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2013 Report on the Work of the Government
updated on:2013-01-20 12:22

Fellow Deputies,

On behalf of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, I now present to you the report on the work of the government for your deliberation and approval and for comments and suggestions from the members of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

I  Review of Work in the Past Five Years

Over the past five years, under the strong leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the State Council and the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, we have held high the great banner of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, taken Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of Three Represents as our guide, thoroughly applied the Scientific Outlook on Development, and faithfully implemented the spirit of the 17th and the 18th CPC National Congress. Centering on the goal of Two Leads (taking the lead in building a moderately prosperous society in all aspects and basically realizing modernization), we seized firmly the opportunities while addressing the challenges proactively, spared no effort to do well in initiatives that were serious and important while properly handling matters that were tough and urgent, achieved remarkable progress in reform, opening up and modernization, and fulfilled the work targets of the term of my government.

We effectively managed the impact of the international financial crisis. On the basis of observing the situation early and acting timely, we resolutely put in place a series of policy measures to ensure economic growth, people’s well-being and social stability and made our economy turn around relatively fast. Faced with complex and challenging economic situation since last year, we remained committed to pursuing progress amidst stability, put emphasis on policy innovation, took ten priority measures very seriously, and maintained a steady and relatively fast economic development in the accelerated course of restructuring and upgrading.

We made comprehensive arrangements for the 12th Five-Year Plan. We were conscientious in the formation and implementation of the development plan, making the goal of Two Leads more explicit and carrying out Six Strategies energetically. We paid special attention to the compatibility of the provincial plan with the national planning and that of annual work arrangements with the overall five-year plan, broke down targets and assignments, and strengthened enforcement and accountability. As a result, we got the 12th Five-Year Plan period off to a good start on the basis of a full completion of all the tasks included in the 11th Five-Year Plan.

We made every effort to implement the Eight Projects. We carried out work according to the new requirements of the central leadership on Jiangsu, organized and implemented such major projects as economic restructuring and upgrading, innovation in science and technology, agricultural modernization, cultural progress, people’s well-being, innovation in social management, and ecological awareness, and advanced all the work to a level that substantial results were yielded.

We did a good job in preparing for the 18th CPC National Congress as well as studying, promoting and implementing the spirit of the Congress. We launched themed research and investigation on major issues that have a bearing on the overall development of Jiangsu, combined studying and implementing the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress together with taking innovative measures and ideas, and added strong impetus to the Two Leads initiative on a new starting point.

The past five years witnessed great enhancement of Jiangsu’s comprehensive strength, dramatic changes in the urban and rural areas, accelerated economic restructuring and upgrading, enhanced innovation capacity, deepening reform and opening-up, more dynamism in development, continued improvement in people’s livelihood, and increasingly consolidated and growing harmony and stability. Over the five years, the GDP of Jiangsu experienced an increase of RMB one trillion for three times and reached RMB 5.4 trillion last year. The annual average growth rate of the provincial GDP was 11.8% and the per capita GDP exceeded USD 10,000. Public fiscal budgetary revenue increased by over RMB 300 billion to RMB 586.1 billion in 2012 with an annual growth rate of 21.2%. The import and export volume grew by USD 200 billion to USD 548.1 in 2012 with a yearly growth rate of 9.4%. Input into R&D of the whole society reached RMB 120 billion, equivalent to 2.3% of regional GDP. Over 15,000 invention patents were granted. Output from high and new technology industries is expected to exceed RMB four trillion respectively. Per capita income of urban and rural residents exceeded RMB 29,600 and 12,200 with an annual growth rate of 12.6% and 13.2% respectively. The entire province generally realized moderately prosperous society in an all-round way according to the indicators set by Jiangsu, and took a big step forward on the path of basically achieving modernization.

1. Keeping expanding domestic demand while stabilizing foreign trade and maintaining steady and sound economic growth

Investment, consumption and export formed a synergy to drive economic growth. We actively expanded effective input. In 2012, investment in fixed assets in the whole society reached RMB 3.21 trillion with an average yearly increase of 21.2%. Private investment accounted for 67.2% of the total. A batch of major infrastructure projects in transportation, water resources, energy and information were completed one after another, which provided firm support to economic and social development. We energetically boosted consumption of residents, paced up construction of logistics system and actively improved consumption environment. In 2012, retail sales of consumer goods stood at RMB 1.8 trillion and consumption contributed 49.4% to economic growth. We intensified efforts in controlling commodity prices and kept CPI basically stable with an average yearly growth of 3.3%. We put more efforts to stabilize export. Against the severe backdrop of shrinking international market demand, we introduced policies and measures to stabilize foreign trade and promote trade restructuring, focused on key tasks, and solved difficult problems. Thanks to these efforts, foreign trade grew while being stabilized.

Operation environment of enterprises was improved. We conscientiously implemented state opinions on supporting the development of small and micro businesses and put in place several policy measures to better the operation environment of SMEs. We standardized enterprise-related charges and put in practice structural tax reduction policies. We gave more support to the real economy through financial means. By the end of 2012, balance of domestic and foreign currency loans of financial institutions in Jiangsu registered RMB 5.77, 2.48 times of that at the end of 2007, raising direct financing to RMB 661 billion. In addition, Jiangsu Commodities Trade Fair was held to help enterprises expand the market. Economic operation was further regulated to guarantee the supply of production factors.

2. Continuing nurturing innovation and adjusting economic structure and making significant headway in economic restructuring and upgrading

Economic structure kept optimizing. We made the Plan for the Development of Strategic Emerging Industries during the 12th Five-Year Plan and the Plan for the Promotion of 10 Major Industries, and set up special capital and guiding funds for business startups to facilitate the development of emerging industries. We launched the Ten-Hundred-Thousand action plan for modern services and as a result, the service sector generated an added value of RMB 2.4 trillion in 2012, 43.8% of GDP and up by 6% compared with 2007. Added value yielded from cultural industries grew by 25% annually on average, and it took up 4.3% of GDP in 2012. We implemented the 10,000 Enterprises Upgrading action plan and the Hundred-Items-Hundred-Billion-Yuan Technological Reform and Corporate IT Project, which further enhanced the competitiveness of traditional industries.

Innovation capacity kept strengthening. We assigned the fundamental role to sci-tech innovation in overall development, and major progress was made in the building of an innovative province. Science and technology contributed 56.5% to economic growth in 2012 compared to 49% in 2007, and regional innovation capacity topped the country for four straight years. We introduced policies and opinions on strengthening corporate innovation and fostering economic restructuring and upgrading. Over 75% large and medium-sized enterprises had their own R&D facilities. 13,000 cooperation projects between enterprises, universities and research institutes were carried out. We forcefully pursued the intellectual property right strategy, and the number of patent application and that of patent authorization both stood at the first place in the country. In addition, Jiangsu owned over 400 famous brands. We pressed ahead with the Ten Major Talent Programs. 320 people were listed in the Thousand People Program of the country and another 1.1 million highly skilled talents were added to the labor force.

