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Analysis of consumer complaints regarding Nov.11 shopping gala released by the provincial consumer council
updated on:2022-11-24 07:16

On November 18, the provincial consumer council released report on the analysis of consumer complaints and public opinions regarding Nov.11 shopping gala. Results have shown that from October 24 to November 17, the provincial consumer council system received 310 complaints on right violation, involving multiple areas such as advertisement, pre-sale, price, logistics, and product quality. In terms of public opinions, 58,997 pieces on consumer right protection have been collected, accounting for 11.5% of the total consumption-related information. Monitoring on such information reflected a fluctuating curve with a peak on November 11 when 3,294 pieces of information were reported.

According to the summarized report of the provincial consumer council, complaints of consumers mainly reflected the following—sophisticated and tricky rules of platforms, promotion and pre-sale traps, and lack of guarantee on product quality. To be more specific, issues that concerned the public most were over-priced pre-sale, complicated rules for coupon use and value insurance, and poor customer services. Altogether 4,381 pieces of public opinions on platform rules were collected, where 450 were submitted on November 11, the largest during the period.

For example, in early November, Ms. Chen informed the provincial consumer council about a case on online sales of cleaning robot. The discounted price was RMB 3,299 with value insurance for 15 days when she bought it. But the same product had been re-priced RMB 2,999 the second day she received the parcel. She applied to the platform for a refund but was told that her purchase was not value insured. The consumer did not approve of this reply, saying that she was not informed of this rule when she bought it as there was no explanation for exception of value insurance on the page. The provincial consumer council instructed the platforms to be more straightforward and less ambiguous about its rules so that customers can be clear about their rights and obligations, thus more assured in purchase. 

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