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2011 Report on the Work of the Government
updated on:2011-08-09 16:10

Fellow Deputies,

        On behalf of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, I now present to you report on the work of the government for your deliberation and approval. I also invite the members of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) to provide comments and suggestions.

        I  Review of Work in 2009

        Last year was the most difficult year for Jiangsu’s economic development since the beginning of the 21st century. It was also a year when we made joint effort to overcome the difficulties, withstood the test and forged ahead in unity. Severely impacted by the international financial crisis, our foreign trade dropped sharply, business suffered and economic growth slowed down notably. In the face of the grave challenges, under the leadership of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, we faithfully implemented the decisions and deployment of CPC Central Committee and the State Council, adhered to the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theory and the Important Thought of “Three Represents” and followed the Scientific Outlook on Development. Standing firm in our resolves, we met the difficulties head on and spared no effort to sustain growth, safeguard people’s livelihood and maintain stability. Remarkable achievement has been scored in our reform and opening-up drive and socialist modernization endeavor. With rising economic growth rate, optimizing economic structure, higher quality of development, enhanced social programs and improving people’s living standard, we have successfully fulfilled the objectives set on the 2nd Session of the Eleventh Provincial People’s Congress. Jiangsu’s GDP in 2009 hit RMB 3.4061 trillion, up by 12.4% over the previous year. Per capita GDP stood at RMB 44,232, or USD 6,457. General budgetary revenue reached RMB 322.9 billion, an increase of 18.2%. Fixed asset investment grew by 23.5% and total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 18.9%. Energy consumption per unit GDP decreased by 6%. COD and sulfur dioxide discharge were cut by 3% and 5.1% respectively. Per capita disposable income of urban residents was registered RMB 20,552 and net per capita income of rural residents RMB 8,004, up by 10.5% and 9.4% in real terms. Consumer price dropped by 0.4% and registered employment rate of urban residents was 3.25%. Natural growth rate of population was 2.56%. 10 programs to improve people’s wellbeing were completed on schedule.

        Over the last year, we mainly undertook the following work.
        1.Implementing national macro-control policies and maintaining steady and fast economic development

        Strengthening policy measures. We implemented the package plan and policies of the central government, promulgated a series of policy measures to facilitate economic upturn in all sectors. We put in place a RMB 300 billion government investment plan, which motivated another RMB 1.2 trillion investment from the private sector. We earmarked RMB 27.7 billion from the provincial budget for growth guarantee and development promotion. We got 4 batches of central government new investment totaling RMB 6,527 million for boosting domestic demand, involving 711 large-and-medium-sized projects with RMB 85.7 billion total investment. RMB 8.4 billion local government bonds and RMB 43.1 billion corporate bonds were issued. Value added tax reform and tax reduction policy were carried out and administrative and institutional charges as well as commercial service charges were sorted out. Altogether there was a tax cut of RMB 55.5 billion and tax refund of RMB 114.2 billion. Financial support was strengthened with a total of more than RMB 1 trillion credit growth and direct financing, 2.2 times of that in the previous year.

        Enhancing the driving force of investment and consumption. We focused on expanding effective input and pushed for smooth progress in major infrastructure projects including the Jiangsu section of Beijing-Shanghai High-speed railway, Shanghai-Nanjing intercity railway, Nanjing-Hangzhou intercity railway, Nanjing railway hub, Taizhou Bridge, Lianyungang 300,000-tonnage waterway and ore terminal, 3rd phase container terminal of Taicang Port, northwards extension project of the Tongyu River, and 1st phase South-North Water Diversion project. Major industrial projects picked up pace. We actively expanded household consumption, explored the rural market, supported purchase of homes to be used as their owners’ residence and boosted consumption-driving economic growth.

        Promoting sustained development of agriculture and the rural areas. We achieved improvement in grain production, agriculture efficiency and farmers’ income and stability in the rural areas for 6 years in a row. The provincial government provided RMB 42.7 billion input to the work related to agriculture, rural areas and farms. Grain production reached 32.3 billion kilograms, marking the highest since the year 2000. High-efficiency agriculture coverage grew by 191,333.33 hectare, i.e. more than 30% of the arable land. The new round of six programs to improve rural residents’ wellbeing was moving steadily forward and new progress was made in building new countryside.

        Consolidating differentiated guidance to different areas. We facilitated economic transformation and upgrade in South Jiangsu and bolstered Central Jiangsu and North Jiangsu’s development. The central and northern areas contributed 42.3% to Jiangsu’s overall economic growth, up by 2.9 percentage points. South-north cooperative development zones made steady headways. The coastal development plan was fully implemented. Ports and other major infrastructure were beefed up. Business events were held at home and overseas to attract industrial projects to Jiangsu.

        Providing one-to-one assistance to other regions in China. We invested more than RMB 10 billion in assisting Mianzhu, a quake-hit area in Sichuan Province, with their restoration and reconstruction work, which marked 70% of the investment target. The assistance work was highly appreciated by the local people. Achievements were also made in our assistance program in Tibet and Xinjiang.

        2.Promoting restructuring and accelerating economic transformation and upgrade

        Pushing forward industrial optimization and upgrade. 11 key programs of industrial restructuring and revitalization as well as supported policies were formulated. Specific measures on speeding up industrial optimization and upgrading were proposed and a fund of RMB 2 billion was established for restructuring and revitalization. Value added of industries above designated sizes hit RMB 1.6727 trillion, up by 14.6%, of which private sector contributed RMB 828.9 billion, i.e. 49.6%. More than 100 companies registered revenue higher than RMB 10 billion. The proportion of high-tech industries in industries above designated sizes increased by 1.5 percentage points and reached 30%. Great efforts were made to foster strategic emerging industries, which led to rapid development in new energy and smart power grid, new material, bio-tech and new pharmaceutical, energy-saving and environmental protection, software and service outsourcing. The construction of Wuxi National Innovation Demonstration Area of Sensor Network was started. Development of modern service industry was stepped up. The industry generated RMB 1,355.6 billion value added and its share in the province’s GDP rose by 1.1 percentage points.

        Expediting independent innovation. Jiangsu’s R&D input totaled RMB 68 billion, taking up 2% in GDP. Corporate and regional innovation capacity was improved markedly. Provincial government fund for technological innovation and research output transfer increased to RMB 2.1 billion and 135 transfer programs were implemented. 200 techno parks and incubators of various kinds were built and over 900 technological platforms were established. The number of patent application and granting grew by 41% and 52% respectively. Universities and research institutes were given a bigger role in technological innovation. Many high-caliber talents as well as innovative and entrepreneurial teams were attracted to Jiangsu.

