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Jiangsu Software Human Resource Development Conference Held in Nanjing
updated on:2019-06-07 15:05

With guidance by Jiangsu Department of Industry and Information Technology and sponsored by Jiangsu Software Human Resource Development Fund, Jiangsu Software Human Resource Development Conference was held in Nanjing on 31st May. More than 260 experts, scholars and entrepreneurs representing universities, research institutes, software parks, the software industry and public entities took part in the conference, exchanging views on development of software talent and the industrial trend.

With the bourgeoning AI, big data, cloud computing and other new technologies, software companies tend to recruit talent with multiple expertise, and universities are exploring new mode in talent production to answer this call. Chen Bing, Dean of School of Computer Science and Technology at NUAA briefed on the school’s “Vast Sky Lab” program, in which only 60 candidates selected from over 3,000 students can participate as outstanding talent. “A tutor team consisting academicians and ‘excellent young teachers’ will train the candidates with emphases in mathematical basis, logical thinking, information and experiments”, said Chen Bing. The candidates of “Vast Sky Lab” program do not have a specific major only until the latter half in their sophomore year, and aeronautics and astronautics, information automation and materials science are often offered as for their options.

Talent development needs cooperation with multiple parties, the incubation platform, in particular, is critical. Over the past 11 years since Jiangsu Software Human Resource Development Fund was founded, over 2,000 prominent software entrepreneurs, 400 software companies, as well as some 120,000 person/times engaged in software or internet industries have been served. At the conference, the Fund conferred to 8 units including School of Continuing Education in Tsinghua with “Good Partnership Award for Producing Software Talent in Jiangsu”; 10 companies including Nanjing Aopai Information Industry Holdings with non-profit contribution award for producing software talent in Jiangsu; and 7 companies including Nanjing Qingtian Technology Company with outstanding contribution award for producing software talent in Jiangsu.

Chi Yu, Deputy Director General of Jiangsu Department of Industry and Information Technology, said that as a province with strong software and internet sector, Jiangsu has been adopting a series of effective measures to build a competitive software talent team, including rendering stronger support to professional and targeted talent production by universities and private educational agencies such as Jiangsu Software Talent Training Base, encouraging companies, public entities and research institutes to speed up in-house talent training, leveraging civil societies such as Jiangsu Software Human Resource Development Fund to select talent out of a wider range and forming a strong talent pool and think tank to empower the software industry in Jiangsu. 

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