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Intensified Training for Flood-fighting and Emergency Rescues Carried out in Yangzhou
updated on:2018-06-26 10:50

On June 24, 2018, over 100 militiamen with militia flood-fighting and emergency rescues squads of Yangzhou were carrying out intensified training for flood-fighting and emergency rescues at the training base of Chuhe River Hydraulic Project, Luhe District, Nanjing.

At a time when the flood season was coming, backbone members with the militia flood-fighting and emergency rescues squads of Yizheng, Baoying and Gaoyou were organized by Yangzhou Military Division and came to the training base for flood-fighting and emergency rescues of Jiangsu, and carried out intensified training for seven common programs of flood-fighting and emergency rescues, such as eliminating leakage risks, maritime search and rescue, and blocking off breaches.

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