Ecological construction produced new results. We conducted major projects for energy conservation and emission reduction, energetically promoted circular economy, strictly controlled projects with high energy consumption and picked up paces in phasing out backward production capacity. In this regard, over 5,000 enterprises with heavy pollution were shut down and main indicators for energy conservation and emission reduction all met national standards. In satellite photo-based law enforcement inspection, Jiangsu was free from investigation and punishment for three straight years. We implemented the Green Water and Blue Sky project and strengthened the work of water pollution prevention and control and treatment of urban air pollution and non-point agricultural pollution as well as comprehensive prevention and control of heavy metal pollution. We gave top priority to the treatment of the Taihu Lake in ecological construction, and water quality in the Lake kept improving. 21 cities won the title of “national environmental protection model cities”. In addition, we energetically promoted the building of a green Jiangsu. Altogether 6.11 million mu (4073 square kilometers) of forest was generated, bringing forest coverage rate and urban greenery coverage rate up to 21.6% and 41.9% respectively. We built a batch of national garden cities, national forest cities and state-level eco-cities (counties and districts) as well as 26 national demonstration greening cities (counties).

3. Sticking to balanced development between urban and rural areas and among different regions to make development more coordinated

Urban and rural development became more balanced. We implemented the policies on strengthening and benefiting farmers and making them richer. Agriculture maintained a sound momentum of growth. After overcoming various natural disasters, grain production saw growth for nine consecutive years to 33.725 billion kilograms in 2012. Agricultural farmland equipped with high-efficiency facilities totaled 9.6 million mu (6,400 square kilometers), over 60% of the agricultural operation farmland was above a certain scale, and sci-tech provided even stronger support to agriculture. Specialized rural cooperatives reached 58,000 in number; reform in rural land utilization system was steadily pushed forward; major tasks in collective forest rights reform were finished. In 2012, we conducted practical projects in rural areas and solved the problem of drinking water safety for 2.21 million farmers. Moreover, one third of all incorporated towns and townships had access to public transport. As a result, production and living conditions in rural area were improved markedly. We implemented the campaign to build beautiful urban and rural areas and substantially improved the landscape and living environment in both areas. Urbanization rate reached 63%. We stepped up the pace of letting people have equal access to basic public services.

Development among regions became more coordinated. We supported the leapfrog development of North Jiangsu by promoting the transfer of public finance, industries, science and technology and human resources as well as jointly building development parks. We implemented the One Municipality, One Policy measure, and formulated and put in place the opinions on building a moderately prosperous society in all respects in North Jiangsu. The endogenous power for development of North Jiangsu was strengthened, and its growth rate was higher than the provincial average. We pushed forward distinctive development in Mid-Jiangsu, and accelerated cross-river cooperation and industrial clustering. The emergence of Central Jiangsu picked up paces. We promoted the development of South Jiangsu and stepped up economic restructuring by further improving its capacity of development through innovation. The international competitiveness of South Jiangsu was further enhanced. Coastal development of Jiangsu was upgraded to a national strategy and costal development moved onto a fast track. New headway was made in economic integration of the Yangtze River Delta and inter-provincial cooperation. New achievements were made in the one-to-one assistance to Tibet, Xinjiang and Qinghai.

4 Continuing deepening reform and opening up and adding dynamism to economic and social development

Reform in major areas made new headway. The reforms in province, city and county-level government institutions and township-level institutions were basically finished. The pilot program of system reform in province-directly-administered counties (cities) and the pilot program of administrative management system reform in developed townships were carried out in an orderly manner. We pressed ahead with the reform of public utilities according to different categories. We introduced the fiscal system of tax distribution which features the decentralization of financial resources, deepened the reform of fiscal management system in the counties directly administered by the province, and established and improved the mechanism for guaranteeing adequate basic financial resources for county governments. In the past five years, RMB 503.9 billion was transferred from province-level financial resources to cities and counties. The pilot reform program of transforming business tax to value-added tax was inaugurated. We promoted innovative development of finance, and the financial system was further improved. The financial assets of the whole province were 2.6 times more at the end of 2012 than that at the end of 2007. We deepened the reform of state-owned enterprises and encouraged faster development of the private sector. The pilot program of comprehensive supplementary reforms also achieved progress.

Opening up took big strides forward. We deepened the implementation of the strategy of economic internationalization. The export-oriented economy became larger in scale, improved in structure and better in quality, and carrier construction was enhanced. Our foreign trade volume accounted for one seventh of the national total in 2012, and foreign trade volume in service increased by 6.2 times in the past five years. The paid-in foreign capital exceeded USD 146.8 billion in cumulative terms, remaining in the leading position in the country. We made investment in 1,828 projects abroad with USD 12.46 billion worth of agreed investment from the Chinese side, an annual increase of 68.2%. We established 31 state-level development zones and 100 provincial-level ones. The development zones of various kinds created more than half of the economic aggregate of the province, and the rate of their contribution was greatly improved. International exchanges and cooperation were expanded and deepened, with 254 pairs of international sister cities. In the past five years, 2.6 million person-times travelled abroad at their own expenses, and we received 32.8 million person-times of foreign visitors. Our work on Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and overseas Chinese affairs were enhanced.  

5 Ensuring and improving people’s well-being and comprehensively enhancing social development

The people’s livelihood kept improving. During the past five years, RMB 1.831 trillion worth of public finance was spent in the people’s livelihood and social undertakings, accounting for 72.1% of the public fiscal expenditure, including RMB 983.7 billion since the 12th Five-year Plan, accounting for 74.4% of the public fiscal expenditure. We implemented the plan to double residents’ income in seven years. The income of both urban and rural residents increased rapidly. The basic pension of enterprise retirees was raised by over 10% annually, and famers’ income increased faster than that of urban residents for three consecutive years. The size of employment kept expanding. About 6.28 million jobs were created in the past five years in cities and townships. The registered unemployment rate remained under 3.3% in cities and townships. The overall employment rate of university graduates remained over 90% at the end of the year. A total of 18.23 million rural laborers were transferred, with a transferring rate of 68.5%. We achieved full coverage of basic living allowances as well as medical and old-age insurance, and over 95% of population enjoyed main social insurances. We substantially improved insurances for urban workers, medical insurances for residents and new type of rural cooperative medical insurance. We steadily drove ahead provincial coordination in elderly care insurance for enterprise employees as well as municipal coordination in medical, unemployment and work compensation insurances. The inter-regional transfer and continuation of social security relations of endowment insurance and medical insurance was realized. Subsistence allowances for urban and rural residents increased by 54% and 107% respectively. We improved the mechanism to raise social assistance and social security benefits when commodity prices rise, and the livelihood of the people with difficulties was ensured. About 1.559 million units (households) of low-income housing projects started to be built in cumulative terms, and 56,000 households received house-renting subsidies. The impoverished rural residents with an annual net income of less than RMB 2,500 have been lifted out of poverty, and a new round of poverty alleviation through development program which targets at RMB 4,000 were carried out. The establishment of the Six Systems in public services, namely, lifelong education, employment service, social insurance, basic healthcare, housing guarantee and elderly care service, has been in full swing, and the practical tasks of various types concerning people’s well-being were all fulfilled.

