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CPI of Jiangsu up by 2.9% Year-on-Year in July
updated on:2019-08-14 08:09

According to Jiangsu Survey Team of National Bureau of Statistics, in July this year, CPI of Jiangsu rose by 2.9% over the past year, maintaining the same rate as last month.

With regard to commodity prices compared with the previous year, urban areas featured an increase of 2.9% and rural areas an increase of 2.8%; food, tobacco and alcohol an increase of 6.1% while others 1.7%; consumer prices an increase of 3.5% and service prices 1.9%.

Fluctuation of food, tobacco and alcohol prices had further implications on commodity prices in July, with CPI rising by 1.67 percentage points because of that. Compared with the same period of last year, prices of melons and fruits, meat as well as eggs all saw a relatively high growth, among them, price of melons and fruits up by 35.3% year on year, leading to the growth of CPI by 0.51 percentage points; pork up by 22.6% with CPI up by 0.48 percentage points. Besides, prices of eggs and beef rose respectively by 11.7% and 9.8% in July, both resulting in CPI increase of 0.05 percentage points.

Year-on-year growth trend of prices of pork, melons and fruits in July was different from that in June. Pork price continued to increase at a higher rate while melons and fruits underwent a slower rate. In July, year-on-year price growth rate of melons and fruits across the province shrank by 7.3 percentage points compared with that of June. Prices of vegetables and freshwater fish presented a downward trend compared with the previous year, with vegetables falling by 0.6% and freshwater fish dropping by 0.7%. 

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