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Jiangsu takes actions to ensure safety during college entrance examination
updated on:2022-05-12 08:40

On the afternoon of May 7, after the national video and telephone conference on the safety of college entrance examination and enrolment, Jiangsu Provincial College Enrolment Committee held a meeting to make arrangements in detail. Ma Xin, Vice Governor and Director of Jiangsu Provincial College Enrolment Committee, attended and addressed the meeting.

Ma Xin said that the college entrance examination is about the most important interests of numerous families, and it is about the future of our students. All localities and relevant departments should fully implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on doing a good job in organizing college entrance examination and enrolment, carefully implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, strengthen risk awareness and keep in mind the worst scenarios in accordance with the requirements of the Provincial CPC Committee and the Provincial People’s Government, and coordinate with epidemic prevention and control. We will control and organize our efforts, and implement detailed plans to ensure that the college entrance examination will be held properly and safely. We will strictly implement the relevant national and provincial epidemic prevention and control measures for examination organization, and carefully formulate a work plan for examination organization to prevent COVID-19 from affecting the examination or causing infections. We will strengthen confidentiality, ensure discipline and management, standardize enrolment and admission, and take responsible measures throughout the whole process. We will strengthen organizational leadership and overall coordination, focus on optimizing services, go all out to achieve the goal of ensuring safety during college entrance examination, and resolutely safeguard the interests of our students and the overall social stability.

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