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Lianyungang: Seawater Rice Awaits Harvest
updated on:2018-10-21 17:06

Photos of Seawater Rice were taken at Huangshatuo Residential Community, Houzui Sub-district, Lianyungnag on October 14, 2018. The 20,000-mu (equivalent to 1,333 ha.) “Nanjing 9108” rice at reclaimed salt pans of Huangshatuo Residential Community is about to harvest.

With the adjustment of industrial structure, Lianyungang implemented the industrial plan to withdraw the coastal salt pans from salt production and return them to the breeding and agricultural industries. Measures such as discharging alkali through ditching, transforming salt pans to cropland through freshwater aquaculture, and planting efficient crops after growing alkali-resistant plants were used to domesticate and improve soil in patches within a two-three year period. Success was achieved in planting rice in saline and alkaline land, and the former large salt pans are gradually being transformed to “coastal barns”. 

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