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The Provincial Government Outlined Work Arrangement for Earthquake Preparedness, Mitigation and Relief in 2021
updated on:2021-04-05 08:35

Jiangsu held the 2021 Provincial Joint Conference on Earthquake Preparedness and Mitigation and Earthquake Relief Command Meeting on March 26 with a focus on comprehensively studying and putting into practice the important statements by President Xi Jinping on earthquake preparedness and disaster reduction, and outlining this year’s work arrangement for earthquake preparedness, mitigation and relief in Jiangsu. Fan Jinlong, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Executive Vice Governor, was present at the conference and delivered remarks.

It was pointed out at the conference that during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, departments at all levels in Jiangsu implemented in real earnest the decisions and instructions by the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Jiangsu Government, strengthened awareness of earthquake preparedness and mitigation, and steadily pushed forward reforms and development in this endeavor, scoring positive results. Departments at all levels shall thoroughly study and act on the important expositions by President Xi Jinping on development and security coordination as well as disaster prevention, reduction and relief, fully understand the severity of the situation confronting earthquake preparedness and relief in Jiangsu, always put people and their lives first, resolutely overcome insensibility and mentality of fortuitism, reinforce across the board the accountability system on supervision over earthquake disaster risks, adopt targeted approaches, and address weaknesses, so as to effectively advance the level of earthquake preparedness and disaster reduction.

The conference emphasized the importance to carry out sweeping campaigns on identifying and addressing earthquake risks, and comprehensively promote the implementation of two projects, namely, the provincial “earthquake disaster risk investigation and key potential risks identification project”, and “housing facilities reinforcement project for earthquake-prone areas”. It’s necessary to enhance capabilities in earthquake monitoring, early warning and prediction, and devote more energy to the operation, maintenance and management of the seismological network, in an effort to further improve accuracy in research, judgement and prediction of earthquake situations. It’s equally vital to strengthen emergency response capabilities and community-level work, refine mechanisms regarding information communication and emergency response coordination efforts, continue to level up the capacity to secure emergency relief supplies and galvanize team building, conduct public education on earthquake preparedness and disaster mitigation, and increase the level and capabilities of public services in this regard, so that Jiangsu would get off to a good start in earthquake preparedness, mitigation and relief in the “14th Five Year Plan” period.

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