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Provincial Government Assigns the Task of Government-subsidized Affordable Housing Project within the Year
updated on:2018-04-08 17:45

Notice on Breakdown and Assignment of Task of Government-subsidized Affordable Housing Project and Building of Provincial Model Livable Communities in 2018 by the General Office of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government was recently circulated. Aside from task of government-subsidized affordable housing project, this was the first time that the Provincial Government assigned specific task with set goals to build provincial level model livable communities, that 116 provincial model livable communities would be completed within the year.

Major goals to be achieved in 2018 government-subsidized affordable housing project are: 215,000 old and dilapidated houses in shanty areas and urban villages will start to be renovated with 170,000 of such houses finishing renovation; building of 2,600 public rental houses will be completed; another 11,000 households of low-income urban families will receive rental subsidies. 116 provincial model livable communities will finish building within the year. The Notice requests that tasks quickly be assigned and implemented by different localities, track of progress be monitored in an intense manner, and kick-off and completion of renovation of the shanty areas be fully finished before 30th November, 2018.

This year’s renovation project targets at the urban shanty areas and the urban villages within the build-in areas. Relocated people will be compensated with cash in accordance with tailored policy that best suited the local situation. Cities and counties with commercial housing digestion period fewer than 15 months should mind the ratio of those applicable for monetized compensation policy, and are encouraged to build affordable houses out of the shanty areas to relocate people. As for newly-commenced renovation projects, administrative approval procedures shall be accelerated and optimized and land use and fund-raising arrangements shall be made in advance. As for projects under construction, quality control shall be given the top priority to ensure smooth delivery. Infrastructures as matching facilities to the affordable housing project shall be synchronously planned, constructed and delivered.

Jiangsu puts an emphasis on speeding up the improvement of the housing security system, which means more urban permanent residents will be covered in the housing security system, basic housing security services will be delivered together with the installment of residence permit institution, a multi-tiered housing policy targeted at specially-skilled personnel will soon be researched and piloted, accessibility for public rental housing will be steadily broadened, and new employees and migrant workers at downtown areas will be gradually entitled the housing security in an orderly manner.  

In addition, affordable housing completion delivery will be further enhanced, and allocation ratio of public rental houses will be increased. By the end of this year, allocation ratio of government-invested public rental housing enlisted in the national scheme will have reached 90% and above (public rental houses liquidized according to law and regulation excluded).

For the first time, Jiangsu Provincial Government has proposed to build “provincial model livable communities”. It is requested that different localities make annual plans for livable community construction based on reality of urban residence in different regions and in different type of cities. Livable communities shall achieve the set goals through environment overhaul, improvement of functions and quality, and standardization of service delivery, and the objectives of finishing building provincial model livable communities shall be fulfilled by the end of December this year. A balanced approach will be adopted to promote renovation of existing communities and building of new communities at the same time, to embrace larger number of residents into the livable communities. New constructions shall aim to satisfy the diversified modern needs of urban residents through top-notch design and plan, and refined construction work. The existing communities shall prioritize service and facility improvement and put in place a community governance mechanism that embraces people’s participation to tackle the pressing problems that reflect people’s concerns. As for those old communities that were built before 2000, the emphasis shall be laid on environment overhaul and shoring up the weak link in provision of infrastructure and public facilities. Introduction of property management service is recommended so as to ensure the effectiveness of the renovation project.  

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