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Jiangsu advances the construction of a Demonstration Province in Agricultural Product Quality and Safety
updated on:2019-02-22 09:17

According to the Opinions on Promoting the Construction of Demonstration Province in Agricultural Product Quality and Safety released by the General Office of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government recently, over 80% of agricultural counties(cities, districts) in Jiangsu will meet the national or provincial standards for agricultural product quality and safety counties by 2020. By 2022, over 60% of agricultural products will be green and high-quality, over 90% of agricultural production entities above designated size will be traceable, and 100% of them will be supervised.

To promote the high-quality development of modern agriculture, Jiangsu will comprehensively promote the establishment of national and provincial-level agricultural product quality and safety counties and realize the full standardization of agricultural production, full coverage of green production, tracing system, and supervision system for agricultural production entities above designated size to greatly raise the application rate of agricultural standards, compliance rate of production process, and coverage rate of quality tracing and supervision system. We will improve technical system of green production, agricultural product safety standard systems and quality tracing systems, and supervision systems covering all scale production and business operation entities.

According to the Opinion, we will speed up green technology development, implement major new varieties development projects, select and cultivate green and high-quality new varieties with distinctive characteristics, independent IPRs and broad application prospect, and accelerate the upgrading of characteristic industries such as vegetables, tea, fruit, and fishery. We will strengthen source control, perfect the supervision system for production, processing and utilization of agricultural inputs such as pesticides, veterinary drugs, feed, and feed additives, improve green technology services, and cultivate green demonstration carriers to raise standardized production levels across the province. We will promote whole-process standardization of agricultural production, establish and improve the quality and safety standard system for agricultural products, perfect the quality authentication system, and crack down on illegal activities such as illegal engagement in authentication activities and counterfeiting, fraudulent use, and trading of certificates or brands. All scale production entities and the whole process of major characteristic agricultural products “from farm to table” are expected to be traceable. We will advance the building of credit systems and establish credit archives for production and business operation entities of agricultural materials and products.

Moreover, we will innovate our supervision methods, build a smart supervision system covering the environment, inputs and agricultural products of producing areas, and implement informationized, precise and dynamic regulation covering all scale production and business operation entities. We will strengthen the local management responsibility, include agricultural product quality and safety in government target assessment, and establish an incentive and accountability system for agricultural product quality and safety supervision.

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