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2nd Jiangsu Development Summit & 1st Global Jiangsu Business Leaders’ Summit to be Held in May
updated on:2019-03-15 08:56

“For a bright future of Jiangsu, we will be gathered in spring.” The 2nd Jiangsu Development Summit and the 1st Global Jiangsu Business Leaders’ Summit will be held in Nanjing on May 20.

Themed on “making joint efforts for a new Jiangsu and ushering in a new era”, the summit will invite around 1,500 guests, counting personage with great influence in various fields at home and abroad who are originally from Jiangsu, as well as foreign friends who have made tremendous contributions to Jiangsu’s economic and social development and honored with the title of Jiangsu Honorary Residents (Citizens) or Jiangsu Friendship Award.

The main summit will be held in Nanjing, where three theme forums, namely, Yangzijiang Business Summit, Zijinshan Technology Forum, and Sanchunhui “My Jiangsu” Lecture Room, will be held to promote Jiangsu’s strategic plans for development and major projects, share views on the latest scientific and technological trends in the world, and discuss new opportunities, new driving forces and new measures for Jiangsu’s high-quality development. Activities like industrial promotion, projects match-making, talent introduction and scientific and technological cooperation will also be carried out.

Moreover, parallel events themed on “touring Jiangsu and pooling wisdom for its development” will also be organized in cities directly under the provincial government, including Global Jiangsu Business Leaders’ Tour in Nanjing, the 4th Global Wuxi Business Leaders’ Summit, the 1st Meeting of Changzhou Business Leaders’ Forum, China Nantong Jianghai Expo & the 2nd Nantong Business Leaders’ Summit, and Huai’an Outstanding Townsmen’s Hometown Tour.

Focusing on development, the summit will pool wisdom and power to promote Jiangsu’s high-quality development to remain in the forefront by constituting and improving a platform of exchanges with well-known people at home and abroad who are originally from Jiangsu. Highlighting Jiangsu business leaders, it will emphasize introduction of talents, wisdom and capital by taking passion for hometown as a bridge. Advocating interactions between the provincial and municipal levels, it will carry out activities of various forms which are aimed at efficacy. It will enhance integration of resources and encourage synergy power of the government and the market by bringing the unique advantages of all walks of life and various circles into full play. It will strengthen participation and interaction and enable full participation of each and every participant into the activities of the summit with such forms as soliciting suggestions, media interviews, and on-site visits. It will connect short-term intensified activities with organization of various activities on a regular basis to expand the coverage and improve the influence of the summit so as to pool wisdom and power for Jiangsu’s development. 

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