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Base Building
updated on:2019-06-03 08:50

I. Agro-products Export Base

Jiangsu is developing a batch of agro-products export bases out of the four major agro-products export pillar industries, saying gardening products, animal products,aquatic and marine products, and characteristic grain and oil products.

Currently, Jiangsu Department of Commerce and Department of Finance have confirmed the following bases: Pizhou City as “Jiangsu Garlic Export Base”, Rudong County as “Jiangsu Aquatic And Marine Products Export Base”, Baoying County as “Jiangsu Lotus Root Export Base” and Xinghua as “Jiangsu Evaporate Vegetables Export Base”.

II. Light Industrial Products Export Base

With high-level industrial agglomeration and extraversion, Jiangsu’s light industrial products export bases played an important part in China. These bases include: “Jiangsu Densified-Wood Flooring Export Base” in Wujin, Changzhou City, “Jiangsu Plank Stuff Export Base” in Pizhou City, “Jiangsu Pottery Export Base” in Yixing City, “Jiangsu Glass & Crystal Crafts Export Base” in Baoying County, “Jiangsu Toy Export Base” in Weiyang District, Yangzhou City.

III. Textiles & Garments Export Base

Since 2008, Jiangsu province has confirmed the following bases: “Jiangsu Garments Export Base” in Zhangjiagang City, “Jiangsu Fabrics Export Base” in Wujiang City, “Jiangsu Home-textile Export Base” in Tongzhou City, “Jiangsu Garments Export Base” in Changshu City, and “Jiangsu Fabrics Export Base” in Jiangyin City.

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