        Promoting energy-saving, emission reduction and environmental protection. We implemented key projects of energy-saving and emission reduction, eliminated backward production capacities, carried out remediation programs in the chemical industry, and completed a host of key projects of energy-saving and circular economy. Pollution prevention and treatment in the Taihu Lake and Huaihe River catchment was enhanced and water quality in the Taihu Lake was further improved. Progress was made in provide safe drinking water and blue algae control. Daily municipal processing capacity of sewage increased by 1.2 million cubic meters and more than 85% of municipal sewage was treated. We fulfilled 98.2% and 126.7% of the COD and sulfur dioxide reduction target set in the 11th Five-Year Plan. We had 104,000 hectare trees planted and raised the forestation rate by 1 percentage point. Our weather forecast and early warning and earthquake monitoring were strengthened while disaster prevention and mitigation capability was improved.

        3.Deepening reform and improving the development of open economy

        Pushing forward the institutional innovation. The provincial government streamlining was basically finished. Municipal, county and township government streamlining was in smooth progress. The new fiscal and tax distribution system was put in place. We introduced and built financial institutions, nurtured local companies in finance and rapidly developed new-type financial organizations in the rural areas. Reform in the rural land use system was moving steadily forward; farmers’ cooperative organizations picked up speed in development and collective forest ownership reform was making headways. Basic medicine system was adopted. The distribution of state-owned assets was optimized and new breakthroughs were made in the restructuring of state-owned for-profit culture organizations.

        Accelerating the transformation and upgrade of open economy. We formulated foreign trade development outline and policies measures and managed to bring down the decreasing amplitude of export. Foreign trade volume was registered RMB 338.8 billion and paid-in foreign investment stood at RMB 25.3 billion, contributing an increasing share to China’s total and attaining the goal of maintaining our previous ranking and share in the nation. Our stride to “go global” was speeded up. Various development zones in the province made innovations in their path of development. Taizhou Medicine High-Tech Zone and Yangzhou Economic Development Zone were upgraded into national development zones. Sutong Science and Technology Park, a cooperation project with Singapore, started its construction. Our cooperation with Taiwan and Hong Kong were further deepened. We had a fruitful Jiangsu Week in Taiwan and successfully hosted the 12th China EU Summit.

        4.Safeguarding and improving people’s wellbeing and boosting social harmony and stability.

        Enhancing employment and social security. We tackled the severe impact brought by the financial crisis and maintained employment stability. New jobs were created for 1,150,000 people entering the urban workforce and dynamic clearance of zero employment families had worked for 28 months in a row. Employment ratio of university graduates exceeded 90%. 310,000 jobs were created for migrant farmers and almost all migrant workers who returned home found employment. Social security was improved. We basically realized full coverage of subsistence allowance and healthcare insurance for urban and rural residents. Coverage percentage of old-age insurance for urban employees exceeded 95%. The pilot projects of new-type rural pension system were pressed ahead. The basic pension of retirees from enterprises continued to rise. Subsistence allowance standard was raised by 9.3% in the urban areas and by 21.8% in the rural areas. There were demonstration homes for the older people in 80% of the counties in the province. 57 care centers for the disabled had been built. Greater effort was made to guarantee housing for the people. We built 13,300 low-rent apartments and started construction of 89,000 government subsidized apartments. 51,000 households were subsidized for their low-rent apartments. Renovation of 6,620,000 square meter dilapidated buildings and shanty towns were completed. 4,500,000 rural residents gained access to safe drinking water and 1 million people shook off poverty.

        Developing social programs. Education programs were developed in all aspects and education modernization was speeded up. We focused on alleviating the overload of primary and secondary school students and steadily carried out well-rounded education. We improved financial allocation to each student and basically realized performance-based salary system. We provided financial assistance to students from impoverished families and supported universities under the provincial administration to resolve their loans of building infrastructure. Public culture services were strengthened. Many excellent films, TV programs and animation works were produced. Cable TV and rural book stores were brought to nearly all administrative villages in the province. We ensured effective prevention and control of H1N1 influenza and improved grass-root health care service. New progress was made in population and family planning work. We basically established the quality service system of family planning. We launched an extensive exercise campaign for the general public. Jiangsu sport teams achieved great results on the 11th National Games.

        Preserving social harmony and stability. We made solid progress in democracy and legal system building. We carried out our administrative duties according to the law and made every effort to build a safe Jiangsu. Marked progress was made in handling of public complaints lodged via letters or visits and anti-corruption campaign was intensified. We enhanced market supervision and administration of food and drugs and improved overall production safety. We pressed ahead national defense and reserve forces building. Achievements were scored in providing allowances to entitled groups and helping demobilized military personnel find jobs, offering preferential treatment for families of servicemen and martyrs and promoting socialist ethics and culture with joint army-civilian efforts. Headways was made in civil air defense, ethnic minorities work,religion, foreign affairs, overseas Chinese affairs, Taiwan affairs, and counselor work. Progress was made in the work of women, children, youth, senior citizens, disabled people, Red Cross and charity.

        Fellow deputies, in the past year Jiangsu people stood together and went through an unforgettable journey to weather the severe challenges and major test of the international financial crisis. While reaping a bumper harvest of scientific development in the course of crisis, we also developed stronger leadership for the economic and social development in complex settings and gained experience of addressing developing challenges with innovative ideas. It laid a good foundation for sound and fast development in the future.  All these achievements in the socio-economic development during the 11th Five-Year Plan period would not have been possible without the correct leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the united efforts of the whole province to adhere to fast, scientific and harmonious development and the hard work of the localities in all the people and cadres under the strong leadership of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee. On behalf of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, I would like to extend my highest tribute and heartfelt gratitude to all the people across the Province. My gratitude also goes to the deputies of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Congress, members of CPPCC Jiangsu Branch, democratic parties, federations of commerce and industry, mass organizations, people from all walks of life, the People’s Liberation Army stationed in Jiangsu, the armed police forces and public security police as well as to our compatriots in the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions, in Taiwan, overseas as well as foreign friends.

        While recognizing our achievements, we should aware that there are still many difficulties and problems in the economic and social development of Jiangsu. First, there is huge constraint in expanding domestic demand and great difficulties in resuming external demand. Private investment is yet to be boosted and household consumption needs to be bolstered. Second, we are faced with increasing difficulty in promoting transformation of economic development pattern, acute environmental and resource restriction and great challenges in enhancing independent innovation, optimizing industrial structure, and moving manufacturing up the value chain. Third, it becomes more difficult to continuously improve rural income and farmers need to improve their entrepreneurship and workplace skills. Fourth, the negative impact posed by increased expenditure yet reduced fiscal and tax revenue still lingers, making it challenging to make ends meet. Fifth, there are prominent structural problems in employment and daunting task to provide jobs for key groups. In addition, under mounting pressure of price hike and with problems in food and drug safety, market supervision and production safety, there are many problems to tackle in order to improve people’s wellbeing and promote social development. At the same time, new challenges to safeguard social stability keep on emerging. We need to work hard to build an efficient, diligent and clean government. We will take the abovementioned problems very seriously and effectively address them.

