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President of Zanzibar Meets with Our Medical Team
updated on:2018-07-06 10:40

In recent days, President Ali Mohamed Shein of Zanzibar, Tanzania, hosted an activity to say goodbye to the old and extend welcome to the new Chinese medical teams to Zanzibar at the Presidential Palace, on which he met with the 27th Chinese Medical Team to Zanzibar who had fulfilled their mission and were about to return to China, and welcomed the 28th Chinese Medical Team to Zanzibar who would start to work in Zanzibar.

In the past year, the 27th Chinese Medical Team to Zanzibar made outstanding contributions in training personnel, organizing charity treatment of patients, and establishing mechanisms, completed over 3,000 operations and delivered tens of thousands of times of outpatient services, carried out charity treatment in remote rural areas and communities in their spare time, and provided training for local doctors and nurses.

Since August 1964, entrusted by the previous Ministry of Health of our country, our province has undertaken the mission of sending medical teams to Zanzibar, Tanzania as a kind of foreign aid. Up to now, in the past 54 years, 719 members with 28 medical teams have been sent from our province in cumulative terms, diagnosed and treated nearly seven million person-times of local patients, given over 200,000 operations of various kinds, and saved the life of 40,000 person times in acute and severe cases.

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