Social undertakings made continuous progress. We formulated and implemented the outline of mid and long-term plan for educational reform and development to prioritize input into education. Free compulsory education was achieved in both urban and rural areas. The gross enrollment rates of senior high schools and institutions of higher learning reached 98% and 47% respectively. The development level of education of various levels and types was greatly improved. We accelerated the reform and development of medical and healthcare programs. Full coverage of basic drug system was realized in government-sponsored community medical and healthcare institutions and village-based clinics. The pilot program to reform public hospitals was carried out steadily. The three-tier medical and healthcare service network was primarily put into place in rural areas. Full coverage of healthcare service institutes was realized in urban communities. We took the lead in the work on healthcare reform in the country. The work on population and birth control was enhanced comprehensively. Progress was made in solving problems related to population in a coordinated manner. Social endowment service system was primarily set up. We improved the public cultural service system, and accelerated the construction of major cultural facility projects and grassroots cultural programs that benefited the people. The transformation of for-profit state-owned cultural agencies into enterprises, the internal reform of non-profit cultural institutions and the reform of cultural administrative management system were primarily completed. Cultural creation became more prosperous, increasingly enriching people’s cultural life. Competitive sports and recreational sports were developed in a coordinated manner. Athletes from our province scored outstanding achievements in Beijing Olympics, London Olympics and other important games at home and abroad.

We ramped up efforts in social management through strengthening the fundamental work of the grass-root units, implementing the community management pattern of One Party Committee, One Neighborhood Committee, One Service Station and One Comprehensive Management Office and improving the social management and service network step by step. We promoted publicity and education on the legal system and conscientiously advanced democracy and rule of law. We strengthened the investigation and monitoring of social conflicts and conducted risk evaluation on social stability. Public complaints lodged via letters and visits were earnestly handled. We pressed ahead with the work of building a safe Jiangsu and construction of a society under the rule of law by strengthening the overall management of the society and accelerating the building of a three-dimensional security prevention and control system. Crime and illegal activities were prevented and cracked down in accordance with the law. Jiangsu led the country in social security administration and the public sense of security. Monitoring and rectification of safety risks moved on steadily and overall situation of work safety remained sound. Special programs on products quality and food and drug safety were launched in a steady manner. New progress was made in ethnic minorities work, religion, archives, records and consultancy. New achievements were scored in the work of women, children, youth, senior citizens, disabled people, Red Cross and charity. A lot of work was done in national defense mobilization, replacement work and preferential treatment for families of servicemen and martyrs, construction of militia and reserve troops and civil air defense. The national defense research and drill was carried out successfully. 18 cities won the title of role model of the Two Supports initiative. And the solidarity between the military and the government and between the military and the people was further consolidated.

In the past five years, we strengthened government building in a practical way. Notable achievements were made in the construction of a service-oriented government through further transforming government function, promoting transparency, implementing performance-based management and strengthening the construction of the clean and honest government.

Fellow deputies, all the achievements in the past five years would not have been possible without the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the solid foundation laid since reform and opening-up, and the concerted effort and hard work of all the people across the province. On behalf of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, I would like to extend my highest tribute and heartfelt gratitude to all the people across the province. My gratitude also goes to the deputies of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Congress, members of CPPCC Jiangsu Branch, democratic parties, federations of commerce and industry, mass organizations, people from all walks of life, the People’s Liberation Army stationed in Jiangsu, the armed police forces and public security police as well as to our compatriots in the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions, in Taiwan, overseas as well as foreign friends.

Meanwhile, we are keenly aware that our socio-economic development still faces many difficulties and problems. Firstly, structural problems of economy remain prominent. More efforts are needed to optimize industrial restructuring, enhance innovation capacity and improve the business environment. It remains an arduous task to stimulate economic transformation and upgrading. Secondly, the development will be better coordinated. The dual structure in urban and rural economy seriously impedes further development. We will address the development disparity among regions, the constraints of resources and environment as well as challenges in reducing pollution. Thirdly, vulnerable spots still exist in tasks concerning people’s livelihood. Allocation of public resources and public service system could be improved and lack of good faith occurs occasionally. The pressure to balance interests among different groups and maintain social stability is growing. Fourthly, efforts in construction of government will be strengthened. We are aware that transformation of government functions is incomplete, and the service and working style of some government departments need to be improved. Some formalistic and bureaucratic practices still exist. We need to intensify our efforts to fight against corruption and advocate clean and honest administration. We will definitely follow the spirit of being highly responsible to the people and attach great importance to the existing problems and solve them with practical and forceful measures.       

II  Objectives for Next Five Years

The next five years represents a critical period for building a well-off society at a higher level in all respects and starting a new journey of basically realizing modernization in Jiangsu. Given the situation at home and abroad, we remain at an important period of strategic opportunities and the economic outlook remains positive. However, we are also aware that the global economy is complex and volatile and that Jiangsu is faced with challenges of imbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable development. Based on Jiangsu’s realities and with the overall picture in mind, we will firmly grasp opportunities effectively respond to challenges to create new advantages and break new grounds for scientific development.  

The overall requirement of the work of the government in the next five years is that we will comprehensively implement the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress and hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, take the Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thought of Three Represents and the Scientific Outlook on Development as our guide, follow the main line of scientific development and transforming the economic development pattern, further implement the Six Strategies and the Eight Projects and promote the construction of socialist economy, politics, culture, society and eco-civilization in a coordinated manner. We will step up efforts in providing initiatives for endogenous growth driven by innovation, creating an urban and rural development pattern in which both regions develop in a coordinated and integrated manner, and creating more vigorous and efficient reform and opening up advantages. Efforts will also be put in maintaining social stability and enhancing people’s livelihood, constructing a resource-saving and environment-friendly system of eco-civilization with a view to building a well-off society at a higher level in all respects and starting the new journey of realizing basic modernization.

We have set the following major targets for the economic and social development in the coming five years:

We will enhance the comprehensive economic strength. We will maintain sound growth of the economy; the GDP will rise by 10%; the annual per capita GDP will increase by 10%; significant progress will be made in building the province into an economically advanced one.

