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Yancheng strives to develop a “1+9+N” characteristic agricultural product brand system
updated on:2022-09-18 07:44

Recently, Yancheng issued the Work Plan for the Promotion of Agricultural Product Brands, proposing to develop and form a “1+9+N” characteristic agricultural product brand system by 2025.

“1” refers the goal of developing an quality public brand at the municipal level. Yancheng will strengthen the development and operation of the municipal regional public brand of “Yangcheng Taste”, set up a product zone for the brand, strengthen online and on-site integrated sales, and strive to achieve an output value of RMB 10 billion by 2025 and turn it into a well-known regional public brand in China.

“9” refers to the goal of developing 9 advantageous industrial brands. In accordance with the principle of “one county, one product, and one industry, one product”, Yancheng will focus on creating 9 characteristic industrial brands, such as Sheyang Rice, Dongtai Watermelon, Funing Black Pig, Xiangshui Broccoli, Jiulongkou Hairy Crab, Yandu Strawberry, Yuhua Garlic, Ganbaohu Sheep and Binhai Sausage. It clearly defines the “president organizations” at municipal level to take the lead in establishing a brand development alliance, which is responsible for brand promotion and cultivation.

 “N” refers to the goal of strengthen “N” enterprise product brands. Focusing on the six major agricultural industrial chains including high-quality grain and oil, green vegetables, commercial forest and fruits, large-scale hog farming, modern poultry industry, and specialty aquatic products, Yancheng will make efforts to cultivate and develop a number of “chain-leader” enterprises with annual sales exceeding RMB 2 billion and leading enterprises with annual sales exceeding RMB 5 billion, and strive to develop 20 provincial-level characteristic agricultural product brands and 20 well-known leading enterprise brands by 2025.

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