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Provincial Government Service Office adopts 12 convenience-for-people measures
updated on:2020-06-27 09:55

The Provincial Government Service Office rolled out 12 measures in recent days to solve the prominent problems of formalism and improve government services at the community level.

The Provincial Government Service Office required that the provincial government service institutions accurately and effectively implement the reform that delegate power, improve regulation, and upgrade services to provide convenient and efficient services for enterprises and people. The cities under the provincial government should resolutely cancel the abolished items that previously needed examination and approval, and guard against “examination and approval in a disguised form”; rigorously implement the adjusted examination and approval items, and refrain from entrusting them to lower levels without authorization; and thoroughly evaluate the undertaking capacity of development zones and pilot free trade zones when delegating power to them, and assume the supervising responsibilities. When “non-interview examination and approval” services are provided to enterprises and people, deliberate chase after the large quantity of such cases should be prohibited, and “refusal of face-to-face handling” and “refusal of offline handling” should be put an end to. Government services should be standardized by cutting down on the time, links, materials and travel and increasing the proportion of immediately handled items to enable government service items to be handled in an undifferentiated manner across the province.

Government service institutions should be oriented towards the people’s needs, focusing on solving such problems as user-unfriendly interface, unconnected systems and non-sharing of data, and reduce the submission of paper materials to relieve the burden of community-level staff; make services of the government service hall more convenient for people, and the handling of all matters closely related to the people’s production and life should be made accessible at service centers for the convenience of people in villages (communities) by establishing a fully authorized general government service model in villages (communities) to remove the last crucial hurdle of services for the people.

The Provincial Government Service Office also explicitly required that the regulation and management of applications for government services be strengthened by resolutely shutting down those with little popularity, low frequency of use and high maintenance costs, and a batch of WeChat work chats be canceled or integrated, properly using the retained work chats, to truly bring convenience to the community level and improve efficiency. 

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