We will enhance the capacity to pursue innovation-driven development. We will endeavor to improve the regional innovation system and enhance the innovation capability. The input into R&D will rise to 2.6% of GDP and the contribution rate of technological progress will be lifted to 62%. We will take the lead in basically building Jiangsu into an innovative province.

We will constantly optimize industrial structure. We will accelerate the development of emerging industries and upgrading the traditional industries. The output value from hi-tech industries will account for 42% of total industrial output above a certain designated scale. And the added value from services will take up 50% of GDP. We will further enhance the modernization level of agriculture and preliminarily establish a modern industrial system.

We will further coordinate the development of urban and rural areas. We will remarkably improve integration level of urban and rural development and foster a modern urban and rural pattern on the whole, featuring complementary functions, distinct characteristics, and enchanting and livable environment. Urbanization rate will be raised to 67%. We will advance coordinated regional development of South, Central and North Jiangsu, and make headway in development of coastal areas.

We will consolidate the soft power of culture of the province. We will make great efforts to interiorize the socialist core value system, vigorously carry forward new-time Jiangsu Spirit of Entrepreneurship, innovation, excellence, striving, pace-setting and leading, and improve the civilization quality of citizens as well as civilization level of the whole society. Service system of public culture covering the urban and rural areas will be completed. Culture industry will be turned into the pillar industry in Jiangsu and the groundwork of building a strong cultural province will be further cemented.

We will thoroughly facilitate the construction of ecological civilization. The concept of ecological civilization will be integrated into all aspects of economic and social development. We will continuously optimize the pattern of national land use, basically formulate a layout of development priority zones, and substantially raise the level of intensively utilizing resources. Energy consumption per unit of GDP and emission volume of main pollutants will experience prominent decline, and living environment will be remarkably ameliorated.

We will comprehensively improve people’s living standard. We will accomplish the plan to double people’s income in seven years as scheduled and further narrow the gap between income of urban and rural residents. We will continue to promote educational modernization, more sufficient and quality employment, full coverage of social insurance, and essential formulation of housing security system. We will ensure medical and health service for every citizen in the main and establish a more sound system for basic public service.

We will continuously enhance the harmonious degree of society. The level of social construction and scientific management will be remarkably raised. We will progressively establish a social justice security system mainly contains justice for rights, opportunities, and rules, and give full play to people’s initiative and innovation. We will step forward in the construction of law-governed Jiangsu and Safe Jiangsu, with citizens living and working in peace and contentment along with society maintaining stability and order.

To accomplish striving goals of the following five years, we will strictly stick to the theme and main line while implementing the Scientific Outlook on Development in the whole process and every field of economic and social development. We will accelerate the transformation of economic development mode, and vigorously facilitate synchronous progress of new-type industrialization, IT application, urbanization and agricultural modernization in a bid to expedite comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable economic and social development. We will always adhere to the Two Leads by grasping the guiding role of achieving a well-off society in an all-round way and the index system of basically realizing modernization. We will focus on Eight Projects and actively explore a path with Jiangsu features in achieving scientific, leading and harmonious development. We will exert more efforts in deepening reform and opening up, optimize the systems and institutions conducive to scientific development, and create more advantages of an open economy to inject a powerful driving force into social and economic development. We will always prioritize improving people’s livelihood by setting people’s yearning for a better life as the striving goal of the government, continuously meeting people’s growing material and cultural needs, and ensuring people a more content and better life.

III  Major Tasks in 2013

This year marks the beginning of comprehensively carrying out the spirit of 18th National Congress of CPC, as well as a crucial year connecting the past and future in implementing the Twelfth Five-Year Plan. We will strictly adhere to the theme and main line, and continuously grip the general keynote of making progress while ensuring stability. Based on the overall situation, we will lay emphasis on key aspects by the spirit of exploration and innovation with a view to guaranteeing continuous and sound economic development as well as social harmony and stability.

We have set the following major targets for this year’s economic and social development: the GDP will rise by 10%; the general budgetary revenue will increase by 10%; the investment in fixed assets will be up by 18%; total sales of consumer goods will increase by 15%; foreign trade volume will rise by 5%; the proportion of investment in R&D in GDP will exceed 2.35%; the per capita income of urban and rural residents will increase by 10%, the rise of CPI will be kept at around 3.5%; the annual target of energy conservation and emission reduction will be fulfilled; the registered unemployment rate of urban residents will be under 4%; the natural population growth rate will stand at about 4‰. In projecting these targets, we have taken into consideration factors from all aspects with prudent weighting. These targets profoundly embody the requirement of making steady progress while ensuring stability, the demand of the Two Leads, and requirements of achieving comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development. We surely are stressed in accomplishing these targets, but capable of realizing them through concerted efforts of citizens all across Jiangsu.

To achieve the abovementioned targets, we will focus on the following ten aspects:

1. Sparing no efforts to push forward continuous and sound economic development

We will implement national macro-economic policy with increasing quality and efficiency of economic growth as central task. Regarding expansion of domestic demand as strategic basis, we will exert more efforts in widening international market, and give full play to the supporting role of real economy in stabilizing growth.

We will adequately tap the potential of consumption. We will ameliorate and innovate policies and methods for consumption expansion, vigorously cultivate consumption hotspots including culture, tourism, fitness, information and household services, push forward the development of emerging formats such as e-commerce, and advocate green consumption. We will improve the circulation system by lowering the cost. We will accelerate the breeding of large-scale trade circulation enterprises, and bring into full play the radiation and pulling role of main commercial zones. We will strengthen market regulation and quality supervision with a view to keep the overall price level basically stable.

We will make efforts to magnify effective input. We will give full play to the driving role of government. More financial fund will be put into supporting agriculture, farmers and rural areas, projects related to people’s livelihood and social welfare, transformation of structure, and ecological and environmental protection. We will actively advance a new round of infrastructure construction covering modern transportation, water conservancy, energy, new-type information technology, and municipal engineering and public facilities,  speed up the building of a batch of major industrial projects that bear on overall interests in the long term.  We will conscientiously implement, guide and promote specific operating rules for nongovernmental investment, further expand investment areas, lower threshold over market access and fully release the intrinsic vigor of private investment.

We will maintain stable growth of export. More efforts will be made in implementing policies and measures for retaining steady growth and advancing restructure. We will thoroughly carry out the strategies of prevailing by quality and market diversification, endeavor to consolidate traditional market, vigorously explore emerging markets, stabilize and increase international market share. We will strengthen classified guidance and follow-up service and spare no effort to stabilize foreign trade exportation in key areas, industries and enterprises. We will help enterprises properly handle trade frictions, promote trade facilitation and create a sound atmosphere for the development of foreign trade.