        II  Objectives and Tasks in 2010

        This year is pivotal for us to realize the objectives of the 11th Five-Year Plan and lay a good foundation for the development in the 12th Five-Year Plan period. It is crucial to the economic upturn and transformation of economic development pattern. This year’s general environment for economic development would be better than last year. Global economy is expected to recover. The central government will continue to implement a proactive fiscal policy and relatively easy monetary policy and the market confidence will be notably enhanced. Jiangsu’s costal development has been upgraded into a national strategy and we have been included in the Yangtze River Delta Integration program. These will bring remarkable opportunities to Jiangsu’s development. Meanwhile we should fully recognize the seriousness and complexity of the current situation and see that the foundation for economic recovery is not solid, it’s no easy task to restructure the economy and promoting institutional innovation. We should strengthen our awareness of potential dangers, risks and responsibilities; better prepare ourselves with various difficulties and challenges; and press reform, development and stability ahead at a new starting point.

        The general requirements of this year’s government work are as follows. We need to conscientiously implement the guiding principles of the Seventeenth National Party Congress and the third and fourth plenary sessions of the Seventeenth Central Committee; take Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of Three Represents as our guide; and thoroughly implement the Scientific Outlook on Development. We should take expediting the transformation of economic development pattern as our major goal and strategy, improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth and consolidate the momentum of economic turnaround. We need to work hard to develop innovation-oriented economy, speed up the economic restructuring and upgrade, and better coordinate the development between the urban and rural areas and among different regions. We also need to move reform and opening-up in depth, optimize the system to better fit scientific development, safeguard and improve people’s wellbeing, promote social harmony and stability, boost sound and fast socio-economic development, and create new conditions for scientific development.

        This year, the principal expected targets of economic and social development are as follows: 10% increase in both GDP and general budgetary revenue, 18% rise in investment in fixed assets in the whole society, 17% increase in sales volume of consumer goods, 5% rise in import and export volume, over 2% share of R&D investment in GDP, 4% decrease in energy consumption per unit of GDP, 3% and 2.2% drop in COD and sulphur dioxide emissions respectively, 10% rise in urban per capita disposable income, 9% gain in net rural income, 3% increase in CPI and no more than 4% in both registered urban unemployment rate and natural population growth rate. The abovementioned objectives are proposed based on thoughtful consideration of various factors as well as necessity and possibility. We place the expected GDP growth rate at the same level of that of last year with a view to guiding all localities to prioritize the work of economic restructuring, transforming economic development pattern and enhancing quality and efficiency of economic growth. The share of R&D investment in GDP is included in expected targets of economic and social development for the first time and the aim of doing this is to guide all localities to step onto the track of innovation-driven development as soon as possible.

        In order to achieve these targets, we will pay close attention to the following tasks. Firstly, we will continue to take transformation of economic development pattern as an urgent yet significant strategic task. While keeping stable and relatively fast economic development, great efforts will be made to transform economic development mode. We will take it as breakthrough point in developing the innovative economy to foster strategic emerging industries and facilitate the establishment of the industrial system supported by advanced manufacturing industry and dominated by modern services with modern agriculture as its foundation. By doing this, we strive to explore new room for future development. Secondly, we will continue to take domestic demand, consumption demand in particular, as the foundational starting point for economic development. We will maintain investment increase at a reasonable level and actively improve and implement policies and measures aiming at boosting consumption. We will unswervingly follow the open strategy of mutual benefit and win-win results and struggle to put in place a new landscape in which consumption, investment and import form a synergy in fueling economic growth. Thirdly, we will continue to take reform and opening up as the fundamental measure to remove difficult issues hampering development. We will further emancipate the mind, respect practice, encourage innovation, pay more attention to stimulating the vitality of market players and achieve effective integration of government regulation and full play of the role of market mechanism so as to add fresh driving force to economic and social development. Fourthly, we will continue to take improvement in people’s wellbeing as the ultimate goal of economic and social development. We will unswervingly take people’s livelihood as priority, ceaselessly improve urban and rural income and social security and promote basic public services which are coordinated between urban and rural areas. We will take concrete measures to drive the construction of a moderately well-off society in an all-round way and strive to create a new social landscape of harmony and stability.


        III  Promoting Innovation, Transformation as well asSound and Fast Economic Development

