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Jiangsu——air freight hit record high in first two months and international freight nearly double
updated on:2021-03-30 08:35

According to Jiangsu Provincial Department of Transportation, air cargo throughput in Jiangsu exceeded 100 thousand metric tons cumulatively in the first two months of 2021, hitting a record high. Despite that February is usually considered an off-season for civil aviation freight, this February saw an increase of 45.5% over 2020, or a 26.4% increase over 2019, with international air freight grew by 195.1% over 2020.

As stated by officials from the transportation department, airports in Jiangsu implemented provincial measures for ensuring travel during the Spring Festival while following health protocols, sparing no effort to control the epidemic and keep the operations and transportation stable. Over January and February, throughput of freight in all airports combined hit 109 thousand metric tons, up by 39.8% over 2020. As of the end of February this year, the cumulative international freight throughput surpassed that of the first four months combined in 2020. Xingdong International Airport in Nantong and Nanyang International Airport in Yancheng saw their respective February throughput 4.2 times and 1.6 times larger than that of last February. Top 5 destinations of international freight, by order of volume, were the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Singapore and Italy. 

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