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Symposium for Foreign-invested Enterprises Held in Jiangsu
updated on:2020-01-10 15:11

Foreign Investment Law of the People’s Republic of China officially took effect from 1 Jan, 2020. CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government jointly held a symposium for foreign-invested companies in Jiangsu in the city of Suzhou on 2 Jan, soliciting opinions and suggestions on Jiangsu’s business environment. Party Secretary Lou Qinjian stressed that Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era must be thoroughly studied and implemented, and Jiangsu will stay on course of opening wider to the outside world by leveraging foreign capitals to empower the high-quality development comprising sustainability, prosperity and civility in Jiangsu. Governor Wu Zhenglong also delivered his speech at the symposium.  

Lou expressed his New Year wishes to representatives of foreign companies in Jiangsu and sincere thanks to foreign investors for their outstanding contributions in Jiangsu’s development. He pointed out that Jiangsu’s geographical position endows the province with three major national strategies, namely, the Belt and Road Initiative, Yangtze River Economic Belt Development and Yangtze River Delta Integrated Development. At the same time, Jiangsu is responding to these great opportunities for development by implementing programs concerning economic restructuring, technological innovation, environmental protection and production safety improvement. As the master plan for Jiangsu’s high-quality development is unfolding, Jiangsu is able to maintain a healthy and stable momentum based on its enormous economic aggregate. Jiangsu remains to be a vigorous market as industrialization and urbanization are pressing ahead and consumers’ need continues to upgrade. Jiangsu’s door is wide open for enterprises with visions, strengths and dreams to grow together for a shared future in Jiangsu. Lou said Jiangsu will fully honor Foreign Investment Law and continues to improve its pro-business environment for fair play, honest practice in government-business relations, succinct and effective policies and just and transparent legal services. Any company seeks to settle in Jiangsu is regarded Jiangsu’s company which will be equally treated and served with care.
    Wu also conveyed his thanks to foreign investors for their important contributions in Jiangsu’s economic development, and responded to suggestions and advice raised by the guests. He said that over the past year, guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, Jiangsu has earnestly implemented the decisions by CPC Central Committee and the State Council, adopted the new development philosophy, made fresh progress while maintaining economic and social stability, maintained a sound momentum in pursuing high-quality development and pressed ahead with the mission to build a new Jiangsu with prosperity, sustainability and civility. Looking forward, Jiangsu is bound to have a brighter future as it is bestowed with multiple opportunities brought by the national development strategies, the building of raft of platforms for opening-up, the solid industrial foundation, the well-established infrastructure, the geographic advantage, and an enormous market. Complemented by Jiangsu’s beautiful natural environment, cultural richness and an enabling business environment, Jiangsu is blessed to be a magnet for investment filled with high hopes and great potential. Jiangsu is willing to share the new opportunities with foreign investors in this new era, and work together for a bright future defined by openness, cooperation, and win-win results.  

The symposium went on with heated discussions. Tetsuro Homma, Representative Director and Member of the Board Senior Managing Executive Officer, CEO of China & Northeast Asia Company and Regional Head of China & Northeast Asia, Panasonic Co., Ltd, Olivier Brault, General Manager, Soprema Asia Pacific, Will Song,   Chairman of Johnson & Johnson China and President of Johnson & Johnson Medical China, Paul, CEO of AU Optronics Co., Ltd, Leon Wang, Executive Vice President and International and China President, AstraZeneca, Byun Youngsang, Vice President of LG Display, Jeff Lehman, VP Asia, Hydro Precision Tubing, Yoke Loon Lim, President, Dow Greater China, Jason Peng, President, China and North Asia, Danaher Corporation, and Walter Tong, Managing Partner, Great China Accounts, EY, Kwang Guk Lee, CEO of Hyundai Motor Group and President of Hyundai Kia Motor (China), Wu Zuoyi, President of SK China, and Zhuang Jingfa, Senior VP of Seagate Technology Corporation spoke at the symposium, expressing their acknowledgement to Jiangsu’s favorable business environment as one of the hottest destinations for foreign investment. They wish to take root in Jiangsu and continue to invest in Jiangsu. They also offered good suggestions and advice on Jiangsu’s pursuit of high-quality development and business environment improvement.

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