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2015 Report on the Work of the Government
updated on:2015-01-03 12:29

Fellow Deputies,

On behalf of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, I now present to you the report on the work of the government for your deliberation and approval and for comments and suggestions from the members of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

Last year, under the leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) with Comrade Xi Jinping as General Secretary, we earnestly implemented the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress, the 3rd and 4th plenary session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and important addresses by General Secretary Xi Jinping and put in place the decisions and arrangements made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and the requirements of the Jiangsu Provincial CPC Committee on the work. We adhered to the general work guideline of making progress while maintaining stability and advancing reform and innovation. We concentrated efforts on Three Key Tasks, Eight Projects and Ten Measures and coordinated all the work on reform, development and stability. We attained the main goals set by the 2nd session of the 12th Provincial People's Congress. The provincial GDP hit RMB 6.51 trillion. The economic aggregate exceeded USD one trillion, up 8.7% over the previous year. The per capita GDP exceeded RMB 80,000. The public fiscal budgetary revenue registered RMB 723.314 billion, among which over 83% was from taxation. The social input into research and development stood at RMB 163 billion, accounting for 2.5% of the provincial GDP. The incomes of the urban and rural residents grew by 8.7% and 10.6% respectively. About 1.3834 million additional urban residents were employed. The rise in the consumer price index (CPI) was kept at 2.2%. Ten Practical Deeds related to people’s well-being were completed. The whole province saw steady economic growth, harmonious social development and new achievements in all work. 

1. We embraced a good start by making active efforts to deepen reform in an all-around way. In line with the unified arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the requirements of the CPC Provincial Committee on the work, we formulated opinions on eight issues, namely transforming government functions, improving modern market system, reforming state-owned enterprises and assets, reforming finance and taxation system, innovating financial system and building open economic system and pushed forward the reform in 273 key areas and links. With Five Lists, One Platform, and Seven Relevant Reforms as the framework, we made great headway in streamlining administration, delegating more power to lower-level governments and transforming government functions. We abolished and delegated to lower-level governments 506 items previously subject to the review and approval of the provincial government and officially released the list of items requiring the review and approval of the provincial government, streamlining 40% of administration. The items not requiring the administrative review and approval were fully abolished. We made progress in carrying out the pilot reform of administrative system in developed townships, the reform of public institutions based on the classification of their functions and the reform of government performance management. The pilot practice of replacing business tax with VAT was conducted in 333,000 enterprises, reducing RMB 35.86 billion of tax accumulatively. We carried forward the commercial system reform and the pilot Three-in-One Certificate program; the number of newly registered businesses and registered capital volume grew by 14% and 49.7% respectively. Meanwhile, we launched a bundle of measures to improve the mechanisms of new-type urbanization and the integration of urban and rural areas development, stimulate the dynamism of private economy and reform the systems of medicine and public health, railway investment and financing, and education. With active exploration and daring practice, local governments steadily carried out pilot comprehensive supporting reforms. 

We tightly seized the significant opportunities brought by the national initiative of promoting a new round of opening-up and implemented the strategic arrangements of the central government in building Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road . We reinforced the all-around connection and interaction with Shanghai Free Trade Zone and promoted the integration of domestic and foreign trade, import and export and inbound and outbound investment. The total import and export trade volume stood at USD 563.76 billion. The foreign trade volume in service registered USD 27.2 billion. The share of the import and export volume of general trade exceeded that of processing trade for the first time. The paid-in investment amounted to USD 28.17 billion. The contractual overseas investment increased by USD 7.22 billion. The carrier’s function of various types of development zones was enhanced. The development level of open economy was further enhanced. 

2. We maintained steady economic growth by coordinating all the driving forces. We earnestly implemented the central macro-control policies and adopted a series of targeting measures to drive economic growth with consumption, investment and export. Adjusted to the changing demands, we fostered new growth point and developed new forms of consumption by developing the projects of “Smart Jiangsu”, “Healthy Jiangsu” and “Tour in Jiangsu”. The total retail sales of consumer goods in Jiangsu rose by 12.4%. Consumption contributed over 50% of the provincial GDP, turning to be the first driving force of economy. We spared no efforts to optimize the investment structure and increase the input into infrastructure, irrigation and water conservancy, eco-environment protection and public service. The fixed investment increased by 15.5%. The service industry investment exceeded 50% of the total and the private investment contributed 67.6% of the total. The construction of major projects made smooth progress. The first phase of the Yangtze River 12.5-meter deep water ship channel project was completed; the second phase of Nanjing Lukou International Airport project and the new terminal of Sunan Shuofang International Airport went into operation. The construction of Shanghai-Nantong Yangtze River Bridge, Lianyungang-Huai’an-Yangzhou-Zhenjiang Railway and Nanjing-Qidong Railway was launched. Accumulatively 1600-kilometer-long railway was constructed, including 1500 kilometers of high speed railway. The newly constructed urban light rail stretched 320 kilometers. The five-year goal of the information infrastructure investment was attained one year in advance. The national Internet direct connection point was opened in Nanjing. Over 700 thousand dilapidated houses in the shanty towns were renovated, improving over two million families’ dwelling conditions. We stabilized the growth of foreign trade through industrial restructuring. We advanced the reform on clearance facilitation and the pilot foreign trade comprehensive service system. We carried out the pilot cross-border investment and financing facilitation practice and cross-border RMB business processes and vigorously developed cross-border e-business. The foreign trade maintained steady growth with the foreign trade and export volume growing by 2.3% and 4% respectively. We intensified support to businesses by organizing Jiangsu Commodities Trade Fair, offering more financial support to the brick-and-mortar economy and improving financial service to small and micro businesses. The scale of the loan maintained rational growth. The total social financing and direct financing volume hit RMB 1.344 trillion and RMB 423.1 billion respectively. 

