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41 Municipal Modern Agricultural Parks Built in Nanjing
updated on:2020-01-11 08:11

To this date, Nanjing is home to 41 modern agricultural parks at or above municipal level, among which Baima National Agricultural Technology Park has just upgraded to a paradigm agricultural park at the national level, as the only one in the Yangtze River Delta region which was approved amongst the third batch of national demonstration parks.

Modern agricultural parks are important carriers for promoting urban modern agricultural development. As a national paradigm, Nanjing got 86.39 points in 2018 annual evaluation as one of the leaders across China in basically realizing agricultural modernization.

In the recent years, leading industries of modern agricultural parks in Nanjing including high-grade rice, vegetables, fruits and aquatic food have seen rapid development. Industrial integration has made major progress that nearly each and every park is equipped with one agricultural product with own characteristics. Altogether, Nanjing is home to 201 cold storages for agricultural products, 54 trading markets, over 500 agricultural scenic spots for leisure and recreation, and over 30 honorary awards including “China’s most beautiful countryside for recreation”. A group of agricultural products of geographical indication has cast greater impact in the market including “Hengxi Watermelons”, “Baima Blackberries”, “Gucheng Lake Crabs” and “Baguazhou Artemisia”. In the recent three years, these parks have conducted training programs for 83,500 farmers, and have created jobs for 228,000 farmers.

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