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Jiangsu strengthens legitimacy review of decisions on epidemic prevention and control
updated on:2020-02-14 15:19

On February 7, Jiangsu Department of Justice issued a notice on strengthening legitimacy review that proposed five measures to strengthen legitimacy review of documents and policies issued by local governments amid the epidemic outbreak.

According to the notice, local judicial administrative departments should review related government documents, notices, and decisions according to laws and regulations, conduct in-depth and systematic research on laws, regulations and policy documents related to epidemic prevention and control, and comprehend the original ideas behind the laws and regulations on epidemic prevention and control to avoid making illegal decisions or issuing documents that appear to be legitimate. They should enhance coordination, make full use of online review, joint review and other methods, and shorten the period of case review and settlement in accordance with the law.

Meanwhile, related departments should keep up with hot topics, analyze law-related issues and complaints arising in the process of epidemic prevention and control and give feedbacks. They should enhance information collection and online information analysis, conduct systematic and in-depth analysis and researches on the economic and social risks caused by the epidemic, and timely report to the Party Committee and the government on the potential problems and legal risks reflected by the epidemic prevention and control.

According to the notice, as enterprises resume work and production, local judicial administrative departments should further strengthen their awareness of service, actively advise the local governments, ensure the legitimacy, efficiency and safety of production in accordance with the law, and provide legal advice to enterprises.

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