We will lend more support to the real economy. We will implement policy measures that are favorable for the development of the real economy, strengthen financing service to the real economy and solidly reduce financing costs as well as taxes and fees for enterprises. We will nurture a batch of leading enterprises and solve practical problems for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. We will earnestly organize exhibitions and help enterprises expand their market.

2. Deepening the innovation-driven strategy

We will bring Jiangsu’s advantages in science, education and talents, vigorously advance scientific and technological innovation projects and effectively increase innovation capacity.

We will step up efforts in building a market-oriented technological innovation system in which enterprises play the major role and industries, universities and research institutes enjoy effective cooperation. We will bring the role of companies as the main body of technological innovation and universities and research institutions as sources of innovation into full play. We will concentrate on collaborative innovation, original innovation, integrated innovation as well as the ability to import, digest, absorb and re-innovate technologies. We will encourage enterprises to establish the R&D center and promote its development, build over 1,000 new R&D centers and strive to own a total number of more than 6,000 national high-tech enterprises. We will speed up the implementation of major national science and technology projects, strengthen efforts in technology breakthroughs and master more core and key technology and intellectual property rights. We will carry out the pilot program of building state-level innovation-oriented cities and develop high-tech zones in an innovative manner. We will further national pilot programs of integrating science and technology and finance and set up a group of provincial demonstration zones featured by the cooperation between science and technology and finance.

We will make greater efforts to improve the cultivation of various talents. We will take multiple measures such as importing, nurturing and providing incentives to personnel and innovate the system and mechanism of human resource development. We will more quickly foster and attract high-caliber talents of innovation and entrepreneurship, high-level management personnel and highly skilled people. We will give full play to the capability of entrepreneurs and build our strength in technology, industry and economy by relying on our strengthen in human resource.

3. Putting more efforts in industrial restructuring

Based on the principle of “higher, simpler, better and stronger”, we will quicken the establishment of a modern industrial system.

We will make emerging industries bigger and stronger. By fully implementing the action plan of advancing the ten strategic emerging industries, we will focus on major projects, master core technology, nurture leading enterprises and build bases with distinct features. We will endeavor to achieve breakthroughs in occupying commanding heights of the economy, expanding market application and increasing core competitiveness. We will encourage the full play of local characteristics based on their individual plans and promote sound and rapid development of strategic emerging industries.

We will accelerate the development of modern services. We will achieve acceleration, structural optimization and quality improvement of service industry and ensure that the proportion of service industry increase by one percentage point. By deeply carrying out the Ten, Hundred and Thousand action plan of modern services, we will focus on producer services including financial services, software and information services and modern logistics. We will build modern service clusters, actively foster new business models and explore new fields so as to promote the service industry.

We will renovate and upgrade traditional industries. We will speed up the new-type industrialization and strive to fully integrate IT application with industrialization. We will energetically implement the action plan to upgrade 10,000 enterprises and the projects of large-scale technological renovation and IT promotion in enterprises. We will deepen the integration and utilization of information technology and advanced and applicable technologies, realizing a 18% increase of investment in technology renovation. We will encourage acquisitions and reorganizations among enterprises, promote the construction of industrial bases with distinct features in advanced manufacturing and create famous brands with international influence. We will intensify efforts in restructuring and optimizing some industries with excess capacity and in settling conflicts.

4. Balancing urban and rural development at a higher level

We will strive to do our work well related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers. By forcefully implementing the ten action plans of agricultural modernization, we will strengthen agriculture, benefit farmers and make them prosperous. We will consolidate and develop the sound trend of the increase of grain production, the improvement of agricultural efficiency, the growth of farmers’ income and the development of rural areas. We will increase the land area by 3 million mu (2,000 square kilometers) for agricultural operation on a proper scale and expand the areas for facility agriculture and fishery. We will speed up scientific and technological innovation and popularization of agriculture, put great effort in water conservancy, enhance the mechanization level of agriculture and improve the general exploitation and production capacity of agriculture. We will innovation the system for agriculture production and management, develop specialized farmer cooperatives and joint stock cooperatives and fasten the building of distribution system for farm products. We will stress green production and ensure the quality of agricultural products from the very beginning. We will deepen reform in land use system, perfect the transfer system for land contractual management right, fully respect the wishes of the people, and implement the policies in a strict manner. We will implement the strictest possible arable land protection and land use control, advance the comprehensive regulation and improvement for rural land use according to the law. We will carry out a new round of practical projects in the rural areas.

We will advance the integration of urban and rural development. Sticking to the guideline of industry nurturing agriculture and cities supporting rural areas, we will forcefully push forward Six Integrations in urban and rural planning, industrial distribution, infrastructure, public service, employment and social security and social management. We will better and innovate the mechanism for the integrated development in urban and rural areas and promote the balanced allocation of public resources. We will strengthen reform in household management system and orderly press ahead with the urbanization of the identity of rural migrant population.

We will improve the quality of urbanization and the level of modernization in cities. We will firmly promote urbanization, boost balanced development of large, medium-sized,small cities and towns and promote the quality of urbanization. Major cities will play a more important role in fueling development of neighboring areas. Medium and small-sized cities will do their role in introducing external elements and setting internal examples. Small towns provide solution to centralized living and intensive production. We will hasten the building of Nanjing urban circle and the “one city” construction of Nanjing, Zhenjiang and Yangzhou, enhance coordinated development of Suzhou, Wuxi and Changzhou urban circle and strengthen the radiating effect of core cities in Xuzhou urban circle.

5. Promoting regional coordinated development at a higher level

We will optimize the layout and encourage distinctive development in three major regions. We will center on the objective of completing the construction of a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way as scheduled and facilitate the rejuvenation of North Jiangsu. We will continue to strengthen our support to North Jiangsu, further promote Four Transfers, namely transfers of industries, finance, technology and talents and encourage joint establishment of development zones, and strive to speed up the distribution and construction of major infrastructures such as rail transits. With the consistent, targeted and effective One Strategy for One City being strengthened, we will support accelerating the rejuvenation of Xuzhou traditional industrial base, constructing Lianyungang as a national demonstration area of eastern, central and western regional cooperation, making greater breakthroughs in Suqian’s development, building Huai’an into a significant center of North Jiangsu and establishing the Yancheng national sustainable development trial plot, so as to constantly strengthen endogenous dynamics of North Jiangsu for development. Focusing on further enhancing the level of constructing an all-round moderately prosperous society, we will push forward the overall rise of Central Jiangsu. With in-depth advancing of integrated development of the Yangtze River and the Yellow Sea and joint development across the Yangtze River, we will encourage areas of Central Jiangsu along the Yangtze River to accelerate the integrated development with South Jiangsu and increase our support for the economic relatively weak areas in the connecting parts of Middle Jiangsu and North Jiangsu and entirely upgrade the development level of Central Jiangsu. Focusing on taking the lead in achieving the basic modernization, we will encourage South Jiangsu to take the lead in development. Fully taking advantage of the strategic opportunity of planning and constructing South Jiangsu as demonstration areas of modernization, we will support South Jiangsu to take the lead in exploring innovation practices and better play a leading demonstration role in independent innovation, industrial upgrading, urban and rural integration, open cooperation and ecological and livable environment. Thoroughly implementing the five-year promotion plan of coastal development, we will make new achievements in infrastructure construction including ports and railways, industrial development, urban construction, tidal development and environmental protection. With the development of land and sea being coordinated, we will vigorously develop ocean economy. We will support building Nantong to be an economic center in the north of Yangtze River Delta. We will deepen the regional cooperation in Yangtze River Delta and push forward the work of one-to-one support and assistance.

