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99.7% of Industrial Companies above a Designated Sized Reopened in Jiangsu
updated on:2020-03-26 08:01

According to the latest data released by the Industry and Information Technology Department of Jiangsu Province (JSIIT) on March 19, as of March 18, 45,000 industrial companies above a designated sized have reopened in Jiangsu, accounting for 99.7% of the total; 7.5 million workers have started working, satisfying 90% of the needs for workers in these companies.

In response to the request for coordination of resumption of production in 1,801 supporting companies both in and out of the province sent by 362 companies or via correspondence since the outbreak of the COVID-19, our province played an organizing role in different localities across the province and urged other provinces and municipalities to step up efforts in providing coordinating services. Up to now, about 80% of supporting companies for the supply chain have reopened. Alibaba, Huawei, Gree, United Imaging, Hikvision and other important suppliers in Jiangsu have been accelerating their pace to reopen.

According to JSIIT, in terms of our participation in the coordination mechanism for resumption of work and production in the Yangtze River Delta, as of March 16, our province has received 54 letters from Zhejiang, Anhui and Shanghai, involving 251 companies. Among them, 239 are in our province, 234 or 97.9% of which have reopened. We have sent 51 letters to Zhejiang, Anhui and Shanghai to request for reopening of 183 companies, 23 of which have reopened so far.

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