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Ten Major Innovation Achievements in Building Nanjing into an Innovation City with International Influence
updated on:2021-01-14 08:40

At the 2021 Innovative Nanjing with International Influence Conference held on January 4, ten major innovation achievements in building Nanjing into an innovation city with international influence were released.

These ten major innovation achievements are: “Lianhua Nezha” endogenous safety cloud platform; eDNA accurate monitoring and ecological health diagnosis technology; atomic cluster macro-mass manufacturing device; 5G/B5G baseband circuit automatic generation software system; high-precision large-load robot and intelligent processing equipment; the key theory and technology related to computational optics quantitative phase microscopy imaging; quantitative neural processing unit (QNPU); LED ball screen LP-TC; the development and application of domestic large-scale real-time operating system; national class I innovative drug: Edaravone and Dexborneol.

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