        We will facilitate the transformation of economic development pattern and make every effort to boost domestic demand and stabilize overseas demand with optimization of economic structure as the focus, improvement of independent innovation capacity as the key, strengthening energy saving and emission reduction as well as environmental protection as a source of pressure and deepening reform and opening up as the driving force. Moreover, we will vigorously foster strategic emerging industries, actively advance urbanization process, make great efforts to promote coordinated development between urban and rural areas, speed up the transformation towards the innovative economy and improve balance, coordination and sustainability of economic development.
        1 .Consolidating and building on the sound momentum of economic turnaround
It remains the major task of economic work this year to maintain stable and relatively fast economic development. We will continuously implement the macro policies and the package plan to tackle the international financial crisis issued by the Central Government, make relevant policies more targeted and flexible and pay close attention to strengthening the role of domestic demand in fueling economic growth.
        We will boost consumption demand. Firstly, we will expand consumption room, promote key consumption in tourism, car and communications, further service consumption in entertainment, culture and leisure activities, fitness and household services, expand consumption in basic public services and facilitate optimization and upgrading of the consumption structure. We will continue to implement the preferential policies for selling household appliances, car and motorbike to the countryside and increase subsidies to the purchasing of agricultural machinery in a bid to explore the rural consumption market. Besides, we will support enterprises to build a market of Jiangsu’s products and enhance its market share. Secondly, we will foster steady and healthy development of the real estate sector. We will put more efforts to construct low-income housing and broaden its supply scope in a step by step manner, expand candidates eligible for applying for low-rent housing from families living on basic living allowances with housing difficulties to those with low income and no housing and spread candidates eligible for applying for affordable housing from families with low income and housing difficulties to those with middle and low income as well as housing difficulties. We will keep on supporting residents in building housing for the purpose of living, energetically increase effective supply of middle and low-price and intermediate and low-size commercial housing, speed up construction of public rental housing and advance construction of commercial housing with price ceiling. We will employ differentiated credit and tax policies, intensify the management of commercial housing pre-sale, curb speculative and investment-oriented purchasing, check the momentum of soaring housing price in some cities and guard against drastic fluctuations in the real estate market. Thirdly, we will optimize consumption environment. We will encourage the development of consumer credit, expedite the building of urban and rural consumption infrastructure and related service system, straighten out and standardize market order, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the consumers and put in place a convenient, safe and quality-assured consumption environment.
        We will work hard to optimize investment structure. Firstly, we will well perform the task of major projects construction. To this end, we will do our utmost to win over projects invested by the Central Government, continue to implement government investment programs and investment by government at various levels will focus on major projects. We will make great efforts to construct 200 key projects, actively plan, organize and implement the construction of the Lianyunggang Port, Taicang Port, Lukou International Airport, Sunan Airport and Yangtze River deepwater shipping route, and finish the Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Railway and Jiangdu-Haian Expressway on schedule. We will quicken the construction pace of such projects as Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway Jiangsu section, Nanjing- Hangzhou Intercity Railway, Nanjing Bridge No. 4 and other cross-river channels as well the Yanhe Class III Shipping Route, start as soon as possible the construction of the Lianyungang-Yancheng Railway, Shanghai-Nantong Railway, Coastal Highway and shipping route in the south section of the Tongyu River, and actively press ahead with a number of major infrastructure projects including North-South Water Diversion East Line Phase I, new round of treatment of the Huaihe River and important water supply project for the coastal area. In addition, we will increase input in the construction of information infrastructure and facilitate the development of important and big projects in key industries and strategic emerging industries with a view to completing them earlier for generating benefits. Secondly, we will spark the vitality of investment from social quarters and provide undifferentiated policy treatment to market access, government procurement, finance, fiscal revenue and tax so as to further remove the unreasonable restrictions hindering the access of non-government investment. Thirdly, we will strengthen and improve management of investment and exert overall supervision over construction projects with government investment. Moreover, we will resolutely and strictly examine and verify related land, environmental protection, credit, energy conservation and industrial policy issues and firmly control the construction of projects with high consumption and high emissions as well as projects in overcapacity industries.
        We will strengthen regulation of economic operation. We will intensify the monitoring and analysis of economic operation and carry out scientific arrangement of coal, electricity, petrol, gas and transportation and guarantee the supply of production factors in order to ensure stable economic operation. We will also improve the SME service system, implement the preferential fiscal policies for SMEs, advance the cooperation between enterprises and banks and take concrete measures to help SMEs address their financing difficulties.
        Fiscal and financial support will focus on important areas. We will further reinforce the coupling effect between fiscal policies and financial policies. Regarding fiscal policies, on the basis of overall arrangement and making both ends meet, we will increase its input. We will guarantee supporting funds for new projects aiming at boosting domestic demand initiated by the Central Government and capital demand on the part of projects with government investment, continue to give preferential treatment to agriculture, countryside and peasants, people’s livelihood and social undertakings, keep on putting aside special funds for research results commercialization, industrial adjustment and rejuvenation as well as foreign trade transformation and upgrading and carry out all preferential tax policies. Additionally, we will strengthen the management of local government debt and effective guard against and remove potential fiscal risks. As regards finance, we will keep total supply of credit grow at reasonable pace lend greater credit support to strategic emerging industries, important industries, major infrastructure projects, countryside and SMEs. We will step up the introduction of headquarters financial institutions and foreign-funded financial institutions and support local financial institutions and key financial guarantee institutions grow bigger and stronger. Meanwhile, we will encourage expansion of financial outlets towards middle and small-sized cities and central towns. We will actively enlarge direct financing, guide and advance the listing of enterprises on the stock market, corporate merger and acquisition as well as reorganization, and facilitate effective integration of industrial capital and financial capital. We will vigorously develop equity fund, venture capital fund and other private equity funds and explore to set up new-type sci-tech financial institutions. At the same time, we will be cautious of financial risks so as to guarantee safe and prudent operation of the financial system.

        2 .Reinforcing economic restructuring

        We will forcefully develop strategic emerging industries. We will formulate and issue the program for the development of emerging industries and related implementation opinions and clarify yearly action plan and development objectives. In this regard, we will focus on the development of key emerging industries including new energy source and smart grid, new materials, biotechnology and new pharmaceutical, energy conservation and environmental protection, software and service outsourcing and the Internet of Things and turn emerging industries into pillar industries at a fast pace. Following the policy focus, we will make great efforts to make breakthrough in a number of key technologies, advance a batch of important commercialization projects, foster an array of new-type leading enterprises, put in place a group of emerging industry clusters with a yearly output of RMB 100 billion each and build a host of distinctive industry bases.

        We will continue to press ahead with adjustment of key industries towards rejuvenation. In this regard, we will implement the program for adjusting and reviving key industries and related supporting policies, prioritize integrated development of industrialization and informatization, accelerate the development of such pillar industries as electronic information, equipment manufacturing, petrochemistry and metallurgy as well as shipbuilding and make them bigger in scale and high end and brand-oriented. We will conduct massive technological upgrading, thoroughly carry out 100 such projects with input of RMB 100 billion each and introduce a host of advanced technologies and equipment to raise the competitive edge of advantageous industries. Meanwhile, we will keep on phasing out backward production capacity and comprehensively enhance commodity quality. In addition, we will drive competitive enterprises to conduct merger and reorganization and expedite reasonable layout and intensive development of key industries so as to formulate new development advantages.

        We will speed up the development of modern services and raise added value yielded in this sector up to 40% of GDP. We will actively develop producer services and prioritize the development of finance, insurance, modern logistics, E-commerce, sci-tech service and information service. Great efforts will be put to develop livelihood-oriented service, community service, elder service and public utilities and promote greater development in business, trade and tourism. Besides, we will forcefully develop countryside-oriented service and improve the rural production and living service system with supply of agricultural production means, agroproduct marketing, science and technology, information and financial service as major elements. We will accelerate the development of emerging forms of cultural industry such as mobile multimedia and interactive personality TV, drive the “going global” move of Jiangsu’s culture products and services and lift their market competitiveness. We will open wider to the outside world and introduce well-known service enterprises at home and abroad. Moreover, we will facilitate the construction of service industry clusters and actively foster big enterprises and brands in the service sector. We will formulate and implement more targeted policies and measures and further optimize the environment for the development of services.


        3 .Earnestly improving independent innovation capacity

        Taking independent innovation as the key to develop the innovative economy, we will vigorously foster independent IPR and brands and push economic development on the innovation-driven track.
        We will strengthen the role of enterprises as major players of independent innovation and further raise the innovation capacity. Besides, efforts will be made to quicken the construction of all types of sci-tech enterprise incubators and support enterprises to set up or merge domestic and overseas research institutes. We will thoroughly IPR strategies, build demonstration provinces in implementing these strategies, extend greater support to independent innovation products and encourage enterprises to input more into R&D.
        We will thoroughly advance cooperation among the industry, university and research institute, actively carry out the work of building pilot provinces for running the national technological innovation program and accelerate the construction of innovative sci-tech parks. The vital role of institutions of higher learning and research institutes in sci-tech innovation will be brought into full play and they will be encouraged to set up together with enterprises industrial technology innovation strategic alliance with the aim of producing more significant original research results. Moreover, we will promote the construction of public platforms and service system for innovation, scale up the efforts in translating research results and facilitate the commercialization of 100 major research results with independent IPR.
We will speed up the development of human resources, focus on cultivating innovative talents and actively introduce a great number of domestic and overseas high-level leading technical talents, operational and managerial talents and innovation teams. Besides, we will further improve the innovation and business startup policies to fully stimulate the innovation energy of all talents and create an environment with systems favorable for producing a galaxy of talents and letting everybody making the best use of their talent.

