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The First Talent Big Data Institute Launched in Jiangsu
updated on:2019-11-28 17:21

On November 23, the first talent big data institute of Jiangsu Province was officially launched at the Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology, which was decided at the National Postdoctoral Academic Exchange Conference with the topic “Digital Talent & Big Data”. This conference was held by the National Postdoctoral Management Committee Office, the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation and the Jiangsu Provincial Human Resource & Social Security Department.

Zhu Congming, Deputy Director General of the Jiangsu Provincial Human Resource & Social Security Department, said that in recent years, Jiangsu has been reforming and improving the postdoctoral system, cultivating and attracting a number of high-level innovative talents for economic and social development. Up to now, Jiangsu has set up 321 postdoctoral research stations, 441 postdoctoral research centers and 653 postdoctoral innovation & practice bases, cultivating nearly 20,000 postdoctors including those who later became academicians and Changjiang scholars, producing economic benefits of more than RMB 100 billion.

This talent big data institute will connect open and potential big data of talents both within and out of the administrative system, form a series of talent data sets, explore the objective law of human resource development, utilization and management through data mining, cluster analysis and processing, and lay the foundation for human resources management department in talent-related decision-making, management, evaluation and services. Based on the talent big data-related technology, the institute will digitally virtualize the past, present and future of talents and conduct multimodal display and multidimensional evaluation through voice, image, graph, text and semantic analysis.

According to the report, the establishment of this institute will drive not only the industry-university-research cooperation, information management engineering practice and services of universities and related colleges, but also the entire development of big data research. It will generate a new research and application system of talent big data and facilitate the in-depth application of relevant research results in various areas and industries.

From the strategic prospective of developing a high-quality workforce, the institute focuses on data mining, cluster analysis, scientific evaluation as well as targeted services and aims to become a first-class big data institute of talents in China through industry-university-research cooperation.

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