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Jiangsu Geared up for the Second CIIE
updated on:2019-11-01 08:05

With the Second China International Import Expo just around the corner, Jiangsu has got all geared up. In the provincial government press conference on October 24, Zhang Daozhou, Level-II Inspector from Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce, informed that preparations of the Jiangsu trading group had yielded fruitful phased outcomes, demonstrated by a total of 20,000 departments and organizations to date signing up for the expo and many a company reaching initial purchasing agreements.

Pre-expo matchmaking events enhancing “accuracy” of investment promotion

The Second CIIE which umbrellas three sections including the national comprehensive expo, enterprise business expo and Hongqiao International Economic Forum, is scheduled to be held in the National Exposition Center in Shanghai from November 5 to 10. 3000-strong enterprises from 150-plus countries and regions have so far confirmed participation, among which more than 250 are Fortune 500 companies and industrial leading players.

Setting great store by the preparation for the expo, CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Jiangsu government called for efforts all fronts across the province to better serve the national endeavor in international exchanges. Headed by vice governor that is in charge of commerce and trade, the Jiangsu trading group has 21 member departments including Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce, CPC Jiangsu Provincial Department of Publicity and Jiangsu Reform and Development Commission, as well as 16 sub-groups under it. The Jiangsu group has put forward the general objectives of “ranking the top in both quantity and quality” and strived to take the lead in the country in various areas so as to present to the world a image of an economic powerhouse and a major province in opening-up and foreign trade.

Priority is given to three aspects in terms of investment promotion: the invitation of key import enterprises, invitation of SMEs and private companies, and policy support. Focusing on these three aspects, according to Zhang Daozhou, we have worked out a name list of key import enterprises to enhance accuracy in invitation, fully leveraged the role of professional associations by cooperating with such chambers as Jiangsu Provincial Chamber of Import and Export in the invitation of SMEs, and rendered corresponding policy support to encourage on-site purchase and transactions.

We have arranged for a number of Jiangsu enterprises to attend four pre-expo matching-making events to facilitate networking and negotiations as a foundation for deal clinching. On top of that, we have taken multiple initiatives in hosting investment promotion events. Three investment promotion road-shows were successfully held in Nanjing, Kunshan and Xuzhou with the support of the CIIE Administration, joined by over 800 participants.

12 events to expand the spillover effect of the expo

Jiangsu will, based on its favorable geographical location, expand the influence of the expo by hosting as many as 12 events this year in the principle of ensuring the quality of on-site events while enriching the offsite ones, with a view to improving the brand image and effectiveness of events. Among them, three are to be hosted by Jiangsu provincial government.

Senior officers from 40 multinationals that attend the expo will be invited for the Jiangsu International Consultative Conference on Open and Innovative Development which is hosted by the provincial government and sponsored by provincial department of commerce. Themed with “building high-level pilot FTZs to propel the high-quality development of Jiangsu”, the conference will brief on the new round of opening-up policies and measures launched by Jiangsu and solicit suggestions on the construction of pilot FTZs in the province with the aim of expanding opening up and boosting innovation-driven development.

The China Nanjing Cross-Border E-Commerce Import Commodities Purchasing Meeting to be hosted by the provincial government and sponsored by the provincial department of commerce and Nanjing government will give a well-rounded introduction on the cross-border e-commerce development policies in Jiangsu and Nanjing, under the theme of “new opportunities, new economy, new business modes and new consumption”. Events like the Belt and Road Import Commodities Purchasing and Sales Alliance Inauguration and the on-site signing ceremony of import commodities purchasing projects are also listed the agenda.

Hosted by the provincial government and sponsored by Suzhou government and Suzhou industrial park, the Second China-Singapore Trade in Services Innovation Forum will center on cooperation between the two countries and delve into opportunities brought by the China Jiangsu Pilot FTZs to provide a communication platform for global service trade and create an influential innovation brand of trade in services.

Entries of Jiangsu accounting for about 1/6 of the national total

Thanks to the joint efforts of the trading group member departments and sub-groups, entries of our province have stood out with a good result. It is learnt that more than 500,000 people have signed up for the expo, among whom 82,000 are from Jiangsu, approximately 1/6 of the total number. As many as 20,000 departments and organizations of Jiangsu have been registered. The percentage of enterprise registrants has reached 82%, 7 percentage points higher than last year, and 10 percentage points higher than the national figure.

The medical apparatus and care exhibition area in the enterprise business expo serves as a window to the medical apparatus and development of the health industry abroad. Zhou Minghao, Deputy Director General of Jiangsu Provincial Health Commission, revealed the intention of this year’s newly-founded health sub-group which is to bring better medical products and technologies to Jiangsu citizens by capitalizing on the opportunities of the CIIE. He expressed that all provincial medical institutions have been on board and from the surveys carried out by the provincial health commission on the import medical apparatus procurement intention of sub-group member institutions, it is already known that some are intent on purchasing the apparatus. 

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