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Award Ceremony for 13th Jiangsu Five-star Project Held
updated on:2018-12-05 09:09

The Award Ceremony and the Performance of Excellent Works for the 13th Jiangsu Five-star Project was held at Jiangsu Art Center on the evening of December 1. Vice Governor Wang Jiang attended the award ceremony and presented awards. An audience of nearly 1,000 people from across the province watched the performance.

The performance, preluded with the suona-horn-played music of Celebration, was composed of three chapters, namely, inheritance of traditions, expression of feelings, and ushering in a new era. The fresh arrangement and connection of the 15 awarded programs fully demonstrated the vigorous development momentum of the mass culture of our province.

The awarded programs were selected in an innovative manner by incorporating both the selection of arts works and bringing performance to the people, inviting both experts and the people to participate into the selection process, and using both online and offline means. From May to November, 205 pieces of performing arts works including music, dancing, opera and traditional Chinese opera were recommended, and 483 pieces of fine arts works including painting and calligraphy were recommended in the province. Eighty pieces of works were selected for awards, including 21 pieces of music works, 14 pieces of dancing works, 19 pieces of opera works, 11 pieces of traditional Chinese opera works, and 15 pieces of fine arts works, after on-spot examination of expert judges, approval of the review committee and announcement to the public.

Bringing culture to the people is part of the whole selection process. High-quality recommended works from 13 cities under the provincial government were performed for 13 sessions to over 100,000 people in Suqian, Taizhou and Suzhou, broadcast live online with over 4.1 million hits and open for online comments, and enabled online selection of best works which received 1.285-million real-name ballots. 

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