaanxi, Yunnan and Henan to deliver point-to-point transfer service with chartered planes and vehicles in a bid to secure the labor needs of businesses to the maximum.

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