6. Vigorously pushing forward ecological civilization construction

We will thoroughly implement the strategy of development priority zones and projects of ecological civilization construction and push forward green development, circular development and low-carbon development in an effort to make the sky bluer, the land greener and the water cleaner.

We will strengthen energy conservation and emission reduction. Strict environmental entry standards, pollution emission standards and plan of closing down backward facilities will be implemented. Focusing on the energy conservation and emission reduction in key areas and key industries, we will vigorously push forward the energy conservation in areas of industry, construction, transportation and lives of citizens and carry out 2,000 key emission reduction projects. We will vigorously develop circular economy and clean production, conserve water resources, speed up adjusting the energy structure, develop and utilize new energy and renewable energy resources, promote the construction of national low-carbon pilot cities and low-carbon demonstration projects and do the green building demonstration project well.

We will strengthen environmental treatment. With emphasis on solving prominent problems in environmental pollution, we will thoroughly implement the Green Water and Blue Sky project. Comprehensive treatment of the Taihu Lake will be unremittingly carried out and prevention and control of water pollution of the Yangtze River, Huaihe River and line of the South-to-North water diversion and protection of marine environment will be intensified. We will effectively strengthen management and protection of drinking water sources and actively push forward urban and rural coordinated regional water supplies. We will strengthen prevention and control of city air pollution and earnestly reduce dust-haze pollution. We will strengthen prevention and control of agricultural non-point source pollution, soil pollution, hazardous waste pollution and heavy metal pollution and effectively give special treatment to pollution in key industries. We will thoroughly implement actions of building beautiful urban and rural areas by pushing forward environment clean-up of villages, dredging country channels and clean urban channels and actively promoting full coverage of sewage and garbage treatment facilities in cities and towns.

We will push forward ecological construction. We will strengthen the protection of key ecological function zones and biological diversity and improve production capacity of ecological products. We will energetically push forward the construction of ecological protective forests, important highway and railway green passages, ecological residential districts and green villages. We will increase 404 square kilometers of forestation area and 1,000 square kilometers of forest tending area and expand urban green land. We will intensify the construction of ecological civilization and consistently upgrade the level of ecological civilization construction.

7. Unswervingly deepening reform and expanding opening-up

We will put emphasize on overall plan, respect the creativity of the grass-root level and encourage early and pilot implementation policy to see to it that notable breakthroughs are made in reform and opening-up.

We will deepen the reform of critical areas and key links. The relationship between the government and market will be properly handled. We will treat the market rules with more respects and urge the government to play a better role so as to build a fair market environment for all sectors of the economy. We will deepen the reform of administration system by steadfastly pushing forward reform of strong county empowerment, pilot reform of county (city) directly administrated under the provincial government and pilot reform of administrative system of economically developed town, and increase economic vitality in county regions. We will intensify the reform of administrative approval system. The classification and reform of government-sponsored institutions will be further carried out. We will deepen the reform of management systems of state-owned enterprises and state-owned assets and support the private economy to speed up development. We will deepen the reform of financial and tax system. A new round of county-level basic funding security mechanism will be improved, the transfer payment structure will be optimized, and the work of collecting value-added tax instead of sales tax will be orderly carried out. We will accelerate the development of modern financial industry by pushing forward multilevel construction of capital market, supporting enterprises to be listed and expand financing scale, and feasibly preventing the regional and systematic financial risks. We will deepen the comprehensive reform of education and advance the construction of pilot area of education reform and development. We will further advance the reform of medical and health system, with emphasis placed on comprehensive pilot reform of county-level public hospitals and consolidating and improving essential drug system and new operation mechanism of community-level medical and health institutions. We will deepen the reform of cultural mechanism by strengthening service capabilities of non-profit cultural institutions and improving corporate governance structure of commercial cultural institutions. We will deepen the reform of resource-intensive products pricing and environmental protection charging and establish and improve the system of ecological transfer payment. We will further promote comprehensive supporting reforms and give full play to the demonstration roles of reform pilots including Nanjing scientific and technological system reform, Suzhou urban and rural integrated development, Wuxi Resource-conserving and Environment-friendly Society construction, Suqian regional coordinated development and Taizhou transformation and upgrading.   

We will propel the opening up to a new level. With emphasis on optimizing structures, expanding depth and improving efficiency, we will nurture new advantages for an innovative economy. We will vigorously develop services trade and services outsourcing, promote the transformation and upgrading of processing trade, and strengthen the construction of export brands and quality and safety demonstration bases of export products. The import will play a supporting role in adjusting the structures. Imports of advanced technologies, key equipment and important resource raw materials will be increased and the 2nd China International Export Expo will be well organized. We will orient more foreign investment toward hi-tech industries, modern service industries and modern agriculture. We will actively introduce headquarters economy and functional institutions and enhance overall benefits of utilizing foreign capital. We will deepen Jiangsu-Taiwan economic and trade cooperation, improve the regular exchanges mechanism between Jiangsu and Hong Kong and Macau and expand cooperation space in multiple areas. We will expedite the paces of “going global” on the part of enterprises and strengthen their cross-border operation capacity. We will promote the construction of overseas economic and trade cooperation zones and industrial clusters, boost outbound investment, enhance investment efficiency and fuel export. We will forcefully advance resources integration and functional upgrading in development zones so as to facilitate intensive and innovative development with distinctive features. We will continue to deepen the opening up in sci-tech, education, culture, health and tourism.

8. Intensifying efforts to build a culturally powerful province

We will adhere to the forward direction of socialist advanced culture, unleash the creative vitality of culture and enhance the overall strength and competitiveness of culture.

We will strengthen the building of the socialist core value system. We will carry out public education of socialism with Chinese characteristics, guide people to build up confidence in the path, theory and system, actively foster socialist core value and endeavor to race to the top and take the lead nationwide, strengthen ideological and moral education, encourage popular participation in building spiritual civilization, and extensively carry out volunteer services and nationwide reading activities to disseminate the knowledge of science and culture and to comprehensively raise the quality of citizens and social civilization level. We will strengthen governance credibility, business credibility, social credibility and judicial credibility.  

