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Expressway Outflux Rises by 20%
updated on:2019-04-11 08:53

During the off days of the Tomb-Sweeping Day, order remained on the expressway across the province. The roadway traffic flow increased by a great deal due to the fine weather, the tomb-sweeping activity, and outdoor tourism in spring. According to expressway monitoring data from Jiangsu Traffic Law Enforcement Administration, from April 5 to 7, the expressway outflux is expected to reach 10.19 million vehicles across the province, up by 18.24% year on year.

The traffic flow totaled 1.16 million vehicles on three cross-Yangtze River bridges of Nanjing Yangtze River Highway Bridge II, Jiangyin Yangtze River Highway Bridge, and Su Tong Yangtze River Highway Bridge, up by 15% year on year. The passing efficiency was notably improved due to the peak shifting passage measure for some trucks. Among the five cross-Yangtze River bridges, Taizhou Yangtze River Highway Bridge saw the most notable increase in traffic flow, which was 280,000 vehicles in three days, up by 36% against the same period last year.

Thanks to such measures as roadway network coordination, traffic canalization, traffic navigation, scientific control, speedy treatment of accidents, and people-oriented services, the duration and scope of traffic jam were greatly reduced on expressways compared with previous years despite of significant increase in traffic flow, which has effectively safeguarded outdoor activities during the holidays.

According to staff with Nanjing Railway Station, from April 4 to 7, 1.213 million passengers departed from the station, up by 11% year on year. Among them, 375,000 passengers departed from the station on April 5, a rocket rise of 48,000 passengers compared with the 335,800 passengers, a single-day departure record of the station, during last May Day holidays; 229,100 passengers departed from Nanjing South Railway Station on the same day, exceeding 200,000 passengers per day for the first time. The numbers of single-day departure passengers at both stations have set a record high.

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