3. We made important progress in economic transformation and industrial upgrading by giving priority to the guiding role of innovation. Guided by the principle of “high value added, service oriented, competitiveness sharpened and efficiency optimized”, we vigorously promoted economic structural optimization and upgrading. We implemented the innovation-driven strategy and pressed ahead with the development of innovation-driven province. The South Jiangsu Self-dependent Innovation Demonstration Zone was approved to be established by the State Council. The regional innovation capacity ranks the national top for six years in a row. The contribution of scientific and technological progress to economic development hit 59%. About 441.9 thousand more professional technicians and 305.6 thousand more highly skilled talents were cultivated. The output value of the high-tech industry accounted for over 39.5% of that of the industries above the designated size. The number of high-tech enterprises exceeded 7700. About 88% of large and medium enterprises established research and development institutions. We strengthen the protection of intellectual proportion rights and rejuvenated the province through quality enhancement. The patent application and authorization volume and the number of recipients of the annual National Scientific and Technological Achievements Award ranked among the national top. Local governments made remarkable achievements in building national and provincial platform carriers. We facilitated the joint innovation among the enterprises, universities and research institutes, expanded the scale of the alliances of universities and enterprises and further improved the cooperation mechanism. We promoted the development of Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute. We nurtured and developed ten strategic emerging industries with the sale revenue growing by 13%. We implemented the Action Plan of “Ten Sectors, One Hundred Projects, One Thousand Clusters” in Modern Service Industry to develop finance, logistics, creative designing and other production service sectors. We gave a boost to Internet, Internet of Things, platform economy and other new business forms. The value added to GDP by service industry increased by 1.2 percentage point. We solidly carried out the six actions on rejuvenating the province through industry and advanced the integration of information and industry. The input into the technological transformation of industrial enterprises rose by 19.9%. We attainted the annual goal of dissolving excess capacity and the goal of the 12th Five-Year Plan of phasing out backward production capacity ahead of plan. 

4. We intensified the coordination to promote modern agriculture and the balanced development of urban and rural areas. We comprehensively put in place policies and measures of empowering and benefiting farmers. Grain yield hit 34.905 billion kilograms, growing for eleven straight years. We made new progress in modern agriculture. The contribution of agricultural scientific and technological progress to economic development reached 64.2%. The comprehensive mechanization level of agriculture reached 80%. The share of the scale operation by new-type agricultural business entities amounted to 45% of the total. The number of family ranches increased to 21,800. About 10.37 million farming families joined the specialized rural cooperatives. We reinforced the construction of grain production infrastructure and completed the renovation of dilapidated warehouses. We resolutely maintained the minimum arable land and capital farmland, constructing 113.33 thousand hectares of additional farmland with high standard. A new round of practical projects in rural areas was implemented smoothly. About 3.1 million additional rural residents gained access to safe drinking water. We advanced a variety of pilot reforms in rural areas. We improved the basic public service system in both cities and countryside. The spatial framework of the urban and rural areas kept optimizing. The urbanization rate reached 65.2%. We were committed to developing the South Jiangsu Modernization Demonstration Zone. The economic transformation of South Jiangsu sped up. Its independent innovation capacity and international competitive edge improved. We implemented the policies and opinions on facilitating the integrated and featured development in Central Jiangsu to increase the support to the bordering areas between Central Jiangsu and North Jiangsu with relatively weak economy. The overall development level in Central Jiangsu was enhanced. We strengthened the internal impetus to growth and gave priority to the improvement of weak links. We achieved phase effects in six key development projects in North Jiangsu. Guided by the principle of scientific development, we made progress in carrying out six action plans for coastal development. Moreover, we did a good job in the new round of one-on-one assistance to Xinjiang, Tibet and Qinghai with all yearly assistance projects completed. 

5. We promoted ecological progress by addressing both problems and root causes. We intensified our efforts to implement the Clear River and Blue Sky Project. The No.1 document of the provincial government released the action plan on the prevention and treatment of air pollution. We energetically promoted the adjustment of industrial and energy structure, carried out comprehensive treatment of industrial waste gas,motor vehicle’s exhaust and dust and established the joint prevention and control mechanism in air pollution control areas. We promulgated nine measures on continuously improving air quality in the wake of the Youth Olympic Games. The average PM2.5 density dropped over 9.6%. By strengthening the prevention and treatment of water pollution and improving water supply security system, the water quality in the Taihu Lake kept improving and the water quality in the Jiangsu Section of South-to-North Water Diversion Project complied with the standard. The evaluation on the pollution treatment plan for the reaches of the Yangtze River and Huaihe River ranked among the top in China. We reinforced the comprehensive treatment of the environment in urban and rural areas, completing 37,000 projects of comprehensive urban environment treatment and 166,000 village environment treatment projects and increasing by 43,500 hectares of afforestation and 5000 hectares of urban green land. The forest coverage rate reached 22.2%. We carried out the action plan for energy conservation, emission reduction and low-carbon development. We completed the annual task of energy conservation and emission reduction by advancing key projects. We implemented the protection plan in ecological red line areas and improved the mechanisms of ecological compensation. The provincial earmarked fund for ecological compensation increased to RMB 1.5 billion. We established a third-party green development evaluation mechanism. The green development index rose dramatically. New progress was achieved in developing environmental friendly demonstration cities, counties and districts.

6. Social construction was strengthened comprehensively and people’s life was kept improved. We continuously enlarged the investment in improving people’s life and expanded the basic public service supply. Over 75% of the public fiscal expenditure of the province, among which 80% came from provincial finance, was used for guaranteeing people's livelihood. Thanks to the 28 measures we took to increase the income of urban and rural residents, their income experienced a continuous growth. We put into practice “Seven Actions” of improving employment service system to keep the registered unemployment rate in urban areas staying at 3.01% and 776,400 unemployed people went to work again. The overall employment rate of university graduates exceeded 96%. We strengthened the construction of the social security system. Over 95% of population enjoyed basic insurances of pension, health and unemployment and critical illness were insured in both urban and rural areas. The minimum pension for corporate retirees and the minimum standard of basic pension insurance for urban and rural residents were increased by 10% and 12.5% respectively. The in-patient expense reimbursement ratio of medical insurance for urban employees, urban residents and farmers in the new type of rural cooperative medical care system reaches 84.2%, 71.2% and 76% respectively.  46% agriculture-related counties (cities, districts) enjoyed the same minimum living standard as other urban and rural areas. We started to build 277,500 units of affordable housing, among which 265,500 units were completed and provided house-renting subsidies to 42,000 households. We improved or newly built 5630-kilomiter roads and 1478 bridges in rural areas. We strengthened poverty alleviation measures in key counties, concentrated areas and old revolutionary base areas of Mao Mountain and Huangqiao, resulting in 1 million rural people of low income lifted out of poverty. We accelerated the construction of education modernization drive by increasing the number of state-accredited counties (cities, districts) with balanced development of compulsory education to 89, winning the national vocational education skills contest for six years in a row and the core connotation construction indicators of higher education topping the whole country. We further enhanced talent clustering in universities and strengthened innovation capacity. New progress was achieved in life-long education system. The deepening health reform in Jiangsu became a national pilot and was promoted overwhelmingly in public hospitals at county level.  We provided citizens with 43 basic public health services of 11 categories free of charge. The construction of health emergency demonstration area topped the country and the prevention and control of the epidemic bird flu H7N9 and Ebola virus were effective. The separate two-child policy was smoothly executed, while excellent service of family planning was provided all over the province. The social undertakings of old-age care witnessed fast development with the number of beds for  the elderly reaching 500,000 in old-age care institutions throughout the province and old-age home nursing services realizing complete  coverage in cities. The cultural undertakings advanced in an all-round way and the development of the cultural industry was accelerated. The facility of public cultural service functioned in over 90% areas of the province and the ratio of cultural industry in Jiangsu’s GDP exceeded 5%. The Grand Canal Project was enlisted in the World Cultural Heritage List and eight towns and seven villages were added to the China Historical Culture List. We carried out fitness programs for all people, balanced the development of amateur sports and competitive sports and successfully held the 18th Provincial Games and the 9th Provincial Disabled Games. We learnt a critical lesson from the serious explosion occurred at Zhongrong Metal Production Company, Kunshan on Aug. 2 to strictly fulfill responsibility of work place safety and strengthen measures, so as to prevent and contain the happening of serious accidents. The work on food and drug safety was strengthened and the construction of a safe Jiangsu ruled by laws was further promoted. The “Sunshine Public Voice System” was promoted in an all-round manner and the construction of public law service system made headway. The performance assessment of social administration and the evaluation of public sense of security kept topping the country. New progress was made in the work on ethnic minorities, religions, audit, statistics, archives, annals and consultancy. New achievements were scored in affairs related to women, children, the youth, senior citizens, disabled people, Red Cross society and charity. Fresh results were achieved in work related to foreign affairs, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan affairs and overseas Chinese affairs.