We will vigorously develop non-profit cultural programs. We will improve public cultural service system, launch key cultural projects that benefit the people, step up construction of major cultural facility projects, continue to promote them to open to the public for free and extend public cultural services to the communities and rural areas. We will give a boost to the development and prosperity of philosophy and social sciences, radio, TV and film, press and publication as well as literature and arts, create and develop the modern communication system, carry on local outstanding culture, and produce more great works and top-notch talents. We will scale up the protection and utilization of cultural relics.

We will grow and expand the cultural industry. We will implement the strategy of expanding cultural industry via major cultural projects, cultivate key cultural enterprises, promote the deep integration between culture and science and technology and finance, develop new-type cultural forms, including digital culture and internet culture and accelerate the building of cultural industrial bases and special cultural industrial parks. We will boost the prosperity of cultural market and strengthen the management of cultural market.  

9. Strengthening and innovating social management

We will energetically push forward the project of social management innovation and improve social management laws and regulations, institution and mechanism, capacity building, talent training and IT application level in an effort to comprehensively enhance the scientific level of social management.

We will continue to intensify the basic work at the community level, push down the focus of social management, improve the three-tier social management and service platform of county (city, district), town and township (street) and community (village) and strengthen the community service functions in both urban and rural areas. We will expand democracy at the community level, do well in the election of the tenth village committee, strengthen the responsibilities of enterprises, public institutions and mass organizations in social management and services, guide social organizations’ development in a sound and orderly manner and give full play to the fundamental role of people in social management. We will intensify efforts to identify and handle social conflicts, improve the social stability risk assessment mechanism and strengthen the building of emergency management system. We will launch campaigns of leaders’ going to the grassroots units and receiving the visits of people, do well in the work of receiving the letters and visits of people, secure the channel for people to express their demands and improve the mechanism to coordinate different interests and to safeguard people’s rights and interests. We will strengthen management of network society and push forward the standardized and orderly operation of network in accordance with the law. We will improve and innovate in management of and services for migrant population and special groups. We will steadily launch campaigns to put in place rule of law and enhance the level of building Jiangsu into a rule of law society. We will deepen the construction of a peaceful Jiangsu, strengthen the comprehensive treatment of social security and strengthen the building of social security prevention and control system and public security facilities. We will strictly implement the workshop safety responsibilities and curb the outbreak of extraordinary major safety accidents. We will strengthen supervision to ensure food and drug safety. We will enhance the capabilities to prevent meteorological, geological and earthquake disasters. 

We will thoroughly carry out national defense education and improve the quality of national defense mobilization and reserve troops building. We will promote integrated development between the military and the people. We will intensify efforts in supporting the military and soldier families as well as the government and the people, further improve the work of replacement for demobilized soldiers and give them preferential treatment so as to consolidate and strengthen the healthy momentum of solidarity between the military, government and the people.

10. Taking concrete measures to guarantee and improve people’s well-being

We will thoroughly implement the program to bring happiness to the people and earnestly conduct practical undertakings to improve people’s livelihood. We will accelerate the construction of Six Systems and make all the people have equal access to and benefit from development achievements in a fairer way.

We will expand channels to increase income of the residents. We will earnestly implement the program of doubling the income of residents in seven years by focusing on famers, enterprise employees, people with middle and low income, families in difficulties and the disadvantaged group. We will work hard to increase the salary income of urban and rural residents, energetically boost the growth of operational income, expand the channels to increase proprietary income and steadily raise the transfer income. We will promote fairness in income distribution, increase the farmers’ share in the distribution of land value increment, and strive to narrow the income gap between urban and rural areas and among different social groups. We will intensify our efforts to relieve poverty in and promote the development of 12 key counties and 6 contiguous areas.

We will improve the employment service system. We will adopt a more proactive employment policy and strive to achieve higher-quality employment. We will give priority to the employment of key groups, such us university graduates, rural migrant workers, urban residents who have difficulties in finding jobs, and ex-servicepersons, to ensure that over one million more jobs are created in cities and towns and over 250, 000 transferred rural migrant workers get employed. We will implement the action plan for skill training and enhance the capacity of the job seekers. We will stimulate the passion for business startup in the whole society, vigorously develop the entrepreneurship-oriented city and expand job opportunities by starting new business. We will ameliorate regulations for urban-rural unified registration and management of both employment and unemployment. We will actively push forward the system for collective consultation on salaries in enterprises and build harmonious labor relations.        

We will establish the social security system covering both urban and rural areas. We will stabilize the coverage of major social insurance programs and grant social security cards to over 30 million people. We will integrate the old-age insurance system for non-working urban residents and rural population, continue to increase the basic old-age pension for enterprise retirees, raise the basic pension in the old-age insurance for non-working urban residents and rural population, and promote the growth of subsidy to urban residents living on subsistence allowance, rural households with “five guarantees” support and the entitled group. We will adopt comprehensive and effective approaches to further elevate the level of medical care insurance for urban and rural residents. We will put in place and improve the social security system for farmers whose land is expropriated. We will strengthen the construction and management of low-income housing, and take concrete steps to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged groups. We will speed up the establishment of the social elderly care system, provide better services to the elderly, and give prominence to spiritual care for them. We will improve social assistance system, strengthen legal aid and judicial assistance, and give support to the development of charities.

We will run education to the satisfaction of the people. We will give priority to the development of education, increase the investment in education, and ensure to meet the legal requirements of the country on the growth of educational expenditure. We will press ahead with education for all-around development, increase education quality and promote fairness in education. We will take concrete measures to facilitate preschool education, promote quality and balanced development of compulsory education, enhance the level of senior high school education, vigorously develop modern vocational education, bring out the full potential for development of higher education, give support to the development of special education and establish the system of lifelong education. We will encourage and guide nongovernmental entities to run educational programs and establish a team of high-caliber teaching staff.

We will improve people’s health. We will strengthen the medical insurance system that covers the whole population, build and develop mechanisms for handling public health emergencies along with preventing and controlling major diseases, facilitate the building of standard-based primary healthcare service institutions, and continue to reduce the debt on township health clinics. We will strengthen team-building at the primary level and increase professional expertise of the medical staff. We will accelerate the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine, do a good job in population and family planning, attach great importance to the prevention and treatment of birth defects, enhance qualities of newborns in an all-round way, and improve the interests orientation mechanism for family planning. We will advocate healthy and civilized lifestyle, launch national fitness programs extensively, promote comprehensive development of competitive sports and recreational sports, and give full support to the hosting of the Asian Youth Games 2013 and the preparation of the Youth Olympic Games 2014.

