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Jiangsu Launched One-Hundred-Day Public Welfare Action to Safeguard “Red Cultural Relics”
updated on:2021-04-07 08:10

March 26 saw the start of Jiangsu’s one-hundred-day public welfare action on immovable revolutionary cultural relics themed with “Safeguarding the Red Gene to Commemorate the Centenary of the Founding of the CPC”, which is jointly sponsored by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism (Provincial Bureau of Cultural Relics). The one-hundred-day action means termite prevention and control agencies across the province will be engaged in inspecting and preventing termites for 100 days in 100 immovable revolutionary cultural relics of landmark significance in Jiangsu, as part of the effort to safeguard the underlying “red gene” of our home.

According to statistics, Jiangsu is home to 21 national key cultural relics protection entities, and 68 provincial and 362 municipal and county-level cultural relics protection entities. Most of the immovable revolutionary cultural relics, however, are located in the wild natural environment and susceptible to termite damage.

It’s learnt that all cities in the province will lay down viable and practical implementation plans for the action, focusing on the establishment of long-term management mechanisms. Each and every immovable revolutionary cultural relic site that has gone through termite inspection and prevention measures will be put on file and those measures need to be followed through down to the last detail. Seeking futile formalities or simply going through motions should be firmly averted.

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