        4 .Laying a solid foundation for the development of agriculture, countryside and peasant while advancing balanced urban and rural development

        We will take earnest steps to do well the work related to agriculture and countryside. In this regard, we will continuously stabilize grain output to ensure supply, raise income to benefit people’s livelihood, conduct reform to promote balanced development, consolidate the foundation to add momentum for future development, improve the preferential policy system aiming at making agriculture stronger and cement and develop the sound situation in the work. Firstly, we will enlarge the scale of high-efficiency agriculture, intensify the capacity building in terms of agricultural science and technology innovation and spreading, popularize high-yield technologies and keep rice-growing land at 30 million mu (two million hectares). Taking modern agricultural industrial park, central agroproduct processing zone and agroproduct wholesale market as carriers, we will cultivate and strengthen advantageous distinctive industries, spare no effort to lift the capacity to deep-process agroproduct, improve its quality and added value and foster agroproduct brand. Secondly, we will improve the development of infrastructure and social undertakings in the rural area. We will pay close attention to farmland and water resource projects, intensify comprehensive agricultural development, increase the share of high-standard farmland and lift the comprehensive production capacity. What’s more, we will earnestly advance the “Six Practical Tasks” in rural areas and improve rural public services. Thirdly, reforms will be deepened in rural areas. On the basis of transferring land contract right lawfully, voluntarily and with compensation, we will conduct various forms of moderate scale agricultural operation. Apart from that, we will energetically develop peasants’ cooperative organization, steadily carry out the pilot project of cultivating 10,000 hectares of farmland and deepen the reform of collective forest rights system. We will improve and innovate new rural financial services, further give scope to rural cooperative financial institute as the main forces, develop village and township tanks, rural petty loan enterprises as well as peasants’ capital mutual help organization and expand the coverage of agricultural insurance. Moreover, we will make great efforts to develop the rural collective economy and enhance the capability of rural grassroots organizations in providing services.

        We will actively promote urbanization, prioritize faster urbanization as the strategic focus for boosting domestic demand and foster coordinated development between big, medium-sized and small cities as well as virtuous interaction between urbanization and the construction of a new countryside. Firstly, we will raise the tolerance of cities and townships, improve the comprehensive service function of central cities, innovate the urban management system and enhance their influence on the development of surrounding areas. Besides, we will strengthen the infrastructure in middle-sized and small cities as well as central townships and improve public service capacity and the ability to achieve industrial clustering and absorb employees. Secondly, we will attach great importance to intensive development, facilitate the planning and construction of intensive urban and rural areas, save the use of land, strictly control the increment of land use and make efficient use of existing land. In addition, we will encourage industry to cluster in parks and zones, population to concentrate in townships and residence settle in communities, take concrete measures to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of peasants and resolutely prohibit irregular or illegal use of land. Thirdly, we will break system barriers, push forward reform of the household registration system, improve related supporting policies and address the issue of household registration and social insurance for qualified migrant workers in an orderly way. In places where conditions permit, we will carry out pilot programs to interchange land contract right with urban social insurance and housing land as well as existing housing with housing in urban areas. All in all, we will accelerate the urban and rural integration process and let the vast peasants joint enjoy the fruits of reform and development.

        5 .Promoting regional coordinated development with coastal development as the focus

        We will pool the strength of the whole province to promote development of the coastal area, an area with geographical advantage and great development potential. The implementation of the coastal development strategy brings about major opportunities for common development of the three regions in Jiangsu. Additionally, we will conscientiously follow all tasks, policies and measures for coastal development, maintain intensive, staggered, integrated and coordinated development and strive for breakthrough while pressing ahead with principal tasks. The leading role of the Lianyungang Port in coastal development will be brought into full play and efforts will be made to strengthen the development of comprehensive coastal transportation hub and network with port group as the main component. We will quicken the development of the port-front industrial belt, put great efforts to foster coastal distinctive industry bases, reasonably plan the urban system and speed up the development of central cities. We will press ahead with coastal tidal land cultivation, exploration and utilization in a scientific and orderly way and strive to create a new landscape of coastal development with innovative and steady work.
        We will facilitate regional common development. All municipalities in north Jiangsu should follow firmly their positioning, seize the historic opportunities generated by the coastal development and their integration into the Yangtze River Delta and persevere with dual driving of industrialization and urbanization. At the same time, these municipalities should push forward the joint construction of development zones with municipalities in south Jiangsu so as to better receive the radiation effect from developed regions and quicken its rejuvenation pace. Central Jiangsu should accelerate cross-river and river-sea coordinated development, promote industrial upgrading and achieve fast rising. Regarding south Jiangsu, it should focus on the development of the innovative economy, take the lead in the transformation of economic development pattern and comprehensively raise its international competitiveness. Through actively taking part in and servicing the World Expo Shanghai 2010, south Jiangsu need to improve its regional cooperation with the Yangtze River Delta, advance resource integration and complementary advantage at a higher level and speed up its integration process.
        Finally, we will intensify the efforts in supporting Mianzhu, Sichuan Province to carry out its post-disaster reconstruction and achieve the objective of completing the three-year reconstruction task within two years ahead of schedule. Moreover, we will continue to earnestly perform the one-to-one assistance to Tibet and Xinjiang.

        6 .Steadily pressing ahead with energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection

        We will fulfill major tasks in energy conservation and emission reduction as well as pollution treatment. Special attention will be paid to energy saving renovation in the fields of industry, transportation, building construction, energy and raw material and to fostering a group of circular economy demonstration enterprises and parks. We will promote the development of major energy saving and low-carbon technologies, support technology R&D, demonstration, spreading and capacity building related to the circular economy and improve the waste recycling system. We will implement relevant policies and measures aiming at controlling the emission of greenhouse gases, intensify the construction of regional coordinated action system against air pollution, lift the discharge standard for motor vehicle exhaust and comprehensively treat dust haze pollution with a view to improve the urban and regional air quality. We will comprehensively carry out the second round of special rectification of chemical enterprises, deepen the treatment of urban and rural environment, particularly the environment along the rails, intensify the efforts in protecting potable water sources, earnestly treat urban and rural rivers, prevent and control non-point agricultural pollution, and promote comprehensive utilization of crop stalks. We will increase the daily urban sewage treatment capacity by one million m3 and raise urban sewage treatment ratio up to 86%. We will complete the Huai River pollution treatment project on time, strengthen the comprehensive treatment of major coastal rivers and tributaries of the Yangtze River and build the east line of the South-North Water Diversion Project as well as the Wangyu River and Tongyu River “clear water corridor”.