Fellow deputies, it is the essential duty and responsibility of the government to bring benefits to the people’s livelihood and resolve difficulties for the people. This year we will continue to make unremitting efforts in the following ten aspects to ensure and improve people’s livelihood. First, we will help people who have employment difficulties find jobs. Priority will be given to creating a total number of 5,000 public service jobs at the primary level and 16,000 internship positions for university graduates. We will endeavor to make 360,000 laid-off urban workers get re-employed and 50,000 people with employment difficulties finding jobs. Second, we will proceed with education programs that benefit the people. We will renovate or construct 5-million-square-meter buildings for primary and middle schools, build or expand 800 rural kindergartens, provide free education to secondary vocational school students according to relevant regulations, and introduce free one-year preschool education in places where conditions permit. Third, we will boost the level of medical security. The subsidy to medical insurance enjoyed by non-working urban and rural residents will be raised from 240 RMB per person-year to 280 RMB. We will materialize availability of general practitioners at each and every community service center and rural health clinic throughout the province, strive for making over 65% of all community centers implement mechanism of family doctors, and carry out first aid training for another one million persons and more. Fourth, efforts in constructing low-income housing will be reinforced. The construction of 230,000 units of affordable housing has just begun, 180,000 units have almost been completed, 40,000 households have received their low-rent housing subsidies, which all lead to the accumulated supporting capability of over 2 million low-income housing units. Fifth, we will deliver better services for the elderly and intensify our efforts in providing aid to the disabled. The minimum basic pension under the old-age insurance for both urban and rural residents will be raised to 80 yuan/person-month. We will vigorously ameliorate the living facilities and security conditions in rural nursing homes. 2,000 home-based elderly care centers will be built in communities and 30,000 beds for the aged will be provided. Foster care service will be provided to another 20,000 disable people. Sixth, we will take good care of those left-behind and migrant women and children. We will support millions of the left-behind and migrant women to find jobs or start up on their own at their nearest convenience. Examination of specific diseases covering all women in rural areas will be realized. The safety guardianship will also benefit 1.6 million left-behind and migrant children. Seventh, people’s cultural and sports life will be enriched. The digitalization of the Provincial Library, the Art Gallery and the Museum will be advanced to realize sharing throughout the province. We will thoroughly carry out activities in facilitating the grassroots to have excess to books, Chinese operas and movies. Facilities for physical exercise and body building purposes will be available within 10 minutes of travel for residents in 70% of urban communities, and 400 km of health-enhancing walk paths will be constructed. Eighth, we will facilitate travel for both urban and rural residents. 200 bus lines and 3,000 eco-buses will be newly introduced. Roads in rural areas will be upgraded and improved. 4,000 km of roads in rural areas as well as 1,000 bridges will be reconstructed. Full coverage of passenger buses to all administrative villages will be basically accomplished. Ninth, living environment for both urban and rural residents will be meliorated. Problems concerning safe drinking water for three million rural residents shall be fully addressed. South Jiangsu shall fully complete the environmental overhaul in villages, while North Jiangsu and Middle Jiangsu shall accomplish more than 40% of the renovation tasks. Over 2,500 km of trunk and branch network of sewage water pipes will be constructed. The daily sewage disposal capacity will be increased by 800,000 m3 in urban areas. Ability of monitoring PM 2.5 in urban areas of provincial municipalities should be enhanced, and full coverage of monitoring PM2.5 in counties should be basically achieved. Tenth, the poverty alleviation and wellbeing programs will be rigorously implemented. For this year, one million low-income rural residents should be ensured to earn RMB 4,000, a new-round standard for poverty alleviation. We should earnestly reinforce our efforts in assisting and supporting the disadvantaged groups in rural areas.

Fellow deputies, we are shouldering great responsibilities in achieving this year’s goals concerning various socio-economic development tasks and the common aspirations of the people of Jiangsu. With intensified sense of mission and duty and awareness of potential problems lying ahead, we shall remain, as always, enthusiastic and diligent in faithfully performing our work, and shall work hard to build a service-oriented government that satisfies our people. First, our work style will be refined in a practical manner. The eight provisions of the Central Government as well as the ten regulations of the Provincial CPC Committee with regard to refining the work style and maintaining close ties with the people shall be strictly followed. The truth-seeking spirit and the hardworking attitude shall be powerfully carried forward. Every official shall speak the truth, avoid empty words, be willing to shoulder responsibilities and be truthful in speech and firm in action. We shall learn more about the reality, by looking deep inside the grassroots, pushing forward the campaign of Three Solutions and Three Promotions and highlighting researches and investigations, so that the decisions we make and the work we do are conducive to solving real problems of people’s concern. We will carry on the legacy of hard work, adhere to carrying out the work in an industrious and thrifty manner and be resolute to put up with formalism and bureaucracy. We will vigorously focus on implementation of our work; for each set target, policy and deployment we are determined to working till tangible result is achieved. Second, better governmental services are to be delivered. We will continue the transformation of government functions that public services will be delivered in a better and more efficient way and social justice and equity will be soundly safeguarded. We shall go all out to handling concrete and difficult affairs for the grassroots, and practically tackling the outstanding problems that the general public concerns most. We will fully strengthen the performance-based management, push forward the construction of an information-based government, innovate the way of governing, reduce administrative cost, optimize the governmental affairs and enhance government executive ability and public trust. Third, we will adhere to execute administration in accordance with the law. We will execute administrative power strictly in line with official competences, adhere to making decisions in a scientific, democratic and lawful way, emphasize legislation in key sectors and earnestly carry out administrative reexamination. Supervision to administrative operation shall be intensified. We will willingly accept legal and work oversight of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Congress and democratic oversight of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Jiangsu Branch and its Standing Committee, attach importance to the oversight from the general public and the media, strengthen administrative and auditing supervision. We shall actively promote greater transparency of administrative affairs, as well as government fiscal budget and settlement, improve the mechanism of government news release, and uphold the principle that power must be exercised in the sunshine. Fourth, building of a clean government will be enhanced. We will give all-out in improving the system of punishing and preventing corruption, taking standardizing power exercise as the focus and mechanism building as the main line. We will strictly implement all regulations concerning party affairs and building a clean government, strengthening anti-corruption education and resolutely fighting against various cases in violation of laws and codes of conduct. Expenses of the three public consumptions will fall under tough control. Our limited resources and finance shall be devoted to causes that really promote development and improve people’s livelihood. Training and management of public servants will be intensified that a powerful team of public servants that are politically-determined, competent and honest, with a fine work style will be formed.

Fellow deputies, the new journey has begun and the new target is inspiring. Let’s unite closely around CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as General Secretary, follow the leadership of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, earnestly act in the spirit of the 18th National Congress of CPC, further broaden our mind, strive for innovation with a truth-seeking spirit and work together with one mind to pursue an even brighter future of Jiangsu!  

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