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Jiangsu copyright registration hit NO.2 in China
updated on:2019-03-04 17:40

Jointly released by Rightknights, WhaleIP and ShiZhi Media, Copyright Report on Contents Industry 2018 was debuted on February 27.  According to the report, number of copyright violations dropped to 41 percent, comparing with 59 percent in 2016.

In 2018, writers posted a total of over 12million pieces of original contents, up by 97.25% year-on-year.  Words from original contents hit over 10 billion, equivalent to 10,000 volumes of The Smiling Proud Wanderer.  Writers on entertainment and relationship posted an average of 658 and 538 tweets, respectively, twice the average number.  Contents on culture saw the highest growth, with 115,798 posts throughout the year, up by 326.5%.

Over recent 10 years, the number of copyright registration nationwide followed a upsloping trend.  Works registration exceeded 2 million in 2017.  From the 2009 to 2017, the annual growth rate for copyright registration in Beijing and Jiangsu ranked top five in China, with Jiangsu reaching 4700% and creating over 100,000 pieces in 2017. These are accredited to the “online copyright registration system” launched by Jiangsu Copyright Administration and Jiangsu Copyright Protection Center in March 2015.  The system offers faster and more efficient access to copyright registration.  As of 2017, number of copyright registration hit No.2 in China.

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