        We will intensify the efforts in the water treatment of the Taihu Lake valley and thoroughly implement the plan of comprehensive water treatment in the Taihu Lake valley. We will speed up ecological desilting and the construction of important projects such as the Zoumatang Project, finish the renovation of urban sewage plants and conduct compulsory clean production audit for enterprises discharging pollutants. In addition, we will work hard to ensure drinking water safety and guard against massive blooms. Efforts will also be made to reduce the emission of major pollutants by 5% and guarantee that the qualified rate of water tested by national authorities is no less than 80%.

        We will strengthen ecological development and environmental protection and conscientiously propel the construction of conservation-minded city and countryside with the core principles of resource conservation, environmental protection and ecological liveability. We will accelerate the building of a green Jiangsu through increasing the afforestation area by 1.5 million mu (100,000 hectares) and raising forest coverage rate up to 20%. We will formulate and implement the regulations to manage the pollutants discharge permit, expand the pilot project to use the pollutant discharging right with compensation, conduct the trade of sulphur dioxide emission and improve relevant ecological compensation policies as well as broaden its pilot application scope. We will deepen the reform of the price of resource products as well as environmental protection charge, improve environmental protection capacity building at the grassroots, intensify environmental supervision and monitoring and employ a strict environmental protection accountability system. Besides, we will thoroughly carry out the activity to build ecological demonstration projects, create a host of state-level environmental protection demonstration cities and ecological cities (counties, districts) and spread the construction of pilot ecological projects to more areas.

        7 .Further deepening reform and opening up

        We will intensify the reform in key areas and links. Firstly, we will accelerate the reform in administrative system. The Three Decide Stipulation, namely decide the main obligations, decide internal bodies, and decide staffing, will be implemented inside the provincial-level government institutions. Meanwhile, comprehensive reform will be carried out in municipal, county, and town-level government institutions. Based on provincial direct fiscal control on county-level government, we will further extend the county or municipal-level government’s limits of power on economic and social management so that county-level regional economy could be boosted. We will encourage the local authorities to actively explore new methods on innovation by attaching great significance to pilot programs such as comprehensive reform on science system in Nanjing and comprehensive and coordinated reform on urban-rural integration in Suzhou. Secondly, we will continuously facilitate reform in economy. Layout of the state-owned economy will be further optimized and the corporate governance improved. Comprehensive competitiveness of the provincial state-owned enterprises will strengthened through mergers and reorganization. We will set up a fair and orderly market environment to stimulate the rapid and sound development of private economy, as well as to encourage private funds to invest in the fields like infrastructure, public utilities, financial services and social undertakings, and get involved in the reform and reorganization of state-owned enterprises. Thirdly, we will actively promote the reform on fiscal and tax system. Fiscal transfer payment system will be improved to enhance the basic public service ability of local governments along with the basic financial guarantee for county-level governments. We will strengthen the budget system and budget enforcement, launch performance evaluation and audit on fiscal fund so as to elevate the utility efficiency. Fourthly, we will push forward reform in social fields. Pilot programs on reform of compulsory education will be put in practice and evaluation mechanism for quality-oriented education enhanced. We will facilitate the reform on pharmaceutical and healthcare system by adopting basic drug system in 60 percent of the county-level, municipal-level or district-level primary healthcare institutions, practicing performance salary policy in public health and primary healthcare institutions, and actively advancing the pilot programs on reform of public hospitals. Moreover, we will press forward the reform on cultural system through transforming profit-oriented publication units in an all-round way, vigorously classifying and reforming the press publication units and transforming municipal and county-level state-owned art groups into enterprises.

        We will concentrate on raising our competitiveness of open economy on the world stage. Adhering to the combination of Five Foreign Factors, namely, foreign trade, foreign investment, foreign economy, foreign outsourcing and foreign intellectuals, we will carry forward the opening up in the fields such as science and education, culture, tourism and agriculture, and implement and improve all policies supporting opening up so as to maintain the leadership of open economy throughout China. Firstly, we will conscientiously transform the growth pattern of foreign trade. We will vigorously optimize the structure of exporting products and increase export of products over which we own independent intellectual property rights and brand-name, while energetically develop trade in services and service outsourcing and raise the added value and competitiveness of exports. We will uphold the strategy of market diversification, deepen the tap on traditional market and vigorously expand emerging market. Furthermore, warning system for handling trade frictions will be ameliorated to facilitate convenient trade. Secondly, we will put emphasis on optimizing the utilization of foreign investment. We will encourage more foreign investment in emerging industries such as modern service and high-technology industry. We will introduce the use of foreign investment into merging and reorganizing companies in Jiangsu. We will guide foreign investors to transfer and increase their investment to the central and north of Jiangsu. We will encourage transnational enterprises to set up functional institutes such as regional headquarters in Jiangsu and stretch the industry chain of foreign-invested enterprises.  Thirdly, we will accelerate our speed of “going global”. We will improve the promotion system on foreign investment and encourage Chinese industries whose products are in demand in foreign markets to transfer their production capacity overseas in an orderly manner; support qualified enterprises to carry out overseas purchase of renowned brand and market network; explore and utilize foreign resources; facilitate the building of trade cooperation zones; and enhance the quality of overseas contracted projects and labor service cooperation. Fourthly, we will stimulate innovation and growth of development zones. We will advance technological innovation, functional innovation, and intensive development of the development zones; speed up the transformation; reinforce resource integration; and build zones with characteristics. We will better the cooperation mechanism between Jiangsu and Singapore, Jiangsu and Taiwan, and Jiangsu and Hong Kong in order to expedite the progress of economic and trade development zones. We will complete the follow-up work of Taiwan- Jiangsu Week well and magnify the effect of Jiangsu-Taiwan cooperation.


        IV  Concentrating on Social Construction with Focus onImproving People’s Wellbeing

        We will give priority to people’s wellbeing and intensify investment in this regard; conscientiously ameliorate employment and social security situation; facilitate the development of social undertakings; further consolidate social management; strive to promote social harmony and stability and enable the people to enjoy the real benefits of development through improved wellbeing.

