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The Most Beautiful Running Route and Rural Fitness Park of Jiangsu Unveiled
updated on:2019-10-02 08:03

Jointly hosted by Jiangsu Sports Federation and JSBC, the gala night in celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China and the awarding ceremony of the most beautiful running route and rural fitness park in Jiangsu themed with “Charming Jiangsu with the Most Beautiful Sport” was held in the studio of Jiangsu Education Channel on September 21. Vice Governor Chen Xingying was present and granted awards to the winners.

This year’s list of the most beautiful running route in Jiangsu and the award of on-line popularity were confirmed based on the final scores ranking after running groups across the province launched applications, municipalities made recommendations, an on-line vote was organized and the expert review was carried out. The scores took into full consideration the characteristics, transportation, people who may get access, supporting facilities, ecological environment, competitions and events, popularity and influence of each running route. Altogether 20 routes including the “Running Jiangsu” Nanjing Niushou Mountain Quarter Marathon route bagged the titles of the most beautiful running route in Jiangsu. Nanjing Jiangning Guli Sub-district Baishu Community Jinjiazhuang Cultural and Sport Park together with another 29 parks were awarded the most beautiful rural fitness parks. Five routes including the Suzhou Changshu Yushan Ecological Pedestrian Path won the on-line popularity award.

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