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Jiangsu strengthens supervision of Covid-19 vaccines
updated on:2021-02-21 07:07

According to the provincial drug supervision work conference, the provincial drug administration has taken multiple measures to strengthen the supervision of Covid-19 vaccines.

In 2020, the sudden outbreak of Covid-19 led to a short supply of anti-epidemic supplies such as masks, protective equipment, and disinfectants for a time. As a result, Jiangsu’s drug regulatory departments facilitated the production of 402 types of medical protective clothing and masks through emergency inspection, approval and other measures, sped up the approval of the launching of 38 medical devices such as isolation cabins to meet the growing demand across the nation.

According to Zhu Qinhu, Director of the Provincial Administration for Market Regulation, drug administrations across the province have provided guidance and exercised strict supervision on the production of medical protective devices. Focusing on five categories of anti-epidemic supplies (testing reagent, protective equipment, medical instrument, medicine, and disinfectant), the province has conducted 436,000 times of inspection over enterprises, investigated and handled 502 cases of counterfeit and shoddy anti-epidemic medical supplies, and cracked down on 92 counterfeiting rackets. Meanwhile, they have established mechanisms to provide commitment-based approval, extension of valid certificates and one-to-one assistance to some manufacturers of medical supplies, reduced or exempted the annual fee for enterprises by RMB 106 million, of which RMB 20.88 million was reduced or exempted for epidemic prevention and control.

As the Covid-19 vaccination started throughout the province, the provincial drug administration will give top priority to vaccine supervision this year, establish a long-term vaccine supervision mechanism to ensure safety and improve supervision and supply of vaccines.

Tian Feng, Director of the Provincial Drug Administration, said that the drug regulatory departments will ramp up efforts to set up a provincial standard for vaccine quality and safety, strengthen supervision and inspection of vaccine distribution and inoculation, establish quality supervision standards and procedures, and implement stationed inspection and risk management. They will improve the information system for vaccine supervision, launch an electronic tracking system to ensure whole-process supervision of vaccine production, distribution and inoculation, and cooperate with the monitoring and handling of abnormal reactions. Illegal activities related to the Covid-19 vaccine will be clamped down to ensure the quality, safety and controllable delivery of vaccines.

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