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Nantong release 50 opinions to benefit Taiwan business
updated on:2019-03-07 17:41

On February 14, Opinions on Deepening Economic and Cultural Exchanges and Cooperation with Taiwan was released by Nantong Municipality, with a total of 50 such opinions to benefit Taiwan business and 24 are on Nantong exclusive treatment.  

As a gravitational zone for Taiwan people, especially those engaged in business, Nantong shares a strong tie with Taiwan,  As of last year, Taiwan-invested projects in Nantong exceeded a number of 2,000, with a paid-in Taiwan investment of over USD 9.4 billion, and the number of major Taiwan invested projects in Nantong was second only to Suzhou province-wide.  Nantong Municipality has uninterruptedly held seven Taiwan Enterprises Industrial Transformation and Upgrading Summits, generating wide reputations and influence amongst Taiwan business circles. Nantong offers fertile soil for capital and talents from Taiwan to pursue innovation and start businesses.

The total 50 opinions cover five topics: “strengthening trade and economic cooperation with Taiwan”, “promoting talent exchanges and cooperation with Taiwan”, “supporting Taiwan compatriots to find jobs, start businesses and complete internship”, “scaling up social and cultural exchanges with Taiwan” and “facilitating Taiwan compatriots to stay”.  This document is a localized version of both the “31 opinions” from Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and the “76 opinions” from Jiangsu province, with detailed criteria for policy support and services. 24 opinions in the document are exclusive Nantong policies with Nantong local characteristics.  

It includes a wider spectrum of policies, more beneficial policies, and easy execution.  Ranging from subsidiary to Taiwan invested enterprises to treating Taiwan people as local citizens in that they register ID card and bus service card, these opinions encompasses every field of production and life of Taiwan businessmen and people in Nantong, making it an unprecedented all-round policy paper in the city’s history. 

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