We intensified the integrated development of military and people, improved the construction of national defense mobilization and reserve forces, strengthened the work of national defense education, preferential treatment to families of servicemen and martyrs, placement of demobilized army officers, construction of militia and reserve troops and civil air defense, so that rich experience and effective measures were drawn from the double-support building and closer relationship between the military, government and people was fostered.

Fellow Deputies, two major events were held in Jiangsu last year. One is the complete success of Nanjing Youth Olympic Games. Attributable to the strong leadership of CPC Central Committee and great support from relative national departments and all sides, especially the hard efforts made by Nanjing people, all work was done to fulfill the General Secretary Xi Jinping’s requirement of holding a magnificent Youth Olympic Games with Chinese characteristics. The Games concluded with unanimous praise from both home and abroad. Second is the smooth national memorial activity. Last December 13th is the first National Memorial Day to the Nanjing massacre victims. Taking “Do not forget national humiliation, rejuvenate the Chinese nation” as a theme, we spared no efforts in making good preparation in security, environmental protection and on-site organization to provide a powerful guarantee to the smooth launching of national memorial activity and inspired people’s patriotism, enhancing their confidence and determination to remember the history, cherish peace and create the future.  

Last year, we strengthened self-improvement of the government, conscientiously implemented the Eight-Point decision of CPC Central Committee and Ten-Point decision of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, consolidated the results of the Mass Line Education Practice Activities, strengthened the anti-corruption campaign and the construction of party style and built clean and honest administration. We depended on democracy and scientific decision-making and effectively improved our work style, accelerated the transformation of government functions. The administrative efficiency ranked second in the country for two years in a row and new progress was achieved in the construction of service-oriented government.

Fellow Deputies, by recalling last year’s struggle, we deeply feel that, it’s not easy to score the achievements against the mounting difficulties and challenges in the past year, which is the result of the strong leadership and wise decisions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and the concerted efforts and hard work by people across the province. On behalf of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, I would like to pay tribute and heartfelt gratitude to all people in Jiangsu. My gratitude also goes to the deputies of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Congress, members of CPPCC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, democratic parties, federations of commerce and industry, mass organizations, people from all walks of life, the People’s Liberation Army stationed in Jiangsu, the armed police forces and public security police as well as to our compatriots in the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions and Taiwan, overseas Chinese as well as foreign friends.  

Meanwhile, we are keenly aware that despite the steady economic growth, there are still difficulties and problems. Reform needs to be strengthened and shall be more effective and the market as the main body needs to play a more active role. Irrational industrial structure and deep-rooted problems cannot be ignored and the growth power of economy has not been transformed. The excess capacity of some industries and insufficient market demand coexist and some enterprises have operation difficulties. There’s intensifying resource shortage and environmental deterioration and big gap is maintained between the ecological construction and people’s expectation. Vulnerable areas still exist in tasks concerning people’s livelihood, imbalance can be found in the allocation of public service resources including education, health and old-age care and new problems need to be addressed in social administration. The transformation of government functions is incomplete and law-based administration needs to be improved. Consolidated measures need to be taken to establish a long-term mechanism for changing government work style and great efforts are required in fighting against corruption and advocating clean and honest governance. We will bear in mind our responsibilities and missions and take effective and feasible measures to tackle these problems. 

In last middle December, General Secretary Xi Jinping made new requirements for Jiangsu during his inspection in the province. He expected Jiangsu to target at the glorious mission of realizing “Two Leads”, promote the development in four aspects like building a comparatively prosperous society, deepening reform, rule of law and running the Party strictly, reach new level in economic development, modern agricultural development, cultural construction, construction of people’s livelihood and party building to build a New Jiangsu with strong economy, affluent people, beautiful environment and high level of civilization. General Secretary Xi’s new requirement set new targets to Jiangsu’s development and is the general guiding principles to Jiangsu’s future development, a rule to follow when we do work well.

Based on the latest requirement of enhancing all undertakings to a higher level and building a new Jiangsu, the requirement of the work of the government is that we will comprehensively implement the fundamental spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress, the third and fourth plenary session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, take Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thought of Three Represents and the Scientific Outlook on Development as our guide, put into practice the spirit of important speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping. Based on the latest requirement of General Secretary Xi, we will adapt to the new normal of economic growth and strive for progress while maintaining stability. More efforts will be put in improving the quality and efficiency of economic growth, transforming economic development pattern and restructuring industrial structure. Powered by deepening reform, driven by innovation and guaranteed by rule of law, more work will be done to improve livelihood and guarantee sustained and sound economic growth as well as social harmony and stability to realize objectives set in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan and forge ahead to the target of building a New Jiangsu.

