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Jiangsu add 100 provincial folklore master studios
updated on:2021-03-27 08:46

Recently, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security published a new list of provincial folklore master studios, totaling a number of 100, among which is the Yu Feiyue Folklore Studio.

With the purpose of strengthening development of platforms and carriers for folklore professionals and providing talent for revitalizing the rural area, the folklore master studios are introduced in Jiangsu. Those on the list are studios that master in 30 feasts, such as, carving, embroidery, pottery, paper-cutting, bonsai, cooking, traditional physical therapy, arts performance, crop plantation, tea planting, livestock farming, aquaculture farming, and agricultural operations. Founders of these studios range from 83 years of age to 35, with 93 accredited as senior or advanced professionals. Some of them are masters of Chinese arts and crafts, model workers of China, and middle-aged or young experts with outstanding contributions.

Zhang Yixiang, boss of Lv Xiang Tea Plantation Cooperative at Lianyungang, offered jobs to over 630 farmers thanks to the production and marketing model of “professional cooperative + agricultural base + farmers”. Zhang was awarded the “star of entrepreneurship” and "star of farmer entrepreneur" in Jiangsu. Zhang’s proud black tea, called Hou Xiang Hong, won the Golden Award in Shanghai Tea Expo.

Li Yongzheng, chief executive of Jiangsu Shuishen Industrial Limited Company and a veteran in aquaculture farming with 30-plus years of experience in Baoying of Yangzhou City, pioneered the market and signed contracts with over 300 farmers while focusing on the farming and marketing of Chinese mitten crabs, Chinese softshell turtles, and Chinese grass carps, among other local aquatic species. Creating a model that encompasses companies, agricultural bases, farmers, and internet marketing agencies, Li enabled a salary increase of over 10 thousand yuan per farmer and was thus awarded “model worker of China”.

Wang Xiuying, 83-year-old inheritor of Xuzhou Sachet, is the oldest founder in the listed studios. The sachet, an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Jiangsu, is made of silk stuffed with over 20 herbs, following a recipe passed down through generations. Proven to be effective against mosquitoes, damp, and cold, it secured Wang a bronze medal for her contributions to folklore preservation in Jiangsu and a recognition award of Zijin Competition sponsored by the Publicity Department of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee. 

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