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The 10th Jiangsu Book Fair opened on July 23
updated on:2020-08-01 08:38

On July 23, the 10th Jiangsu Book Fair hosted by Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government and organized by the Publicity Department of CPC Jiangsu Committee, Jiangsu Press and Publication Administration, Suzhou Municipal People’s Government, and Phoenix Publishing and Media Group, kicked off in Suzhou. Lan Shaomin, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Jiangsu Committee and Secretary of CPC Suzhou Committee, and Ma Xin, Vice Governor of Jiangsu attended the opening ceremony. Opening activities were simultaneously launched in 111 sub-exhibition venues across the province and two online ones.

At the opening ceremony, the list of 2019 recommended books (published by Jiangsu publishing houses), 2020 Jiangsu best bookstores, and the 50 Best of Jiangsu’s third book-reading campaign was announced. 47 books, including the Autobiography of Fan Jinshi (《我心归处是敦煌:樊锦诗自述》), the Gazetteer of the Canals of China (《中国运河志》), and Nanjing, the Biography (《南京传》), were on the list of 2019 recommended books. Ten bookstores, including the children’s bookstore of Phoenix Xinhua Nanjing branch and Wuzaishushe (吾在书舍 I am at the bookstore) boutique community-based bookstore, stood out as 2020 Jiangsu best bookstores. The list of the best 10 reading campaigns and the top 10 reading platforms, Nongjiyun (agri-tech) app included, was also announced.

In the forum on publication prospects in the well-off era, held after the opening ceremony, people from the publishing industry discussed on the development trend of the industry and the social responsibilities it must shoulder in building a well-off society. It is believed that the current market scale and quality of publications was not a match for people’s growing needs for a better life. Therefore, Chinese publishers must have a clear understanding of their mission, dedicating to the spread of knowledge and fine culture, and the publicity of the Party and national policies to promote the development of traditional Chinese culture with more creativity. Reading campaigns and exchange activities, including the First Jiangsu Forum for Young Talent in Publishing and Editing, forum on Jiangsu’s approach in book-reading promotion, and the book launch and awarding ceremony for the Second Cao Wenxuan Children’s Literature Award were also held on that particular day.  

This five-day book fair presented a book feast for readers at the time when Jiangsu focuses all its efforts on building a moderately well-off society and promoting social and economic development amid covid-19 control endeavor. More than 400 publishers attended the event, and more than 80,000 publications were exhibited. Over 130 activities, including lectures, book signings, book release, book sharing, and dialogues between authors and readers, were held within the period. A number of online activities, based on new technologies like 5G and AI and in which president of publishing houses and editor-in-chief recommended books through live streaming, enabled readers to browse through, read, and buy books and interact with others online. 

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