To do this year’s work well, we will define new goals of development. Based on the latest requirements General Secretary Xi made to Jiangsu, targeting at building a strong economy, we will deepen reform and innovation, transform the mode of development and optimize the industrial structure, so as to maintain a good momentum of development in transformation and upgrading and improve the quality of the economy from big to strong. To make people affluent, we shall take people’s lives as principal and make improving people’s life as the starting point when doing our work. Practical measures will be taken to build the six systems to bring people a better life year by year. To build a beautiful environment, we shall attach importance to ecology and put ecological construction high on the agenda. The development of green, circular and low-carbon economy will be strongly promoted to make the sky more blue, the ground more green, the water clearer and the environment is more livable in Jiangsu. To construct a high level of civilization, we will strengthen the cultural and ethical construction, improve people’s moral standard and make socialist core values the common aspiration of our people.  We will adjust to the new normal, grasp the changes on the international economic environment, and enhance the awareness to the changes of development speed, structure optimization and power transformation. We will follow the economic operation rules under the new normal, enhance the awareness and initiative to promote the strategic adjustment of economic structure, optimize industrial structure, demand structure, urban-and-rural structure, regional structure, distribution structure and ecological environment, speed up the transformation from investment-driven to innovation-driven, so as to strive for economic development while maintaining stability. New progress will be made. We will be filled with high spirits to implement measures of constructing a New Jiangsu, further promote the construction in four aspects and adhere to the key task of “Achieving New Progress in Five Aspects”. We will work hard to turn the blueprint drawn by the General Secretary into reality step by step.

We have set the following major targets for the economic and social development in 2015: the GDP will rise by around 8%; the general budgetary revenue will rise by 8%; the rise of CPI will be kept at around 3%; 1 million urban people will be newly employed and registered unemployment rate of urban residents will be under 4%;the proportion of R&D investment in GDP will hit 2.52%; the 12th Five-Year Plan target of energy conservation and emission reduction will be fulfilled; income of urban and rural residents will grow in step with economic growth. In projecting these targets, we have taken into consideration the new normal of economic development and balanced various factors, which reflect the spirit of the Central Committee and rely on the condition of building a moderately prosperous society in Jiangsu. The targets will play a positive role in enlarging employment and increasing people’s income while leaving room for deepening reform and adjusting structure. 

Centering on the task of “Scaling New Heights to Build the New Jiangsu”, we will focus on the following ten aspects in 2015:

1. We will ensure stable and healthy economic growth under the new normal. We will implement the national macro-economic policies, maintain growth while adjust economic structure and make sure that the growth momentum remains unchanged and the quantity and quality of such growth are improved. We will strive to develop new consumption hot spots. We will innovate relevant policies and improve consumption environment to upgrade consumption level, and rely on expanded consumption to drive economic growth. “Smart Jiangsu” will be accelerated with emphasis on fueling rapid and sound growth of information-related consumption that focuses on production, life and management. “Healthy Jiangsu” will be promoted to enhance the supplying capacity and level to meet the public demands for the health and the elderly care. “Tour in Jiangsu” will be established as a brand by making full use of local resources, blending tourism, culture and science, and exhibiting folk custom. Retail sales of consumer goods rose around 13%. We will increase effective input. We will focus on adjusting structure, improving ecological environment and benefiting the people. We will let the government investment guide the market, unleash investment capacity of the private sector and promote stable growth of investment and structural optimization. We will expedite a new round of information infrastructure construction, and speed up the building of major waterway networks and complex transport hubs such as high-speed rail network in North and Central Jiangsu, cross-river tunnel, inter-city rail system in South Jiangsu, and golden channel of the Yangtze River. Fixed asset investment grew by around 15%. We will make great efforts to stabilize foreign trade. We will further implement the strategy of market diversification, accelerate transformation and upgrading of processing trade, boost service trade and service outsourcing, and grow new business forms such as cross-border e-commerce. And we will keep the foreign trade grow at a proper speed. We will boost support for real economy. We will give targeted tax breaks and reduce charges and enterprise-related fees to practically reduce burdens on the businesses. We will take pointed measures to reduce the high financing cost and encourage enterprises to utilize domestic and foreign capital markets to attract more direct investment. We will accord great importance to and take precautions against the potential risks in finance, real estate and local government debt and guard against regional systematic financial risk.     

2. We will deepen reform and opening up. Focusing on how to solve prominent issues, we will beef up efforts on overcoming major difficulties in the reform, strive to promote the provincial and national level pilot programs and ensure the various reforms be carried out. We will deepen reform of administrative review and approval. We will continue to streamline administration and delegate more powers to lower-level governments, cancel and devolve to lowers levels another batch of items of administrative approval, and carry out pilot projects for collective administrative approval mechanism. Supervision over the whole process will be strengthened and improved. We will deepen reform of fiscal and taxation systems. We will implement a new round of reform of fiscal management system below the provincial level, and improve the mechanism to guarantee basic funding for municipalities and counties. We will integrate and standardize existing items of transfer payment, and increase the size and proportion of general transfer payment. We will thoroughly implement and expand the pilot program of replacing business tax with VAT, and ensure the unified registration of real estate. We will improve the modern market system and further advance business-related reform. We will comprehensively straighten out and reduce administrative fees and revenues from business operation and services. We will relax control on the prices of a host of commodities and services and improve policies for the pricing of water, electricity, heating and sewage treatment. We will promote financial reform and innovation. Targeting on better serving the real economy, we will improve multi-layer capital market, facilitate sound development of Internet banking, expand pilot programs concerning lending model innovation of micro and small businesses and propel the development of local legal person financial institutions. These efforts will be made to improve financial ecological environment. We will deepen reforms of SOEs and state capital. We will intensify regulation of state capital with the focus on capital oversight and speed up the pilot programs to allow state capital to run and invest in enterprises. We will promote sound development of mixed-ownership economy. We will deepen reform in all social fields. We will advance comprehensive supporting reform pilot projects, respect the innovation at the grassroots level, encourage different sub-regions to experiment on reforms to make sure that overall design can be tested and well interact with grassroots exploration.     