        1.Taking employment as the top priority
        We will continue to implement a more proactive employment policy. The supporting employment policies, originally scheduled to expire in 2009, will be extended for another year. 900,000 jobs will be created for urban residents and 350,000 rural labors will be employed by transfer. Emphasis will be given to helping key groups to find jobs. We will further create job opportunities in public sectors; assist elderly unemployed people on employment; help demobilized military personnel find jobs; and encourage university graduates to take jobs in the countryside, community and enterprises. We will safeguard the lawful rights and interests of workers and establish harmonious labor relations. We will continue to strengthen employment service and vocational training, and stimulate the people to start their own business thus create more jobs.
        2.Increasing the income of urban and rural residents by all means
        We will focus on enlarging the proportion of income individuals receive from the distribution of national income and the proportion of the primary distribution of income that goes to wages and salaries. We will increase the income of workers receiving middle and lower-level income; adjust the minimized salary standard of enterprises; improve mechanism for salary growth; and push forward the system building of collective negotiation on salary and guarantee of salary payment. We will put more efforts in supporting policies that benefits farmers and strengthen vocational training so as to continuously upgrade their job skills and skills to start their own business as well as enlarge the room for income growth. We will create conditions for more people to earn money from property and business. We will accelerate the income growth of people, and endeavor to raise people’s living condition continuously along with economic and social development.
        3.Tirelessly mending the social security system
        Emphasis will be put on carrying forward new old-age insurance for rural residents so as to ensure the whole coverage of this insurance in municipal and district-level rural areas by the end of this year. We will act more quickly to manage the basic old-age pensions for enterprise workers from provincial level, and solve the problems including the recovery of insurance break, and transfer and consistency of trans-regional pension for those who have paid, especially the rural migrant workers step by step.
        We will proactively include migrant workers into job injury insurance and medical insurance, and ensure medical insurance covering more than 95 percent of workers by means of urban worker and resident medical insurance and new type of rural cooperative medical insurance. Government subsidy standard of the two abovementioned insurances will be raised to at least 120 RMB per person per year. We will realize the network payment of medical bills in different cities across Jiangsu for the insured people. We will improve unemployment insurance system by continuing to expand the pilot program on deposit range of unemployment insurance fund. We will enhance the link between urban social security system and basic living guarantee for expropriated farmers. We will improve the growth mechanism of urban and rural minimum living standard security system and standard. We will give full play to the role of commercial insurance. We will speed up the development of social welfare, care for the elderly and the handicapped, Red Cross and charity work through strengthening salvation systems such as education, medical service, judiciary and temporary living. In accordance with the requirement of wide coverage, basic guarantee, multi-level and sustainable development, we will construct the social security network of our province so as to ensure everyone basic living.
        4.Continuing to raise the quality and level of education
        We will accelerate modernization of education and initiate the implementation of the outline on the development plan of medium and long-term educational reform so as to facilitate the balanced development of compulsory education, optimized development of vocational education, enriching development of higher education, and sound development of privately-run education. We should raise the fiscal appropriation standard for students of all kinds of schools and continue to carry forward the work of resolving the debt of provincial colleges and universities. We will improve the policy on free compulsory education and mechanism on fund guarantee; vigorously implement the safety projects for dormitories in middle and primary schools; continue to ameliorate the teaching condition of middle and primary schools in rural areas. We will conscientiously strengthen the team building of teachers, especially teachers in rural areas. Colleges and universities should adapt to the need of economic and social development, and set main tasks as cultivating innovative talents, creating more innovative results and servicing innovative development, so that the level of teaching, researching and schooling could be elevated.
        5.Accelerating the development of medical and health care system
        We will improve the grass-root medical and health care service system; push forward the building of county-level hospitals, central town-level health centers and standardized village-level health offices; and expedite the whole coverage of community health service institutions counting by the unit of street. We will proactively support and infrastructure construction of village-level health institutions in the poor areas and intensify the training of medical staff in rural areas. We will continue to do a good job in control and prevention of serious infectious diseases such as H1N1 and strengthen our ability of handling emergency in public health sector. We will facilitate the electronic filing on the health of urban and rural residents. We will vigorously develop Chinese medicine. We will raise our medical service level so as to build a harmonious relationship between doctors and patients. We will carry on policies of population and family planning; conscientiously implement the sixth nationwide consensus; enhance management and service for birth control of floating population; stabilize the low birth rate; and improve the quality of newborns.
        6.Energetically advancing culture and sports undertakings
        We will accelerate the building of public cultural service system; boost philosophy and social science; vigorously develop undertakings of literature and art, broadcasting, film and television, press and publication; enhance the construction of emerging press; continue to carry forward stage art, significant theme art creation and distinguished film and television project; and promote the grand progress and prosperity of socialist culture. We will stimulate the construction of provincial-level key cultural projects. We will protect the cultural heritages well and reinforce the management of cultural market. We will thoroughly implement the fitness regulations on nationwide citizens; elevate the level of regular sports and competitive sports; support Nanjing for the bid for hosting Youth Olympic Games; and complete the seventeenth Jiangsu Provincial Games successfully.
        7.Earnestly consolidating social management
        We will strengthen the grass-root autonomous organizations and improve the democratic management system, and advance the openness of village affairs, factory affairs and community public affairs. We will seriously organize the ninth election for new committees for villagers; intensify publicity and education of the legal system; advance the construction of harmonious community in urban and rural areas; and give full play to the positive role of social organizations and social workers. We will improve the coordination mechanism for interest appeal; further strengthen and better the work of receiving letters and visits from people; perfect the social policies for accommodating benefits; and guarantee the lawful rights and interests of the disadvantaged group. We will improve the risk evaluation mechanism for policy making so as to decrease the unstable factors. We will better the mechanism for handling emergent accidents and enhance our ability of managing crisis and fighting risks. We will ameliorate the comprehensive treatment mechanism for safety society; deepen the building of rule of law and safety in Jiangsu; reinforce the grass-root construction of mediation mechanism as well as prevention and control system; put our emphasis on solving the source of the problems which effects the social harmony and stability; keep watch on and strictly crack down all kinds of illegal criminal activities; and safeguard the safety of people’s life and property along with the order of production and life. We will strengthen the supervision and management on market, quality of food and medicines, and safety production so as to effectively keep away serious and grand accidents. We will improve the monitoring and warning mechanism on prices of important commodities in order to maintain the essential stability of market price. We will handle the job concerning minorities and religion well. We will intensify construction of education on national defense, mobilization on national defense and reserved force of national defense; strengthen our ability of preventing air and disaster; carry forward the “double support” activities (The government and the people should support the army and give preferential treatment to the families of servicemen and martyrs, and the army should support the government and cherish the people) with co-construction of spiritual and material civilization.
        Fellow deputies, we will concentrate on the hot issues and key difficulties over which people concern, and continue to carry out the ten practical things for ensuring and ameliorating people’s living. Firstly, we will exert ourselves on helping people with difficulties to get employed. We will assist 300,000 unemployed workers to obtain jobs again; achieve the employment rate of college and university graduates over 90 percent by the end of this year; and ensure all urban and rural families employed. Secondly, we will intensify our efforts in constructing low-income housing projects. On the basis of completing the plan of building 150,000 sets of affordable housing in three years, we will newly build more 100,000 sets; finish the 14,000 sets of low-rent housing; grant low-rent housing subsidies to more than 40,000 households; add more 100,000 public-renting housing; accomplish the reconstruction of more than 7,300,000 square meters of dangerous and old housing as well as shantytowns in urban areas. Thirdly, we will further raise the minimum standard of guaranteeing living for the urban and rural residents. We will heighten the standard of basic cost of living allowances for rural areas in middle and north Jiangsu to more than 210 yuan and 155 yuan respectively per person per month. Fourthly, we will improve the level of medical insurance in urban and rural areas. We will extend the reimbursement proportion to 80 percent for medical insurance of urban workers under the stipulated range, and 60 percent for new-type rural cooperative medical insurance. We will raise the maximum payment of new-type rural cooperative medical insurance to more than 8 times of the net income of the local farmers. Fifthly, we will support the development of elder care undertakings. We will raise the basic pension of enterprise retirees by over 10 percent and ensure all qualified elderly farmers could receive pensions from new type of rural social elder care system. We will newly establish 2000 household elder care service centers in communities and villages, and increase the beds for institutional elder care by more than 10 percent. We will build a demonstration elder care institution in every cities, counties and districts. Sixthly, we will reinforce our efforts in helping the handicapped.  We will newly set up 50 nursing homes in cities, counties and districts and complete 500 nursing homes for the disabled in towns and streets. We will supply nursing subsidies to those disabled who could not take care of themselves in accordance with their family income. We will integrate the medical projects for recovery of the disabled into the payment coverage of medical insurance in urban and rural areas. We will offer free education to those students who became handicapped during high school. Secondly, we will ensure the schooling of students from poor families. There will be no accommodation charge for the public boarding schools established for compulsory education in rural areas. We will provide the allowance subsidies for borders from poor families by the proportion of 10 percent. The proportion of students receiving grants in high schools will be heightened to 15 percent. There will be no tuition for those students who are from poor families or studying agricultural majors while attending middle-level vocational schools. Meanwhile, these schools will provide grants for grade one and grade two students. Eighthly, we will push forward the culture industry so as to benefit people. We will continue to unfold the activities of sending science publication, dramas and movies to the rural areas; newly install cable television for 600,000 rural households; and expand the extension on free open of public cultural facilities. Ninthly, we will vigorously solve the problems of transportation and drinking water. We will upgrade the quality urban water supply; deal with the drinking water issue of 4,000,000 rural populations; and comprehensively accomplish the task of solving drinking water problem for 12,000,000 rural populations in three years. Tenthly, we will thoroughly implement the projects for fighting poverty and reinforcing the achieved results. We will ensure 1 million more people out of poverty and enhance the ability of independent development of the poverty-stricken areas. We will increase the minimum standard for operation fund of villages to 120,000 yuan.
        Fellow deputies, formulating the Twelfth Five-year Plan is one of the top priorities of this year. While accomplishing the targets set by the Eleventh Five-year Plan in an all-round way, we will promote democracy; absorb intellectuals from all sides; clarify the thought, goals, tasks and work approaches of economic and social development in the next five years; endeavor to stimulate leading, scientific and harmonious development at a new starting point.

