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Jiangsu proposes 50 tasks to increase people's income
updated on:2018-04-04 14:33

Our province introduced the Key Points to Increase People’s Income in 2018 (hereinafter referred to as the Key Points) to implement the new plans and arrangements of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government for the work on enriching the people. Against the “33 policies to enrich the people”, the Key Points proposed 50 specific tasks by taking both the duties and responsibilities of each governmental department and the weak points hindering urban and rural residents' income increase into consideration.

Seven tasks were put forward to encourage start-ups and innovation, including accelerating the reform of administrative approval system, continuously pushing ahead with the reform of commercial system, stepping up efforts in financial and fiscal support, picking up pace to formulate an innovation-driven high-tech plan, making more efforts to build start-up platforms and carriers, going further in encouraging people who have returned to their hometowns or migrated to the countryside to start businesses, and expanding channels for residents to increase their income from property.

Seven tasks were proposed to improve employment, including strengthening employment policy support, giving more support to industrial land use, ensuring employment of university graduates, promoting transfer employment of the new generation of migrant workers, promoting people who have difficulty in finding jobs to get employed, intensifying vocational skills training, and tapping into new space for employment.

Twelve tasks were formulated to increase rural residents’ income across the board and make up for the difference between urban and rural income, including accelerating agricultural structural adjustment, making more efforts to develop grain industrial economy, promoting development of fishery by integrating the primary, secondary and tertiary industries, moving faster to develop rural e-commerce, vigorously developing leisure agriculture and rural tourism, encouraging start-ups and innovation in agriculture, deepening rural land reform, deepening the reform of rural collective property rights system, optimizing provision of agriculture-supporting projects, making more efforts in pilot agricultural insurance innovation projects, continuously advancing targeted poverty relief and alleviation, and providing more services for agriculture, rural areas, and farmers as well as small and micro-enterprises.

Seven tasks were made to give incentives to key groups and play their demonstrative and leading role, including increasing the income of people with skills, increasing the income of managers and executives of enterprises, nurturing income of the new type of professional farmers, implementing incentives for researchers, giving more support to owners of small and micro-start-ups, improving income incentives for government officials and public institute workers, and improving the regular wage increase mechanism.

Thirteen tasks came into being to bring public services to the people and improve their sense of fulfillment, including moving faster to ensure equitable access to basic public services, improving social security, optimizing urban and rural medical insurance system, further elevating the basic living allowances in urban and rural areas, increasing social assistance, ensuring the housing needs of people with difficulties, carrying out education and training in residential communities, giving more assistance to students with financial difficulties, moving faster to build the housing leasing market, making more efforts to supervise and control pharmaceutical prices, further optimizing the structure of hospitals run by the non-governmental sectors, improving basic public health services, and making the pension service system better.

Four tasks were put into place to further improve systems and mechanisms and consolidate the foundation for people’s income increase, including intensifying everyday work arrangements, making timely adjustment to policies, better analyzing and judging the situation for income increase, and stepping up efforts to popularize and interpret policies.

Our province will work against the Key Points in 2018, and improve everyday arrangements and quarterly notification to keep people informed, in a bid to fulfill each and every task and make results seen, so that urban and rural residents will gain a more real sense of fulfillment and happiness.

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