We will let the courses of further opening up and deepened reform interact with each other and forge ahead together. We will thoroughly implement the national strategy of One Belt and One Road, augment the advantages of opening up in the east, well run the program of opening up in the west and expand new space for internal and external opening up. We will advance the construction of conjunction areas of the One Belt and the One Road, and accelerate the building of the East, Central and West Regional Cooperation Demonstration Zone, as well as China- Kazakhstan Logistics Portal. We will participate in the economic development of the Yangtze River economic belt and deepen the cooperation within the Yangtze River Delta. We will further open functions of various platforms. We will promote the duplicable experience of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone and continue to well build major carriers such as Suzhou Industrial Park, Kunshan Experiment Zone on Deepening Cross-straits Industrial Cooperation and various Special Customs Supervision Zones. We will propel innovative development and transformation and upgrading of various industrial parks. We will bring in higher-level overseas enterprises, send out our own with great strengths, improve outbound investment services, and scale up the outbound investment to grow global economic cooperation and to create new edge of the open economy in Jiangsu

3. We will advance development through innovation. We will tap into Jiangsu’s rich resources in science and education, give full play to the talent pool and open economy, and boost comprehensive innovation centering on scientific innovation. We will accelerated the strengthening of innovation capacity, let the South Jiangsu Self-dependent Innovation Demonstration Zone take the lead, and improve the regional innovation mechanism. We will highlight the dominant position of enterprises in innovation and help enterprises to increase input in innovation, pool resources and improve their innovation capacity. We will support enterprises in building high-level R&D institutions, and speed up the forming of the innovative industrial clusters with hi-tech enterprises as the main players. Universities and research institutions are important sources of innovation and a place where these innovations are translated into products. Therefore, we will give full play to their roles and strengthen coordinated innovation. We will stick to demand-oriented development and industrialization, grasp the world’s new round of technological and industrial revolution and concentrate our efforts on developing and applying big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, new resources, new material, nano and bio-technology and other. We will boost technology service industry, and foster new growth points. We will better engage in global innovation network to elevate the level of globalized innovation. We will deepen Nanjing’s pilot of comprehensive reform of S&T system. We will build up the provincial strength with intellectual property rights by improving incentive mechanism and strengthening the IPR protection. We will establish pilots to engage finance in science, perfect the mechanism in which financial institutions and capital markets support innovation, better match scientific projects with supporting fund and encourage investment from the private sector in innovation and R&D. Cultivation and introduction of talents will be strengthened. With emphasis on innovative talents, we will vigorously cultivate leading talents of scientific and technological innovation, technical talents, inter-disciplinary talents and innovation and entrepreneurship teams.  All types of talents shall be utilized; the flow, cultivation, use and incentive mechanism of talents be perfected to build an environment where talents flourish and fully display their abilities and to inspire innovation of the whole society.

4. We will deepen adjustment of industrial structure.  We will increase our efforts to overcome difficulties, adjust the industrial structure, and improve the position of industries from mid-and-low end to mid-and-high end. We will make emerging industries of strategic importance bigger and stronger. We will follow the market, consolidate the supportive role of science and technology, and implement the development plan for ten emerging industries of strategic importance and major projects. We will grow industry alliances, give full play to business associations, support the development of innovative enterprises and boost emerging industry clusters of strategic importance. Modern service industry will be boosted. We will prioritize new service industries such as IT services, e-commerce, modern logistics, and leveraged lease, and advance new forms of business such as the Internet economy and platform-based economy. We will thoroughly elevate service industry clusters and attach importance to the consumer services. The value added to GDP by service sector will increase by one percentage point. We will vigorously develop advanced manufacturing sector. We will, taking smart manufacturing as the breakthrough, integrate information technology and industrialization, boost technological transformation of enterprises, encourage industries to innovate products, management and business models, elevate our position in the industrial chain and increase more value-added industrial links. We will build up provincial strength with quality industry and accelerate the upgrading process. We will make efforts to support further progress of the Sensing China Center (Wuxi) and rejuvenation of the old industrial base in Xuzhou. Multiple measures will be carried out to effectively resolve excess capacity and resolutely phase out outdated capacity. 

5. We will accelerate modernization of agriculture. Based on the requirements for advanced manufacturing technique, proper business size, strong competitiveness and sustainable eco-environment, we will pick up speed to transform the development model of agriculture, improve agricultural productivity, utilization rate of resources and land output, boost efficient, ecological and export-oriented agriculture, and propel modern agriculture. We will cultivate more business entities in the new agriculture. Family ranches will be boosted and skill training for farmers will be strengthened. We will improve the development quality of farmers’ cooperatives and give full play to the leading role of the corporate champions. We will encourage and guide capital from industry and commerce so that they can engage in modern farming and husbandry that fit the business operation pattern. We will speed up the establishment of a modern agriculture system, observe the farmland red line, stabilize grain production area, improve grain collection and storage and ensure a bumper harvest and stable supply of agro-products. We will promote strategic adjustment of agriculture and foster new strengths of Jiangsu agriculture by developing efficient horticulture, scale animal husbandry, aquaculture with local characteristics and agritourism, and improve industrialization management of agriculture. We will rapidly improve agricultural equipment and techniques. We will beef up efforts on water conservancy projects, and promote comprehensive development of agriculture, build large amount of high-standard farmland and constantly enhance the level of agriculture mechanization. We will accelerate scientific innovation in agriculture, put in place a social service system for new agriculture, and well solve the last mile problem of technology promotion. We will make the best of modern bio-technology and information technology to upgrade agriculture and develop rural e-business. We will solidly advance reforms in rural areas. Efforts will be place on issues such as rural land contract and operation right, usufruct of rural residence base and registration and certificate conferment of re-evaluated rural collective assets and housing to empower farmers through increased access to property rights. We will advance pilot of reforms in rural land system and in state-owned forest farms. We will innovate financial support to serve issues of agriculture, farmers and rural areas, and develop insurance for them to increase vitality of agriculture and rural areas. In addition, we will continue to resolve practical matters, improve long-term protection and management mechanism for the village-side environment and constantly improve the living and production condition in the rural area.    

6. We will promote the new-type urbanization and integrated development of urban and rural areas. Based on the new requirement of new-type urbanization and taking the opportunity as Jiangsu established as a pilot, we will explore new methods to develop the new type of urbanization and integration of urban and rural development. We will optimize mechanism for integrated development of urban and rural areas. We will continue the integration of rural and urban planning, industry development, infrastructure construction, public services, employment and social security, and social management, and encourage equal exchange and proper arrangement of elements such as land, technology and labor. We will further implement pilot of integrated development of urban and rural areas in Suzhou. We will establish a diversified urbanized investment and financing mechanism that sustains, and explore effective methods which enables public private partnership in urbanization projects. We will strengthen the managing and control role of overall land plans, promote intensive use of land and try to establish a unified market of construction land. We will deliver urban citizenship to rural population who migrate to urban areas in an orderly manner. We will create new vacancies that fit the migrate population to encourage these people get employed as near as possible. We will put in place a mechanism which solve the cost problem for the migrant issue and advance equal access of basic public services to all residential population. We will promote the coordination of plans for multiple aspects and strengthen city-industry integration. We will let the plans lead the development, and promote the coordination of plans for multiple aspects in municipalities and counties to ensure one government authority has only one plan and blueprint for development. We will optimize industrial layout, elevate the industrial level and promote integration of industrial and multiple urban functions. We will promote coordinated development of Changzhou city-industry integration pilot and program of building a science and education city. We will improve urban layout and morphology. We will focus on improving competitiveness of urban agglomeration, improve the overall function of nucleus metropolis and hasten development of smaller cities and key towns. Taking city belts along river, sea and in eastern region as the main form, we will construct a new urban framework in the province. We will let urban circles of Nanjing, Suzhou-Wuxi-Changzhou, and Xuzhou drive the development of the surrounding areas, accelerate the coordinated design of Nanjing, Zhenjiang and Yangzhou, and support development of Nanjing Jiangbei New Area and Xuzhou’s effort to build itself an economic hub in Huai River Economic Zone. We will coordinate the urbanization and new rural construction. We will grow the village and enrich the farmers, accelerate the building of beautiful countryside and coordinate urbanization and new countryside construction. 