        V  Accelerating the building of service-oriented government

        The starting point and stance of all government works is to safeguard, realize and develop the fundamental interests of people. We should devote ourselves with unceasing efforts and fulfill our obligations to thoroughly implement the Scientific Outlook on development and build a service-oriented government that the people are satisfied with.
        We will concentrate on deepening the transparency of administrative affairs. The key point this year is to push forward the online publicity of administrative power. On the basis of online transparency on administrative affairs of provincial government departments and municipal governments, we will advance the whole coverage of administrative units above county-level, all affairs concerning administrative power, and online administrative supervision, so as to ensure the administrative power is executed by the law, and effectively supervised. We will further expand the publicity of government information and improve the press release system. We will conduct administration according to the law; promote the publicity of significant administrative decisions; intensify our efforts to ameliorate government legislature; and encourage the participation of the public. We will accept the law and work supervision from Congress along with democracy supervision from CPPCC; earnestly listen to the opinions provided by democratic parties, Industry and Commerce Federation, public figures without party affiliation and all social groups; attach great importance to judiciary supervision; reinforce the inner supervision inside administrative organs; accept the supervision from public voice and the society; and ensure the transparency of the exercise of power that entrusted by the people.
        We will conscientiously raise administrative efficiency. We will enhance our supervision and investigation on the implementation of important decisions and arrangements made by CPC Central Committee, the State Council and CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, so as to ensure the smooth execution of government decrees. We will optimize the organizational structure in government and clarify the obligations of each department. We will carry forward the reform on administrative examination and approval system, and further reduce the procedures for administrative approval. We will accelerate the building of four-level service network for the convenience of people and practice the system of service commitment, leading carders assuming responsibilities, setting time limit for handling cases in an all-round way. We will establish reasonable performance evaluation mechanism, intensify administrative accountability, and conscientiously accept the complaints over administrative efficiency so that the implementing competence of the government could be upgraded.
        We will vigorously promote pragmatism. We will further strengthen our study to raise our ability of upgrading and stimulating scientific development and elevate our level of conducting public service, social management and social work. Leaders of governments at all levels should go down to the grass roots and listen to the thoughts of people so that all policies and measures could better accords with the reality and people’s interests. We will seek truth through facts; say practical words; do practical deeds; pursue practical results; conscientiously simplify the conferences and documents; improve the style of meetings and files; and strictly control the holding of various ceremonies and forums. We will seek the truth in by a practical perspective, and achieve solid outcomes as well as enhance public trust on government through concentration on established goals, formulated policies, and arranged work.
        We will continue to reinforce our construction of a clean government. We will seriously solve the prominent problems which impair people’s interests and arouse strong reaction from people, and push forward the special treatment in the field of projects construction and “private coffer”. We will run the government frugally and oppose waste; strictly regulate the construction of office buildings and stadiums;forbid high-grade fitment for office buildings; control the official receptions; and strictly check the use of public funds for visiting foreign countries. We will adhere to strict administration; investigate and punish the activities violating the law and discipline; and improve the mechanism for control and oversight on the exercise of power. We will intensify the education of the civil servants for faith, incorruptibility and self-discipline; strengthen the education and oversight over leaders and cadres so as to maintain the favorable image of serving people, dealing with concrete matters relating to work, and being incorruptible.
        Fellow deputies, we are facing arduous and heavy tasks ahead, while shouldering momentous and glorious responsibilities. Let us hold together closely under the leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Hu Jintao as General Secretary; adhere to the guidance of Deng Xiaoping’s Theory and the important thought of Three Represents; and thoroughly implement the Scientific Outlook on development. With the leadership of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, we will firmly rely on people throughout the province and make concerted efforts; being eager to progress; achieve solid results of our work; strive for the success again; and make arduous efforts to build a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and at a higher level!


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