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Work on food safety arranged
updated on:2018-03-06 17:28

The provincial Food Safety Commission held a plenary (enlarged) session in Nanjing on March 1 to summarize and exchange work experience, study and arrange this year’s work, and sign accountability agreements regarding goal management of the work on food safety. Vie Governor of Jiangsu Mr. Ma Qiulin attended and addressed the session.

In recent years, our province has earnestly implemented the arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, stepped up efforts to implement the accountability system for the work on food safety, continuously tightened regulation, promoted smart supervision, and safeguarded people’s food safety. Last year, the province randomly examined over 60,000 batches of agricultural and livestock products, aquatic products, food and its related products, investigated over 2,200 criminal cases concerning food and drugs, dealt with a group of cases with potential risks in a timely manner, and the situation on food safety continued to turn for the better.

Mr. Ma pointed out, we need to deeply implement the thrusts of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, follow the requirements of the “Four Most Stricts”, attach great importance to the work and remain persistent in taking food safety as a major political mission and spare no efforts in doing it well. We need to improve risk management and control, advance comprehensive law enforcement and supervision, apply more information technology to the work on food safety, safeguard every defensive line from the “farmland to dinner table”, and push forward with the modernization of the governing system and capacity for food safety. Local governments need to intensify organization and leadership, emphasize accountabilities of the government vertically, horizontally strengthen collaboration between government agencies, and encourage governing and sharing by the people, to ensure fulfillment of various targets and tasks with high standards and “safety of food on the tip of tongue”. 

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