7. We will continuously improve coordinated development among regions. We will implement a new round of arrangements for regional development and promote regional complementarity, cross-Yangtze River integration and south-north coordination. We will grasp the opportunities brought about by the building of the South Jiangsu Self-dependent Innovation Demonstration Zone to shift the mechanism of driving development, speed up economic transformation and upgrading, and earnestly press ahead with the construction of South Jiangsu Modernization Demonstration with a bid to generate new development advantages. We will promote integrated development with unique features to further elevate the overall development level of central Jiangsu. We will push forward the construction of the experimental zone for comprehensive supportive reform of coordinated land and marine development in Nantong as well as integrated development of the sea and the Yangtze River in the Tongzhou Bay region. We will push forward the pilot comprehensive reform of integrated cross-Yangtze River development in Yangzhou with a view to continuously enhancing the brand of Yangzhou as a cultural and tourist city. We will accelerate pilot comprehensive reform of economic transformation and upgrading in Taizhou and support Taizhou CMC to speed up its industrialization process. We will boost the development in conjunction areas between central and north Jiangsu. We will prioritize the implementation of six key projects in north Jiangsu and carry out major poverty-relief programs on the basis of deepening the linkage between south and north Jiangsu and advancing Four Transfers. We will energetically drive comprehensive development of modern agriculture along the former Yellow River watercourse, speed up the building of major townships, move forward the construction of major railways in north Jiangsu, thoroughly implement the projects to provide regional water supply and sewage treatment services in urban and rural areas in a coordinated manner, and mobilize education and talent resources to north Jiangsu. We will support Huai’an to build itself into a major city in north Jiangsu and encourage its development of Taiwan-funded enterprise clusters. We will support Yancheng in its development of National Sustainable Development Experimental Zone and Shanghai-Jiangsu Industrial Linkage Cluster. We will encourage Suqian to carry out pilot comprehensive reform of coordinated regional development and speed up its distinctive industries. Pursuing the orientation of scientific development, we will speed up industrial transformation and upgrading in coastal areas and optimize the layout and functions of ports. We will press ahead with the building of coastal township belts, effectively exploit tidal land resources, take concrete measures to strengthen ecological conservation in coastal areas and actively develop marine economy in order to foster new growth areas for the economy of Jiangsu. We will run well the work of inter-province one-to-one assistance.

8. We will advance ecological progress with greater efforts. We will address both symptoms and root causes and strive for continuously improvement of ecological environment by vigorously promoting green, circular and low-carbon development. We will strengthen air pollution control. We will conscientiously implement the Regulations on Air Pollution Prevention and Control of Jiangsu Province. We will strictly curb the total consumption of energy and coal through revamping coal-fired units towards extra low emissions and thoroughly carrying out comprehensive renovation of coal-burning boilers. We will thoroughly phase out high-emission vehicles with low emission standards, scale up efforts in combating fugitive dust pollution and earnestly implement the measures for comprehensively utilizing straw and prohibiting straw burning. We will pool efforts with neighboring provinces and take proactive measures to put in place a long-term mechanism for air pollution prevention and control to ensure that the drop of average PM 2.5 density meets the target set by the central government. We will conscientiously intensify efforts in water environment treatment by implementing the strictest possible water resource management system. We will spare no effort to launch a new round of treatment of the Taihu Lake, strengthen water pollution prevention and control in the Yangtze River, Huaihe River, major lakes and the channel of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project in Jiangsu, and advance the construction of a clear water corridor in the Tongyu River. We will clean another 350 kilometers of river channels in urban areas. We will take effective measures to rectify coastal chemical parks and advance comprehensive prevention and control of off-shore marine pollution. We will make every effort to conserve energy and reduce emissions by implementing strict standards of environment access, pollutant discharge and energy consumption quota. We will make sure to meet the yearly objectives of energy conservation and emissions reduction by advancing 210 key energy-saving technological innovation projects and 2,000 major emission-reducing projects, promoting reform towards ecology-friendly circular economy and strengthening the target-oriented accountability system. We will strictly follow the system of energy and environmental evaluation, promote clean energy, forcefully develop energy-saving and environment-friendly industries and actively support the recycling of wastes. We will comprehensively strengthen protection of the ecological environment. We will strictly protect the ecological red-line zones and improve the mechanism for ecological compensation and green development evaluation. We will expand the paid use and trade of emission discharge right and carry out pilot programs of third-party pollution treatment. We will strictly carry out regulation and law enforcement related to environmental protection. We will thoroughly finish the campaign of environmental pollution treatment in villages, intensify efforts in soil contamination prevention and remediation, make great efforts to protect wetland and rehabilitate wetland ecological environment. We will add another 20,000 hectares of afforestation and 100,000 hectares of tended woods. We will formulate an outline for the building of a beautiful and livable new Jiangsu and earnestly push forward the construction of demonstration municipalities and counties (districts) of ecological progress. We will thoroughly advance the building of an energy-saving and environment-friendly society in Wuxi, the construction of low-carbon city as well as pilot comprehensive reform of ecological progress in Zhenjiang.

