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National (Jiangsu) emergency medical rescue team heads for Wuhan
updated on:2020-02-15 08:20

Outfitted with medical supplies and daily necessities, a 37-member national (Jiangsu) emergency medical rescue team set off for Wuhan from Nanjing on February 2. Team members said that they would spare no effort to win the battle against novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) and safeguard health along with their local counterparts and colleagues after arriving in Wuhan.

This national (Jiangsu) emergency medical rescue team consists of medical staffs from the ICU, emergency department, respiratory department, infection inspection department, radiation department, logistics department and other departments of Jiangsu Province Hospital, directly under the deployment of the Ministry of Emergency Management. Upon notification on the afternoon of February 3, team members prepared themselves overnight and set off on February 4.

According to Zuo Xiangrong, deputy leader of the rescue team and chief physician and deputy director of the ICU of Jiangsu Province Hospital, many team members are experienced in clinical treatment, for they have participated in the rescue work of the Wenchuan earthquake and other disasters and taken part in cross-provincial emergency rescue drills for many times.

The rescue team is also staffed by specialists in radiology and nephrology. According to Xu Xiaoquan, chief physician of the Department of Radiology of Jiangsu Province Hospital, in addition to nucleic acid tests, all patients must have a CT scan for treatment evaluation. At present, front-line radiologists are very scarce.

Ouyang Chun, chief physician of the Nephrology Department, told reporters that according to the feedbacks from the front-line medical staffers, 25% of the critically ill patients rescued by the ICU suffered from renal failure, and 60% of the patients on the ventilator needed hemodialysis. Therefore, nephrologists are essential for rescuing severe patients.

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