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Brand of Charming Jiangsu Promoted in Shanghai
updated on:2022-11-23 07:16

On November 20, online and on-site brand promotion for Charming Jiangsu co-organized by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and Xinhua Media Group was hosted in Shanghai. Municipal cultural and tourism departments of 13 cities and over 40 enterprises and institutions presented their signature products.

As a crucial part of the third season of Charming Jiangsu brand promotion, 108 preferential policies of six types were announced, including the issuing of coupons worthy of RMB 1 million, free ticket for 10 AAAA scenic spots, and special offer (up to 50% off) on ticket package for signature spots of 13 cities. Travel guide for autumn and winters trips to Jiangsu was launched with introduction on boutique routes most desirable for visitors. Limited number of Charming Jiangsu Digital Travel Card covering Jiangsu’s cultural and tourism resources was offered at a preferential price.

It is learnt that this brand promotion will also be carried out in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province on November 26. 

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