9. We will forcefully promote cultural development. Following the orientation of the advanced socialist culture, we will abide by the laws governing cultural development, stimulate cultural creativity and rally spiritual force for writing the Jiangsu chapter of the Chinese Dream. We will spare no effort to elevate the civilization level of the society. We will encapsulate the cultivation and practicing of core socialist values in national education system and strengthen it with various activities for promoting spiritual progress. We will advocate the Jiangsu Spirits in the new era, make the best of Jiangsu’s cultural resources in red revolution, carry forward fine traditional cultures, thoroughly promote voluntary services and credibility progress and actively cultivate social morals, professional ethics and family virtues. We will promote prosperous development of cultural undertakings. We will attach great importance to the development of philosophy and social sciences, strengthen the building of new types of think tanks, further develop radio, film, television, press, publishing, literature and fine arts, and facilitate integrated development of traditional and emerging media. We will stick to people-centered creation orientation, carry out projects to create excellent cultural and artistic works, foster outstanding talents and produce more competitive works. We will reinforce the conservation and utilization of cultural heritages. We will carry out activities to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and World War II. We will improve the system of providing public cultural services, carry out cultural programs for the good of the people and make more people have free access to cultural centers, libraries, sci-tech museums and comprehensive cultural stations. We will facilitate the construction of public cultural service demonstration zones and propel the building of 15-minute cultural loops in urban areas and 5-kilometer cultural loops in rural areas. We will make more efforts to speed up digitalization of public cultural resources. We will spread science knowledge and advance the building of a Learning Jiangsu by encouraging all people to read. We will press ahead with the construction of national demonstration zones of public sports services system, expand the supply of basic public sport services and make competitive sports develop in synergy with the sport industry. We will strive to accelerate the development of the cultural industry through carrying out major cultural programs, actively developing new cultural business models, driving the cooperation between culture on one hand and sci-tech and finance on the other, and propelling integrated development of cultural and creative industries with relevant industries. We will strengthen international cultural exchanges and trade, open wider to the outside world on the cultural front and enhance its international influence.  

10. We will vigorously improve people’s wellbeing and innovate social administration. We will work hard to improve Six Major Systems, well perform tasks related to people’s wellbeing and strive to elevate the work of improving people’s wellbeing to a new height. We will keep income of the people grow in pace with economic growth. We will deepen the reform of income distribution system, create more channels to raise income, increase the income of urban and rural residents from their wage, business operation, property and transfer payment. We will carry out targeted poverty relief by focus on six major contingent areas, economically weak villages and low-income peasant households. We will promote education equity and enrich its content. We will take moral improvement and cultivation as the fundamental task of education. We will deepen the comprehensive reform in education and advance non-profit universal pre-school education. We will achieve full coverage of national supervision, guidance and accreditation of basic balance in compulsory education and take concrete measures to reduce the homework burden on middle school and primary school students. We will accelerate the building of a modern vocational education system and comprehensively elevate the development level of higher education. We will energetically develop social education, consistently improve the life-long education system and run education to the satisfaction of the people. We will achieve employment with better quality. We will completely carry out the strategy of employment first and adopt more proactive employment policies. We will better employment services, strengthen vocational and skill training, well perform the work of employment of university graduates and encourage entrepreneurship to fuel employment. We will build harmonious labor relations. We will endeavor to improve social security. We will organize all citizens to subscribe for insurance and raise the quality of expanded social insurance subscription. We will initiate the reform of old-age insurance in government organs and government-affiliated institutions and continue to make adjustment in basic pension of retired enterprise employees as well as basic pension of subscribers to basic urban and rural old-age insurance. We will well perform all tasks as a province to undertake pilot medical reform. We will improve the operation and performance assessment of grassroots medical and healthcare institutions by improving service models and adopting multiple measures to promote tiered diagnosis and treatment. We will consolidate and spread the achievements from overall reform of county-level public hospitals and speed up reform of public hospitals in urban areas on the basis of successful pilot programs. We will pick up paces in allowing social capital to run hospitals. We will provide more support to township hospitals and community healthcare service centers in urban areas in infrastructure building. We will intensify efforts in prevention and control of major diseases and emergency response to healthcare incidents, actively develop TCM and strengthen family planning administration and services. We will improve the housing security mechanism. We will build a multi-layer housing provision system comprising public rental housing, policy-based housing and commercial housing. We will continuously push forward renovation of dilapidated housing in shantytowns and strengthen the construction and management of affordable housing. We will basically complete the construction of 280,000 units of affordable housing in various forms. We will improve the elderly care service system. We will actively develop undertakings related to the health of the elderly, encourage and guide social forces to run or operate elderly care institutions. We will promote integrated development of medical care and elderly care and intensify spiritual care to the elderly. We will make floating and left-behind children feel care and love. We will improve the social relief mechanism and facilitate the development of charity. We will enhance and make innovation in social administration. We will move the focus of social administration to lower levels and actively pursue the model of Government-Society Interaction. We will enhance prevention and defusing mechanism of social conflicts and disputes, improve risk assessment mechanism of social stability correlating with major policy decisions, promote the Public Voice System and make further efforts in ethnic and religious affairs. We will strengthen law service at grassroots level, with public law service centers covering over 80% of towns, townships and streets and legal aid benefiting all people with subsistence allowances. We will strictly implement responsibility system of workplace safety, strengthen supervision and administration of workplace safety and close safety loopholes at the source. We will intensify supervision and administration of food and medicine in the whole process of production and sales, enhance the special projects planned to improve food and medicine safety and ensure that every bite of food we eat is safe. We should thoroughly push forward construction of a secure and peaceful Jiangsu governed by rule of law, and accelerate establishment of prevention and control system of social security in a three-dimensional and modern manner. We should refine the systems and mechanisms of emergency management and increase capabilities in terms of public security and disaster prevention and alleviation.

We will advance military and civilian integration in an in-depth way and meet the demand of national defense in light of economic construction. We will profoundly conduct education on national defense, boost awareness of national defense and strengthen construction of national defense mobilization and reserve forces. We will consolidate double-support building, devote more efforts to placement of the demobilized army officers, do a better job in giving preferential treatment to servicemen and their family and families of martyrs, and cement the sound situation of military-political unity as well as army-people unity.

