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Import and Export Commodities
updated on:2019-03-04 09:09

I. Export Structure

i. Textiles & Garments

Textile & Garment has long being the major export commodity of Jiangsu province, the export volume of which ranked top of the nation for 20 consecutive years (1978-1997). With the development of the diversification of export commodities, the export of textile & garment increased in scale but decreased in the proportion it took up in the total export volume of Jiangsu, saying 68.6% in 1978 to 12.5% in 2012.

ii. Machinery & Electronic Products

IT products, household electrical appliances, auto parts, ships and containers have developed into the dominant products of machinery & electronic products export in Jiangsu. Transposition facilities, photovoltaic products, numerical control machine and other technology-intensive products are also showing stronger competitive advantages, some of which already play an important part in the national, even the global export. In 2012, the export of mechanic and eletronic products of Jiangsu reached USD 217.5 billion, accounting for 66.2% of the provincial total.

iii. High & New Technology Products

Since 1995, in virtue of geographical advantages as well as the advantages in industry manufacture bases and scientific research, Jiangsu has taken the initiative to carry on international industry transfer.  Jiangsu’s new & high-tech products, primarily IT products, enjoyed fast development and phenomenal progress in exports. 

In 2002, represented primarily by IT products, new & high-tech products surpassed textile & garment in the volume of export, indicating Jiangsu’s second leap in optimizing export structure. Jiangsu’s export of electronics and communications equipment manufacturing, computer manufacturing and life tech products maintained the leading position in China. Industry cluster integrated of electrical circuit, PV, wind power generation equipments, rail transit, electric transmission and transformation equipments, new material and other industries with distinct characteristics was taking shape. In 2012, the export of high-tech products reached USD 131.56 billion, 40% of the provincial total export. 

II. Development of Import Trade

For 30 years, with the steady implementation of the reform of import & export administration system and the rapid development of the provincial economy, the foreign trade of Jiangsu went through drastic changes. Firstly, the provincial import scale, which has maintained the 2nd place in the nation since 2005, continuously reached new steps. Secondly, Jiangsu’s import structure is under successive adjustment, and an import & export system, primarily consisting of mechanical and electrical products, new & high-tech products, chemical materials, raw material products, etc., is taking shape progressively. Thirdly, importers in Jiangsu are increasing in number quickly, among which the ones with tangible achievement amounted to 5000 in 1995, 10000 in 2003 and 19049 in 2008. Fourthly, supporting the international industry transfer, Jiangsu’s import market gradually puts focus on Taiwan Area, Japan and Korea, etc. Fifthly, Jiangsu’s import business methods becomes more and more flexible, with the booming new trade methods concerning bonded areas and bonded warehousing becoming the new highlight of Jiangsu’s foreign trade.

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