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CPI Up by 1.8% in Feb
updated on:2019-03-11 14:54

According to information from Jiangsu Statistics Center on March 9, the consumer price index (CPI) in Jiangsu rose by 1.8% year on year in February, which was 0.2 percentage point lower than the rise in January and 0.8 percentage point lower than the rise in last February.

From a year-on-year perspective, the CPI rose by 1.9% in urban areas and by 1.7% in rural areas; rose by 1.6% for food, tobacco and liquor and by 1.9% for non- food, tobacco and liquor; rose by 1.7% for consumer goods and by 2.0% for services.

Among the prices of food, tobacco and liquor, that of beef continued to rise at a high rate year on year, which was similar to the situation in January, and rose by 8.5%, which drove the overall CPI in February up by 0.04 percentage point. That of chicken rose by 7.0% year on year, which also drove the overall CPI up by 0.04 percentage point. That of pork continued to fall year on year and was down by 4.8% compared with the decrease rate of 3.1% in last December, and drove the overall CPI down by 0.11 percentage point. Those of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables rose by 4.2% and 3.9% respectively.

In February, prices of six of the other seven major categories of commodities and services were up year on year, while that of the rest category was down. Among them, the price of clothing rose by 3.1%, those of articles and services of daily use, of education and culture, and of entertainment, all by 2.9%, that of housing by 2.4%, that of health and medical care by 1.5%, and those of other commodities and services by 2.1%; that of transportation and communication decreased by a less margin compared with last February by 0.5%.

From a link-relative perspective, Jiangsu’s CPI rose by 0.8% in February. The CPI rose by 0.9% in urban areas and 0.8% in rural areas; rose by 2.0% for food, tobacco and liquor and by 0.4% for non- food, tobacco and liquor; rose by 1.1% for consumer goods and by 0.5% for services.

The price of fresh vegetables rose by 18.0% compared with the previous month, having maintained increasing for three months in a row, with the growth rates in the most recent two months exceeding 10%; the prices of yams rose by 6.6%, fresh fruits by 3.5%, aquatic products by 1.8%, and pork by 0.5%; while the price of eggs fell by 4.8%.

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