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Water Engineering Targets Over-performed
updated on:2019-01-09 14:23

According to the Department of Water Resources of Jiangsu Province on January 4, it was planned to invest 12.5 billion yuan in key water conservancy projects across the province in 2018, and 12.6 billion yuan was completed as of the end of December, which signified that the ten major targets and 100 key items set up in 2018 by the provincial government had been fulfilled.

The use of construction land for the Xinmenghe Project under the Comprehensive Treatment Project of Jiangsu Taihu Water Environment was given an official written reply by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China in 2018. The work on land acquisition and household replacement was in full swing, such major pivots as Jiepai, Benniu, and Qianhuang started construction, the Xingouhe Project was completed and put into use, and the Suzhou Section Project after the completion of the Huanhu Levee was making orderly progress. The Zhenyang River Phase III Project under the Yangtze River Treatment Project, the Flood-control Capacity Improvement Project of the Yangtze River Main Levee, and the Emergency Treatment Project for Bank Caving on the Yangtze River Main Stream Jiangsu Section were under full swing. The Water Channel from Huaihe River to the Yangtze River under the Huaihe River Treatment Project, and the Chuandonggang Project passed completion acceptance. The modification and construction engineering of the flood retarding basin of the Huangdun Lake picked up pace. 

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