Fellow Deputies, we will continue to carry out the ten initiatives to guarantee and improve people’s well-being this year. First, satisfaction of people’s basic needs. We will increase the minimum standard of the fundamental pensions of the basic aged insurance for both urban and rural dwellers to RMB 105 per capita per month, and the standard of rural residents with subsistence allowances to over RMB 335 per capita per month. We will earnestly implement the growth mechanism of the subsidy standards for orphans raised collectively or growing scattered and the targets of rural five-guarantee. We will raise the subsidy standards of the nursing of severely disabled people covered by the urban and rural subsistence allowances system to RMB 1,440 and RMB 960 respectively. Second, prevention and control of air pollution. We will establish monitoring and warning system of heavily polluted weather at both provincial and municipal levels to realize 24-hour monitoring and forecast, promote and put into use 10,000 new energy vehicles, and obsolete 3,100 small coal-fired furnaces. We will exert more efforts in promotion of the ten key technologies of integrated utilization of crop straw, with 20 counties (cities) selected to conduct pilot projects and make demonstrations. Third, sewage treatment and drinking water safety. The capability of domestic sewage treatment in urban areas will be increased by 800,000 cubic meters daily, with 2,500 kilometers of supporting networks of domestic sewage collection to be built. Another 1.3 million cubic meters of tap water will be deeply treated daily to resolve the problem of drinking water safety for 3 million more rural residents. The coverage of coordinated drinking water supply in North Jiangsu will be raised to above 85%. Fourth, employment and business startup. We will increase 360,000 reemployments for newly laid-off people in urban areas, add 50,000 employments for the group who has difficulty in finding jobs, assist 15,000 university graduates to start their own business and create 20,000 internship and employment posts for them. Fifth, benefiting people through education. We will complete 500 programs on improving the weak schools of the compulsory education, rebuild and build 1.5 million square meters of buildings in middle and elementary schools as well as kindergartens, train 60,000 rural teachers for free at the provincial level and put into effect free education for disabled students from elementary school all the way to university. Sixth, health care and elderly care service. We will raise the financial subsidy standard of health insurance for both urban and rural residents to above RMB 380 per capita per annum, and funds for the basic public health service to above RMB 40 per capita. The critical illness insurance will cover all people across the province. We will train 10,000 health workers at the grassroots level, hold medical rescue trainings for over one million people, and build 2,000 community level elderly care service centers and 2,000 dining spots for the elderly. Seventh, women and children care. We will provide 20,000 women intending to start their business or find jobs with free skill trainings and steer social organizations to provide 10,000 women and children with professional social services. Pilot projects of social protection for juveniles will be extended to all counties (cities and districts). Eighth, public culture. People across the province will get access to the twelve channels of CCTV through a wireless and digital way in general. Free WiFi will be enabled at the major public sites of the urban areas of the cities directly under the jurisdiction of the provincial government. 3,000 village libraries will basically realize resources sharing and the integral borrowing and returning with county-level libraries. People in the urban communities will approach sports facilities within ten minutes. And there will be 500 kilometers of fitness footpath to be built. Ninth, convenient travel. We will build and rebuild 4,000 kilometers of rural highways and 7,000 bridges, increase towns and townships that have town-village public bus lines to 585, and put into service 83 kilometers of urban rail transit. We will generally realize One-Card in public transportation system in the urban areas of the cities directly under the jurisdiction of the provincial government. Tenth, poverty alleviation. There will be 4.11 million of low-income population to get rid of poverty across the province.

Fellow Deputies, we will conduct researches to work out the Thirteenth Five-year Plan, an important work to do this year. Giving a full play to democracy and pooling the wisdoms of all circles, with the spirit of reform and innovation, we will make a forward-looking, strategic and directional plan that indicates the Central Spirit, conforms to the provincial conditions and practices, reflects the will of the masses and encourages the people to actively devote themselves to the great campaign of building a new Jiangsu.

We should implement the spirit of the Third and Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee in an all-round way, speed up building of a government that is based on rule of law and service-oriented and improve the capability of government in fulfilling its responsibilities by law in all aspects to provide guarantee for the plan of “Reaching A Higher Level and Building A New Jiangsu”.

We will profoundly enhance administration by law. We will perform the function of government strictly according to the jurisdiction and process enshrined in laws to ensure that all statutory responsibilities must be fulfilled, and any power without authorization by laws cannot be exercised. We will further improve decision-making mechanism on the basis of science, democracy and law, conscientiously implement the legal process of making critical administrative decisions and strengthen administrative accountability and supervision. We will deepen structural reform of administrative enforcement of law, carry out law enforcement in a strict, standard, just and civilized manner, and reinforce administrative enforcement of law in key areas concerning the masses’ vital interests. We will improve administrative review system and insist on the principle that both the process and results must be fair and honest. We will consolidate education on rule of law, steadfastly improve the concept of rule of law among civil servants and increase their capability of acting by law. We will intensify supervision over administrative power, receive legal and work supervision from the Provincial People’s Congress and its Standing Committee in line with law and democratic supervision from CPPCC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, think highly of judicial, social and media supervision, solidify administrative supervision, advance complete coverage of auditing supervision, and let power be exercised in the sunshine.

We will intensify public service continuously. We will improve the basic public service system, expand the scope of public service, innovate the mode of public service, actively promote the system of service purchasing by government, do utmost to provide the masses with more and better public products and service and create a level playing field for all market participants. We will enhance the service system of administrative affairs, speed up integrated management of administrative service centre and public resources trading centre, and build a comprehensive and highly efficient service platform of government affairs. We will deepen disclosure of government affairs in an all-round way, improve publication system of government information and push forward openness in terms of decision-making, enforcement, management, service and result.

We will improve the style of work continuously. We will solemnly observe the political disciplines and rules, strictly implement the CPC Central Committee’s eight-point decision on improving Party and government conduct, the State Council’s three-point decision on curbing government spending and the ten-point decision by CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, consolidate and deepen the achievements of the campaign to heighten awareness of and implement the mass line, and persevere with rectification of formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism and extravagance, We will intensify the awareness of purpose, keep close links with the masses, go to the frontlines and grassroots to learn from the masses humbly, seek needs and comments for administration from the public, investigate the facts, do concrete things and pursue practical effects, and put more efforts in resolving the prominent problems over which people have a great concern. We will strictly enforce diligence and thriftiness, oppose extravagance and waste, and strive for a thrifty government. We will stick to the principle of being truthful and pragmatic, daring to shoulder the responsibilities, being willing to sacrifice and actively doing something. We will earnestly make achievements that would stand the tests of practices, people and history. 

We will unswervingly consolidate the building of a clean government. We will strictly carry out the accountability system in the construction of Party conduct and of an honest and clean government, earnestly implement the system of “double-responsibility at one post”, and unremittingly advance the construction of a clean government and struggle against corruption. We will strengthen the construction of corruption punishment and prevention system, intensify the restriction of internal power of government, strictly administer power, affairs and personnel by regulations and laws, and cage power with regulations and laws. We will hold an attitude of no forbidden zone, complete coverage and zero tolerance, consolidate corruption punishment and prevention, seriously investigate and deal with accordingly corruption cases happened in crucial areas and key links as well as around the masses. We will strengthen education on construction of the Party conduct and of an honest and clean government, build a favorite atmosphere of combating corruption and upholding integrity and strive to be pragmatic, free from corruption as well as to be for the people.

Fellow Deputies, Reaching A Higher Level and Building A New Jiangsu is the concrete practice of the Chinese Dream in Jiangsu and the common pursuit of its people, with courageous targets and motivational blueprint. Let us rally closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as General Secretary, make concerted efforts, blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit and do a solid job under the direct leadership of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and in accordance with the objectives and tasks set by this session. Let us endeavor to build a new Jiangsu that boasts strong economy, affluent people, beautiful environment and high level of civilization.

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