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China Railway Will Implement the New Operation Plan from 10th, and Many Cities in Jiangsu Will Open Passenger Trains for New Destinations
updated on:2022-01-15 07:38

According to China Railway Shanghai Group, a new operation plan will be implemented for national railways from 00: 00 on January 10th. Railways in the Yangtze River Delta will optimize and adjust the operation plan for long-distance through trains and short-distance local passenger trains, and many train stations will open passenger trains for new destinations for the first time.

With the opening of Anqing-Jiujiang High-speed Railway (a part of Beijing-Hong Kong High-speed Railway), Hefei City and Nanchang City are now directly connected by CRH trains. After this plan adjustment, Shanghai, Nanjing and areas in southern Jiangsu will open more CRH trains that operate via Nanjing-Anqing High-speed Railway, Anqing-Jiujiang High-speed Railway, Nanchang-Jiujiang High-speed Railway, Nanchang-Ganzhou High-speed Railway, and Ganzhou-Shenzhen High-speed Railway to Shenzhen. From Nanjing City to Nanchang City, the train will be on Anqing-Jiujiang High-speed Railway (a part of Beijing-Hong Kong High-speed Railway), and compared with the previous plan that goes via Nanjing-Hangzhou High-speed Railway and Shanghai-Kunming High-speed Railway, the total mileage is reduced by 264 km and the fastest travel time is reduced by 43 minutes. Travel time from Nanjing to Shenzhen has also been shortened from the original 10 hours and 35 minutes (via the fastest train) to 7 hours and 43 minutes, which is nearly 3 hours less. Lianyungang added a pair of CRH trains to Shenzhen North Station (Lianyungang as the starting station), passing through Lianyungang (northern Jiangsu), Huai’an, Yangzhou (middle Jiangsu), Zhenjiang, Nanjing (southern Jiangsu) and other cities. Lianyungang-Zhenjiang High-speed Railway is now capable of reaching Nanchang, which was not accessible in the past.

According to the new plan, the C3262/59 train was added from Yancheng to Nanjing South Station, with a total travel time of 2 hours and 29 minutes, which is the fastest train between the two cities. The train starts at Yancheng Station at 19:30, only stops at Huai’an East Station and Yangzhou East Station, and arrives at Nanjing South Station at 21:59. The D5526/7 train from Anqing to Yancheng is added, passing through Wuhu, Ma’anshan, Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Yangzhou, Huai’an and other cities. The C3158/5 and C3181/0 train from Nanjing to Yancheng are extended to reach Nantong Station, passing through areas close to Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Huai’an, Yangzhou, Yancheng and Nantong. The operation of this pair of trains ended the history that there was no high-speed train from Dongtai to Nanjing. In the new operation plan, the extended operation section of the original Suzhou-Shanghai G7203 train is between Wuxi and Shanghai. According to the new plan, Lianyungang opened trains to Taiyuan and Kunming for the first time.

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