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Lou Qinjian and Wu Zhenglong Met with Jeollabuk-do Delegation
updated on:2019-07-05 15:54

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the sister-province relations between Jiangsu and Jeollabuk-do of Korea. Party Secretary Lou Qinjian and Governor Wu Zhenglong met with Jeollabuk-do delegation headed by Governor Song Hajin and Speaker Song Seonghwan on 26 and 27 June, respectively.

Both Lou and Wu extended a very warm welcome to Jeollabuk-do delegation. Lou said that his visit to Jeollabuk-do just one month earlier was so impressive. He was very pleased to meet Governor Song and Speaker Song again in Nanjing. Such mutual visits manifested of the traditional friendship between the two provinces. Since the inception of the sister-province relations in October 1994, the two sides have been witnessing frequent mutual visits and growing exchanges and cooperation in such an extensive arenas as economic and trade, culture and etc. Lou also briefed on the latest development of Nanjing Tech Week, saying that Jiangsu is blessed with a historical opportunity with synergy propelled by the Belt and Road Initiative, the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the Yangtze River Delta Integration programs. Scientists and entrepreneurs all over the world hold high expectations towards Jiangsu. This opportunity goes beyond Jiangsu per se to embrace Jeollabuk-do as well. Lou hoped that both would take the 25th year of partnership as a new starting point to share this opportunity by deepening cooperation, accelerating implementations, rendering greater efforts in building China—Korea (Yancheng) Industrial Park and Saemengeum Industrial Park, strengthening technological cooperation and innovation, enhancing cultural and people-to-people exchanges, to further empower this friendly relations between the two.

Governor Song and Speaker Song responded with gratitude for Jiangsu’s hospitality. They said they were very delighted to visit Jiangsu on the occasion as Jiangsu—Jeollabuk-do sister province relations entered the 25th year. Jeollabuk-do would like to work with Jiangsu to grasp this opportunity to enhance exchanges and cooperation across the board, in particular in communication infrastructure and technological innovation, and to make further progress in building China—Korea (Yancheng) Industrial Park and Saemengeum Industrial Park, in a bid to deepen the friendship.

On the evening of 27th, Governor Wu attended the celebrations commemorating the 25th anniversary of Jiangsu—Jeollabuk-do sister province relations. 

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