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Wu Zhenglong Meets with Okazaki Yutaka, Chairman of Japan-China Friendship Association
updated on:2019-09-06 08:10

On August 30, Governor Wu Zhenglong met with Okazaki Yutaka, Chairman of Japan-China Friendship Association and Vice-President of Japan-China Friendship Association in Aichi Prefecture, and awarded him the certificate of “Honorary Resident of Jiangsu Province”.

Wu extended a warm welcome and heartfelt congratulations to Okazaki Yutaka. He said that it was a great pleasure to meet Chairman Okazaki Yutaka, an old friend and good friend of Jiangsu people, and his delegation on this pleasant day. This morning, China (Jiangsu) Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) was officially launched. The decision of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to set up a new group of Pilot FTZs in Jiangsu and other five provinces and equivalent administrative units fully demonstrated its determination and courage to deepen reform and opening up, and it was a great event and blessing for Jiangsu. Under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, we would unswervingly deepen reform and opening-up at a new starting point, and strive to create a new hub of reform and opening-up in the new era. For a long time, the Chairman has led delegations to Jiangsu many times. He has devoted a lot of effort and made positive contributions to promoting exchanges between Jiangsu and Japan and Aichi County in various fields. Therefore, he deserved the title of “Honorary Resident of Jiangsu Province”. China and Japan are close neighbors separated by a strip of water. The foundation of friendship between the two countries is among the people, and the future of friendship between the two peoples lies in the younger generation. Your visit to Jiangsu Province this time is a concrete move to implement the consensus of the leaders of the two countries, and is conducive to tightening the cultural ties between Jiangsu and Japan, including Aichi County. At present, Jiangsu is pursuing the new approach to development and seizing the opportunities brought by a combination of major strategies. Our high-quality development is gaining momentum with sustained and sound growth. We hope to expand new space for cooperation with Japan and Aichi Prefecture, share new opportunities from Jiangsu’s development, strengthen all-dimensional cooperation in jointly pursuing the Belt and Road Initiative, technological innovation and green development, and accelerate the formation of new growth points of cooperation. We hope to conduct close exchanges with Japan-China Friendship Association, especially in youth exchanges, so as to sow the seeds of friendship and promote people-to-people bond and affinity. By doing so, we can jointly contribute to safeguarding the open world economy and multilateral trade system, and elevating the exchange and cooperation between Jiangsu and Japan to a new level.

Okazaki Yutaka said that it was a great privilege to receive the title of “Honorary Resident of Jiangsu Province”. Japan-China Friendship Association and Japan-China Friendship Association in Aichi Prefecture would continue to serve as a bridge, carry forward our traditional people-to-people friendship, push forward the steady development of Japan-China relations and work for new outcomes out of friendly cooperation between Japan and Jiangsu. 

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