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Jiangsu Cross-border E-commerce Forum held in Nanjing
updated on:2021-03-31 08:50

Recently, Jiangsu Cross-border E-commerce Development Forum was held in Nanjing, with the theme of “ digitally trade Jiangsu products worldwide”. Hui Jianlin, vice-governor of Jiangsu, delivered remarks at the forum.

At present, Jiangsu has received permits for 10 national integrated pilot areas for cross-border e-commerce, established over 90 industrial parks and incubation centers and more than 200 overseas warehouses for the sector. Committing to the principle of utilizing cross-border e-commerce to provide services to businesses, drive industrial development, stabilize foreign trade, and promote consumption, Jiangsu will redouble efforts to blaze a distinctive trail for cross-border e-commerce.

Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce, in collaborations with relevant departments and pilot areas, will promote the cross-border e-commerce in five aspects:

- establish an inter-departmental work group for studying issues arising and making steady improvements in conditions for the sector;

- carry forward the initiative of “digitally trade Jiangsu products worldwide”, implement the initiative in five fronts, and organize study tours and workshops for leadership of pilot areas;

- strengthen support for platforms and carriers, in particular, a cloud platform for the digital marketing of public services, in order to enhance readiness of local enterprises to sell outside China;

- promote transformations and integrated development by carrying forward the program of “export centers going digital”, establishing industrial parks and incubation centers for the sector and supporting various forms of cross-border e-commerce, in particular, B2B exports; and

- encourage new practices at prefecture or lower levels, implement the accountability mechanism where pilot areas resume main responsibilities and stimulate growth in surrounding areas. 

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